Sneaky Sugary Lemonade

Good afternoon friends!

So I did it again!  Last night I set my alarm for 5:45 am, planning to run again, and this morning I awoke with minimal trouble, and headed outside immediately to get my schweat on.

I took a new route that led me through the forest that Alejandrew and I rode through on our bikes yesterday…

Welcome to the Jungle

It was beautiful and peaceful, but I ran pretty fast through there.  I got a little scared, as I am more familiar with middle-of-nowhere forest and wasn’t sure what to expect from a city forest.  Drug dealers?  Rapists?  I didn’t see anyone, but you never know who is lurking behind the trees.  I think I’ll save the forest runs for the afternoon just in case…

I’ve been running lately with my iPod again.  The no music running got old pretty fast.  Actually, I made a new playlist not too long ago that has been hanging out on my Playlists page, so check ‘er out!  I also recently became obsessed with the song New Low by Middle Class Rut, and it has a really good beat for running.

I ran for 30 minutes, about 4.5k, and arrived back home a sweaty mess and hungry for a warm breakfast.

Oatmeal, What Else?

My fave oatmeal combo of oats, peanut butter, honey, banana and maple flax seeds.  I’m going to have to start getting more creative with my breakfasts for you guys, but I truly love this oatmeal combination.  It is so delicious, and filling.

Stir it Up, Buttercup!

The morning runs are probably going to get less exciting pretty quickly, but I’m hoping this blog will keep me accountable to them because they really do get my day off to such a great start.  It is so nice to get outside early in the morning when the streets are so empty.  And it’s done!  My night is free from workouts!  Hurrah!

I was on my own for dinner tonight since Ando is taking a course in html on Thursdays (maybe he will be able to make me a sweet new website!), so after debating for a bit what to eat, I went back to an old favourite of mine…

Simple Dinna

I topped a whole wheat kaiser with a couple slices of low-fat cheddar, sprinkled them with a bit of garlic salt, microwaved the sammy for about 30 seconds, added deli turkey meat and microwaved for another 20 seconds or so.


Easy and cheesy.  This is a go-to solo dinner of mine.  I also had about half a pint of grape tomatoes on the side to squeeze in some veggies, but I don’t really think that was a concern today, as this was my lunch…

Druxy's is the Best

A big dirty salad from Druxy’s, and one of the best salads I have ever had!  This bad boy included baby spinach, romaine lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, carrots, celery, red and green pepper, green onion, chick peas, crumbled hard boiled egg, flax seeds, almonds and sunflower seeds.  Seriously Druxy’s, I love you!  Best salad bar of life, hands down.

I had already eaten half of it when I snapped that pic, as the girls at work and I decided to eat in Druxy’s today and not just head straight back up to our desks.  It was BIG!  And guess how much it cost?  Five dolla.  I’ll stop raving now…

My preggo coworker Lexy added a Simply Lemonade juice to her order, and it looked pretty darn good, and though I much prefer to eat my calories rather than drink them, I decided to do the same.

Lemony Lemonade

I figured it was pretty safe.  Not from concentrate, so just fresh squeezed lemons, right?  So, so wrong.  Check the nutrition facts…

Um, Holy SUGAR!

Forget the calories for a sec and look at the sugar!  30 grams of sugar in 250ml (the entire bottle is 400ml).  I am no dietician, but I do know the recommended daily intake of sugar for women is like 26 grams.  Bad news.  And that is why I drink water, my friends.  If I am going to be consuming mass amounts of sugar, I want it to be in a delicious sweet treat…not in lemonade.  It was good, but once I realized I was drinking basically sugar and water I was turned off.  Not worth it.  I’ll make my own dang lemonade thanks.

Enough of that rant… But that leads me to an interesting quiz I found via FitSugar on added sugar.  Check it out!

I’m outta here!  Enjoy your evening!  I’m excited for almost Friday and lunchtime yoga tomorrow!

What is your favourite drink besides water?
Mine would be coffee 🙂


6 responses to “Sneaky Sugary Lemonade

  1. Coffee! And iced coffee with a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. My favourite non-coffee drink, besides water, would have to be cranberry juice. I agree with you though, I’d rather eat my calories than drink them. And sugary drinks just make me thirstier in the end.

  2. I’m with you, I hate consuming calories/sugar in liquid form. I’d much rather have a cupcake if I’m going to indulge in that much sugary sweetness! My favorite drink other than water is probably diet coke. I try not to let myself drink too much of it, but when I eat out I generally treat myself 🙂

  3. Water is definitely my favorite but I am also a total tea granny.

    Sugar is in EVERYTHING. I even think 26 grams is too much. 1 tespoon of sugar affects your immune system for several hours. Ooph. But not to worry – fruits are okay 🙂

    I love oatmeal bowls, but they do create oatmeal ruts. But so good. 🙂


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