Sounds Like Somebody’s Got a Case of the Monday’s

And it might be me!

(I love Office Space :))

Usually I genuinely do not mind Monday’s, and often look forward to getting back into my regular routine, seeing my coworkers, and eating my regular eats.  But this morning I woke up in a bit of a funk, with a bad case of foggy brain.  I debated going for a run (you’re only one workout away from a good mood! – one of my fave workout quotes), but sadly it was raining.

We are coming up to our busiest time at work, and later this week my organization is hosting a conference where I am putting on a tradeshow and also teaching a session on social media (which is exciting), so I think it is the combination of everything that’s going on right now that created le funk.  When I got to work and saw my to-do list, my foggy brain intensified.

However, I like to keep it positive up in herrrre, so I will just say that I feel much better now.  I hunkered down and got tons of stuff done today, so my to-do list now seems much more manageable.  I also reminded myself that I love my job, and while I have a lot of different tasks, it is work that I genuinely enjoy doing (for the most part, not everything can be sunshine and rainbows all the time ;)).

How do you get yourself out of a funk?

They happen to everyone!  Upbeat music always seems to work for me.  A workout will usually do the trick too.  And of course, good food! 😉

If I’m in work-related funk, as in I have a million things to do and am feeling unmotivated and unsure where to start, I will usually make a big list of everything I need to accomplish and plan out my day.  When I have all my tasks written down and start tackling them one by one, I feel increasingly better after each item I cross off, and it becomes a lot less overwhelming.

Anyone else have any tips?

Shmanyways, my eats today definitely helped perk me up, so let’s get onto them!


Breakfast was a bowl of museli topped with milk and blueberries.  This was good, but I didn’t find it to be very filling today and I inhaled my Greek yogurt a little bit earlier than my regular snack time.  I was hungry!


Lunch was a little leftover quinoa action from Saturday’s lunch.  I supplemented this with a vegetable with barley soup from Druxy’s (my fave kind!) and it was totally what I needed to fuel my through my afternoon tasks.  The Druxy’s soup lifted my mood instantly, I’m not kidding.

When Ando and I arrived home from work I made us a quick dinner inspired by my friend Janet when we were at the Noodles’ house for dinner a couple weeks ago.

Wrap It Up!

Ground turkey in a peanut satay sauce (cooked with grated carrot to sneak in some more veggies!), wrapped up in romaine lettuce hearts.

This meal is so easy, and so delicious!  Next time I think I will try this using taco seasoning and toppings, and make taco lettuce wraps!

Dessert was one of the peanut butter protein bars that I made yesterday…


And let me just say, their extreme yumminess lives on.  These babies are addicting!

Gotta go, off to BodyPump! 😀


4 responses to “Sounds Like Somebody’s Got a Case of the Monday’s

  1. Darling diva,
    Can you do a blog on how you grocery shop and meal plan your eats? I feel like your crib is always filled with good foods and daddy needs guidance. Love your bloggie! Uncle leon

  2. I don’t mind Mondays, either, but I am definitely feeling the funk today! A workout usually does the trick, but when I don’t have time for that, I try to look for things I’m grateful for to pull me out of it. This morning? Headlights off & sunglasses ON on my drive to work! 😀

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