Hello and also bonjour!  How’s your Tuesday going?  Mine has been BUSY.  But good busy, one of those days where you don’t pay attention to the time at all (except for lunch time ;)), and before you know it the workday is ova and it’s time to do the skedaddle!

I accidentally missed my afternoon snack (apple and a slice o’ fromage) because of being so busy, so I arrived home absolutely famished (I’m pretty sure my stomach was already eating itself) and ready to eat dinner.

Luckily, dinner came together quickly tonight.  I picked up a cooked whole rotisserie chicken while I was grocery shopping on the weekend, and left it in the fridge so I could use it this week to speed up a recipe that called for chicken.

Enter Chicken Broccoli Divan.  You may remember me making this before, but this time I actually followed the original recipe and used broccoli only (no cauliflower), low-fat Cream of Broccoli Soup (not Cream of Chicken), and Italian breadcrumbs (not homemade breadcrumbs made from stale whole wheat bread).

Holy shmoly, it was delicious!  What a difference the little changes made!

Chicken Broccoli Divan Remix

This was a cinch to make using chicken that was already cooked.  With prep and baking time, this dish took 30 minutes total.  Not too shabby!

Some more recent eats…


For lunch I packed myself a green salad (lettuce, baby spinach, grape tomatoes, cucumbers), and topped it with a couple scoops of Chickpea Quinoa Power Salad that I have been dying for the past few days.  I love using leftovers in my lunch.  This was the end of the quinoa salad, but I’m hoping to make another batch of something quinoa-y this weekend.

And breakfast looks good, no?


Well, no, to be honest.  After topping my oatmeal with the usual yummy peanut butter, honey and banana combo, I decided to add some maple flax seeds for crunch.  Except I didn’t add maple flax seeds…I added garlic flax seeds.

I tried to scrape them off after snapping that pic…but I couldn’t get them all.  I hate to see any food go to waste, especially a delicious looking bowl of oatmeal.  So I ate it anyway.  I could taste a slight garlicky taste, but not too bad.  I was going to donate this bowl of oatmeal to Android, being the nice girlfriend I am, but he definitely would have thought it was suspicious if I just handed him my breakfast…

It was probably just a matter of time before this happened…


Apart from the lids, they look basically the same.  I am surprised this hasn’t happened before…

By the way, those flax shakers are amazing with a capital A and a capital MAZING.  So delicious, and v. healthy.  If anyone is interested in checking them out, here is the website (pretty sure you can only buy them from the website).  I use ’em a lot (especially the maple one, as you can see).

I am off to make a teacher-friendly playlist for my upcoming work tradeshow and social.  It will have to stay pretty PG, so I don’t think Clarence Carter’s Strokin’ will be making the cut, sadly (story break – I once sang karaoke to that song…in a gay bar).

Anyone know any good songs of the easy listening variety that I could pop on that bad boy?

Also, have you ever ruined a good meal by adding too much of something, or the wrong flavour of something?

Later gators!  Enjoy your evening!


4 responses to “Goatmeal

  1. I think one of Andrew’s fave songs may be “Love you like a fresh vegetable” by Tony Rebel… 😉

  2. Could any performance match the every popular “FunkyTown”sung by Lindsey in a downtown Quebec City hotel before hundreds of screaming fans?

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