Word to Everyone’s Mother

Hello friends!  Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommers out there!  I hope you all enjoyed breakfast in bed.

I want to give a special shout out to my most loyal blog reader, my own beautiful mama!

That's ME in There!

Unfortunately my mom lives in BC, so I am unable to spend Mother’s Day with her.  Hopefully my brother is treating her well… I did have a nice chat with her this morning, and she informed me she was making her famous chicken soup today.  I am super jealous.  My own chicken soup is good, but it absolutely pales in comparison to her chicken fest of awesomeness.  I wish I was eating it today so badly.

I was looking through old photos this morning, and I found this one…

My Mommers Doing Her Thang

My absolute fave pic of my mother.  Sambuca inspires creativity, don’t hate.

When I was younger my family was really big on camping (I am still big on camping), and my mom would always play Neil Young on her guitar around the campfire at night.  Those are some of my favourite memories, and whenever I listen to Neil Young I feel a little nostalgic for those times. It probably has something to do with why I love him so much, my mom listened to him constantly when I was growing up!

My mom is fun and quirky and beautiful, and a bit of a hippie, and I think it’s awesome :D.  I hope you have a great day Mom!

Mom & Me

Of course Happy Mother’s Day to my sassy little Nana as well.

Nana & Me

Please ignore my giant buck teeth (braces are awesome) and check out my hairband!  Does anyone remember Hot Loops?  I totally forgot about them until I saw this pic, but I used to be all over them!

Hot Loops!

I think these babies need to make a comeback…

While I was looking through pics, I found this one of myself that made me laugh…

Shoving My Face

My love of eating started young… There is another picture of me eating a pizza box somewhere but I couldn’t find it, unfortunately.

Word to all of your mothers!

What’s your favourite thing about your mom?


2 responses to “Word to Everyone’s Mother

  1. My favourite thing about my mom is everything. She is a brilliant, hilarious, caring and supportive human being. Plus she’s still pretty hot. I can only hope to be half the lady she is when I’m her age.
    I miss Meryl.

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