Baby Shower WIN!

Man, what a terrible day on the weather front!  Cold rain disgustingness all day…blech.

On the bright side, I made it to my office bestie Lexy’s baby shower, on the correct day!

Lexy & I

(Isn’t Lexy the cutest pregnant gal ever?  I loooove that bump.)

Of course me showing up a day early was a big joke at the party…  But Lexy’s mom made me feel better when she told me that she has done that twice this year – shown up for something on the wrong day!  So at least I’m not alone.

I love showers, for two main reasons.  Random party games, and FOOD!

The shower didn’t start until 2pm, but I held off on lunch in anticipation of shower food, and I’m glad I did.  There was a vast array of veggies, cheeses, crackers, and some deli meat and sandwich fixin’s to make your own sandwich.

That was the route I took!

Sammy & Veggies

I made myself a turkey sandwich on a kaiser with havarti and vegetable cheese,  baby spinach, tomato, and hummus, and some extra veggies and dip on the side.  That kaiser was unbelievably soft and fresh and I was loving it.

I also had some more veggies, a couple crackers with brie cheese, and a cupcake that went unpictured.

There was also Turtle pecan cluster Blizzard cake from Dairy Queen…

Lexy + Cake

So obviously I snagged quite a hefty piece of that.


Though I think it looks bigger in that pic than it actually was.

I enjoyed watching Lexy open all her gifts, and loved that this did not take a million years.  Oohing and ahhing over baby garb is a fun time in moderation.  I tend to get restless if the present opening goes on for too long, and I’m pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say that.  But Lexy’s present opening session was cute and interesting, and she scored some good swag.

Lex Opening Her Prezzies

I love giving books as baby shower presents.  I remember my parents reading to me every night before bed and it instilled a HUGE love of reading in me.  Every baby needs to be read to!  So my present for Lexy consisted of some classic Robert Munsch books (Paper Bag Princess, I Have To Go, Thomas’ Snowsuit, I Love You Forever), and Sophie the Giraffe!


Apparently Sophie is a big hit with babies.

We played two games: guess the flavour of baby food by sight and smell (always fun and disgusting), and a quiz game about Lexy’s pregnancy progress, which I actually won!  Lexy sends out weekly emails to a few of her friends and family, detailing how the baby is progressing, how big the baby is, what her body is up to, and how she is feeling.  She is funny in her writings, and it is almost like a little baby blog.  I have read every one of those suckers.  The quiz consisted of questions taken from the info in her emails.  I only won by half a point, it was close!

I scored a sweet prize of a garden in a bag, and a gingerbread baby (and I left it there :().

Lexy is always telling me how good she thinks I am at random games and competitions, so she told everyone that she was not surprised that I won.  I also won the game of who can put on pantyhose the fastest with oven mitts on their hands at her wedding shower.

She is not wrong, I do seem to be good at random games, and I think it is to counteract my lack of coordination.  I think I just like to win, so I put a lot of effort into these things ;).

But I lose at the game of showing up to baby showers on the correct day…

Gotta go start dinner, I think it’s gonna be spaghetti night, woo!

What’s your favourite wedding/baby shower game?
Mine is the one at wedding showers where you and a team have to make a wearable dress for someone out of toilet paper and other random supplies.  Love that game!

Another really fun game I have played at a wedding shower is where you have to guess the name of the love song and artist by the song lyrics.  Some of the lyrics were pretty inappropriately hilarious…

Anyone have any others?


3 responses to “Baby Shower WIN!

  1. Oh I like the purse one! The one where the host calls out items women generally have in their purse and if you have it, you have to show it faster than everyone else! I am a pro at navigating my purse.

  2. Great choice of books for gifts! Sam loves books! I read to him every night before bed. He even brings books home from his sitters house every night. Yesterday I took him to the library for the first time! We’ll see how it goes when he has to return them…

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