Early Morning Run

Last night before I went to bedski, I set my alarm for 5:45 so I could squeeze in a run before work.  I then stayed up way past my school night bedtime playing Words With Friends with Andrewski in bed on our phones (basically Scrabble, which is my fave game of all time, so fun and addicting), so by the time I fell asleep I didn’t really have high hopes that my a.m. run was going to happen.

But when my alarm went off, for some reason I woke up alert!  I immediately jumped out of bed so I wouldn’t go back to sleep, slipped into my running gear, which I had laid out the night before, and hit the pavement!

Hi. It's Dark.

But not before snapping a pic of my sleepy self.

I actually did not feel too tired, but my legs did!  They are dying from the lunge track in yesterday’s BodyPump.  The lunges are always tricky for me, but I seem to be hurting more today than usual.  My arms are really sore as well.  Maybe our stand-in instructor wasn’t so bad after all…

I ended up running for just under half an hour and completing a bit over 4k.  I stopped and walked for a minute in the middle to give my little legulars a break, but other than that, I felt pretty good!

Up Before the Sun

I had been running outside a few mornings a week in September and October of 2010, but once November hit it was too cold and I wanted to still enjoy running (cold running = less than fun) so I took ‘er to the treadmill.  I am hoping to get back into this habit so I’ve been waiting until the mornings are warm enough again.

It is definitely tough to wake up that early (it’s really rare that I wake up alert like today), but once it starts to become a habit, it gets easier.  Normally I just throw myself out of bed before giving myself a chance to dwell on what my body is about to do, and concentrate on getting outside before I can change my mind.  Just getting outside is seriously half the work.

I really enjoy running in the morning for two main reasons:

Reason numba one:  My workout is done before my day has started!  I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to squeeze in gym time, or a run later.  It’s much easier to skip the gym in the evenings when you get busy.  My nights are filled with dinner (I can’t run for a while after eating) and other extra-curricular activities (such as leisuring), so I feel great that I have this crossed off my to-do list, and it took virtually no time out of my day.

Reason numero deux:  I seriously feel awesome for the rest of the day.  I find that I am more alert, have more energy, and generally just feel better about myself.  I feel proud for accomplishing something before breakfast.  It makes me feel like a bit of a superstar, to be honest.

Now I may go forth, and eat lots.

When I got back from my run, I was craving a warm breakfast.  After my shower, I made myself a bowl of oatmeal that included almond milk, almond butter, a bit of honey, and maple flax seeds (maple this time, not garlic!)

Oats Magoats

This was yummy, but it could have been yummier.  I made the oatmeal using almond milk instead of water and I wish I didn’t do that.  It took longer to cook and the texture was more watery than the thick oats I like.  Oh well, live and learn!

All Stirred Up!

Still a decent and filling breakfast.

Lunch was half of a leftover chicken enchilada, with the rest of the quinoa stir fry on the side.  I wasn’t really planning on posting about lunch today, so both went unpictured.

Shmanyways, I am outta here.  Ando and I are off to his parents, and then hopefully I am going to see Something Borrowed with my friends Fran and Amy if I make it back in time.  I hope I do!  I love that book so I’m interested to see how the movie will turn out.  Probably crappy.  I must read the book before I see movies based on books, and we all know the movies usually pale in comparison to their book counterpart (except possibly The Notebook.  I liked the movie a LOT more than the book.)

Have you seen any movies that have been better than the original book?


6 responses to “Early Morning Run

  1. Hi! I found your blog via twitter and love the name. I feel like I am one or the other at all times, too. And hot or cold. My husband says I have a 2 degree comfortable temperature window.

    I love getting my exercise first thing, but I seldom can make myself. I usually do it at night and then feel all great and productive and think “This is great! I’m going to work out first thing tomorrow, so I can feel like this all day!” and then…sleepy.

  2. Melanie Kheidr

    Linds, Congrats on the morning run! I agree, the hardest part is just getting yourself outside. For me, having a dog like Onyx makes it easier to want to get outside because he’s waiting for me so he holds me accountable. Without a dog, I imagine it’s much harder to make yourself get up and get out there. It’s great that you can stay so motivated! It sounds like you’re doing so great! Did you see ‘Something Borrowed’? If so, how was it?

  3. Oh you will definitely be having to inspire me, girly!

    My goal this summer is to learn how to run. But first I have to shake whatever sick monster has got me. Ahhhh!

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