I Want to Ride My Bicycle

So I never did get to see Something Borrowed last night.  Very disappointing.

Not to worry though, because I did get to have quite the Skype party with my Bestie Lisa in Calgary and friends! (her boyfriend, sister, and our friend Bumper)

Skype Party!

Does that look like a good time, or does that look like a good time?

Skype is pretty awesome, but does anyone else find it kind of awkward?  I feel like the sound is usually choppy, and you don’t want to interrupt the other person talking so there’s a lot of just staring at eachother, waiting to talk.  Good times though, I like staring.  I loved seeing everyone!

My alarm went off this morning about 40 minutes later than yesterday, and unlike yesterday, I had serious troubs getting up.  If I had planned to run, I doubt I would have made it outside.  I guess it just depends on the day.  Ya never know!  I do plan on running tomorrow in the a.m., so we shall see!

I had originally planned on hitting up my gym’s BodyPump immediately after work, but it was so beautiful outside and I wanted to take advantage because I hear this weekend is going to be el craptastico.  It is days like today that I really wish we had a dog to get me outside (one day!), but I decided to skip the gym and instead grab Ando for the first bike ride of the year!

Bike Rides!

Ohh how I love bike rides.  Brings me back to the days when my bike was my main method of transportation ;).

It was so amazing outside, and we saw some beautiful sights…

What a Beaut

Our neighbourhood is really perfect for walking and bike riding.  We live in an area of mostly new subdivisions, and the streets are quiet and sometimes you’ll find some hidden gems…


Like a forest!  It’s nice to feel like you’re away from civilization while still in the city.  Since I basically grew up in a forest, I’m a big fan of trees!  I wanted to build a tree fort really badly.  And then I remembered the time I fell out of a tree fort, landed on my face, and broke my nose (this is a story for another time), so I decided to stay on the bike…

I think I found a new running route though!

Welp, let’s get onto some eats.

Smiley Breakfast

I am a bit of a cheesy minx and like to make my breakfast smile at me :D.

My smiling breakfast consisted of a toasted whole wheat bagel topped with garden vegetable cream cheese and a banana on the side.  Pretty good, but missing some protein and I noticed when I arrived at work absolutely ravenous for my 10:30 morning snack at 8:30.  I broke into my snack of blueberry PC 0% Greek yogurt (I am LOVING the new flavours) with raspberries early, and then had a Fibre 1 100 calorie bar at snacktime.  Lesson learned, I need protein in my breakfast!

Lunch was a big ol’ salad, and I loved it…it’s been a while since I have packed myself a salad beast for lunch!

Welcome Back, Salad!

This winner of a salad consisted of baby spinach, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, garlic flax seed (not maple!) and mozzarella cheese with fat-free Italian dressing.  Yummy and filling.  Hit ze spot.

Dinner was some unpictured veggie pizza that we ordered from Pizzaville, because Wednesday is usually pizza night around herrrre.

I’m off to finish watching American Idol.  Does Lady GaGa ever wear pants?  I love how she can just throw on a pair of control top pantyhose and a bodysuit and be good to go.  The giant fake mole on her face caught me off guard as well.  But I kinda love GaGa…not gonna lie ;).

Catcha later, enjoy your evening!


2 responses to “I Want to Ride My Bicycle

  1. Your skype party looks fun! My skype sessions usually entail me, atrocious hair and some sweatpants.

    And I do think that your minx of a breakfast might even be winking at you!

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