Ethiopian Eats (+ Baby Shower Fail)

Hey, so remember this morning I said I had a baby shower to attend this afternoon?

Welp, I am le grande idiot, because as it turns out the shower is tomorrow.  And I definitely showed up at the door, present in hand, ready to party it up with all the ladies, and was told that the shower…is…tomorrow.  Whoops.

That is probably the biggest date mix-up I’ve ever had.  I don’t think I have ever shown up for something on the wrong day before.  I don’t even know what else to say about that… It will be pretty embarrassing when I have to go back there tomorrow.

But all was not lost!  I didn’t drive all the way into the city for nothing, I had an el fabuloso lunch date with my old pal CathRON!

CathRON & I

CathRON and I met working at Dairy Queen back in the day.  She started shortly after me and we worked there for a few years together.  When I think of working with her, I think of FUN. TIMES.

Her name is actually Catherine (obviously), but I had a dream about her once that she changed her name to CathRON and she made everyone spell the ron in capital letters.  This somehow ended up being her high school nickname, and I still like to call her that ;).

Ray Romano?

Here is a picture of CathRON and I from about 9 or 10 years ago with Ray Romano.  They filmed the movie Welcome To Mooseport in our hometown so we basically stalked the set for days with signs that said “Romano is my RAY of sunshine” and “Ray is a Hot Tamale.”  Also “Gene is a Teen Dream” for Gene Hackman, and “Fred, Let Me Be Your WINNIE!” for Fred Savage (from the Wonder Years, you know).  Good times.  We actually ended up in the paper in a picture of us with Ray and our signs.

I realize that is a terrible picture of me, but I believe the photo is important to the story.

Shmanyways, let’s get onto some eats!

We ended up going to Lalibela, which is an Ethiopian restaurant on Bloor in Toronto.  It was my first time trying Ethiopian food, and it was delicious!

Lalibela Platter

We ordered the Lalibela Platter to share, which included lentil, cabbage, lamb, collard greens, doro wat (chicken wings in sauce), potatoes, cabbage, beets, hard boiled eggs, spicy beans (I think that’s what they were), and lettuce and tomato in the middle.

This came with a side of tortilla-like wraps.

Wrap Bread (I don't know what else to call this...)

To eat your meal, you break off pieces of the wrap to grab your food with.

Have a Bite!

No utensils here!  No plates either.  It was interesting, but it worked out.

Everything was pretty good, but the highlights for me were the lamb, doro wat, potatoes and cabbage, and the lentils.  I rotated around eating bites of everything, and saved those for last.

Definitely a different way to eat, but I was impressed with the yummy factor.  And I was full really quickly!  I think it was from the wraps.

I also really enjoyed the atmosphere.  It is a cute little spot that is authentically decorated.

Very Naaaiiiice

We were also sitting right in front of a giant window that was completely open to the street outside.  Perfect for people-watching.


Outside was right there.  No glass.  Definitely a nice touch.

Such a good little lunch!  It was great to catch up with CathRON :D.

I also want to mention that she is the owner of this monster…


And you can read all about his adventures in her blog at!

I’m off to figure out what’s for dinna.  Hope you all have a great Saturday!

Have you ever tried Ethiopian food?
What is your favourite type of ethic food?

Mine is probably a toss-up between sushi and Thai…I love both!

Also, have you ever shown up to an event on the wrong day?


9 responses to “Ethiopian Eats (+ Baby Shower Fail)

  1. Hahaha! Oh too funny you had the wrong day for the baby shower! And I bet you had your nice baby shower outfit on today too…

  2. Oh man, that picture. When you said 9-10 years ago I was like “Lindsey is on CRACK!!!” But then I counted… and realized how right you are. That was sooooo long ago! I think I have a couple copies where we both look a bit better…

    I also had such a great time at lunch! We will have to do it again and pick somewhere equally unique!

  3. Ok, so first of all…I am SO jealous that you got a picture with Ray. I was an extra in that movie, but we were not allowed to approach the actors at all because by that time there had been people just walking into their trailers so we weren’t allowed to interact with the actors at all or we’d get fired.

    Also, I think the wrap-like things that you eat Ethiopian food with are called roti. 🙂

    • haha, you should have set-stalked after hours. We ended up getting pics with him on two separate occasions, and Fred Savage also, which was really funny.

      Nope, not roti! I just looked it up, it’s called injera.

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