Well hello strangers!

Sorry to ditch you guys for the past few days, but I have been so busy with work that I honestly did not even have five minutes of free time to throw up a funny YouTube video.

I have been at Brock University in St. Catharines at my organization’s coaching conference since Wednesday, and it was go-go-go from 6am until laaaaate each evening, but it was super fun!  All the delegates were amazing, and I loved our conference committee this year.  I want to be best friends forever with all of them.  The people definitely made the conference, fo’ sho’.

Our Amazing Committee

Blurry, but probably fitting since this was taken at the end of the day today, and we were all pretty exhausted.  I do have a better one but it’s still on my camera.  We all agreed that next year’s committee pic has to be taken at the beginning of the conference when we’re still fresh and haven’t been living in our awesome red jackets for three days.  When one of the delegates left today, he yelled out “Enjoy wearing a different jacket!” which made me laugh.

I had hoped to squeeze in some gym time while I was away, but I ended up being so busy, so I did not get a chance to hit up the gymbo.  I also ate a LOT, and NOT healthily.  But I was on my feet all day long so hopefully that will counteract a little…

I am planning on doing a bit of a recap, because some of the sessions I was in were so interesting, and my tradeshow went so well!  But I am so tired I can barely think straight, so typing is taking a lot of energy.  I didn’t want to abandon the ol’ blog for too long though, plus I actually kinda missed blogging!  I thought I’d throw up a quick post before I hit up my couch for some serious leisuring!

When I arrived home this evening (8:30 pm, yowza!) Ando and I immediately went out for dinner for a little catch-up and mustard session.  He was actually away for work this week too, so we both had lots to talk about.

We went to Sgt. Peppers, and all I wanted was something healthy, so I ordered a big Greek salad with grilled chicken.

My Big Fat Greek Salad

After my days of bad eating, that baby really hit the spot.  My bod was craving veggies!

I am off to put in some serious couch time.  I have never been so excited to relax.  I hope you all had a great Friday!


One response to “MIA

  1. good choice on the couch time! we all need that.

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