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Just saw Something Borrowed, and I have to say, I am imPRESSED!  I really liked it!  I read the book when it first came out like six years ago, so I don’t really remember all the details and what the movie left out, but for a movie based on a book I thought it was pretty fab.

I always find the books to be better than the movies (except in the case of The Notebook, which I have mentioned before).  Nothing is as good as your own imagination, right?  The Time Traveler’s Wife is one of my favourite books of all time…but the movie was pretty ho-hum and I think did the book an injustice.  There are some books that should just be left as books, in my opinion, because it will not be possible to make the movie nearly as good.

I would also like to mention that I now have a huge crush on John Krasinksi (as if I didn’t already), and I thought his character was awesome.  Also Paul Rudd…I saw him in a preview for My Idiot Brother and it reiterated that he is my biggest celeb crush ;).

Shmanyways, onto some eating action!  Although the movie included a lot of eating action… I shared a large popcorn with Taylor and I could not pull myself away from it.  So addicting.  And terrible for you.

Ohh well, at least I had an awesomely healthy dinner!

Shimp + Quinoa

A stir fry featuring shrimp and quinoa that I threw together pretty quickly when I got home from work.

I threw sliced onion and garlic into a wok until the onion was naaiiice and cooked, and then added red pepper, and spinach just before I threw in the shrimp.

Big Ol' Stir Fry

In the meantime, I cooked my quinoa, which I added to the wok when the shrimp was opaque.  I mixed it all together, and voila!

Ready for Eating!

I added a little fat-free Italian dressing and some mozzarella cheese (would have gone for feta, but we were feta-less) and it was a pretty good little dinner on the fly.

Lunch was pretty delicious as well.

Chicken Fajita

Leftover chicken fajita from yesterday’s dinner, in a whole wheat wrap, with carrots on the side.

I made this by cooking red pepper and onions together in a frying pan, and then adding slices of the cooked whole chicken I bought on the weekend (just to heat it up since it was already cooked).  I stirred in a bit of low-sodium taco seasoning and water, and BAM.  Easy fajitas.  For both dinner and lunch, I topped these babies with salsa, cheese and lettuce and dug in.


I was really busy at work today and missed my afternoon snack, and this lunch kept me pretty full until dinner.  Love that.

Welp, it is past my bedtime, so I am off to hit the hay!

What is your favourite movie that is based on a book?

I am going to geek out for a minute here and say Harry Potter ;).  Though the movies will never be as good as the books (impossible), they are pretty darn good.  I saw a preview for the second part of the seventh book tonight, and I am not embarrassed at all to say that it gave me chills.  I can’t wait to see it!


5 responses to “Books > Movies

  1. I loved the Twilight movies. Although the movies are nothing compared to the books. If I hadn’t read the books first then I probably would’ve thought the movies weren’t all that. The books were great. (I read them all in less than 2 weeks) Team Edward! 🙂

  2. I’m glad you liked Something Borrowed! I hope they make Something Blue too because that would involve even more John Krazinski 😉 Plus, I actually ended up liking that storyline better than SOBO.

    My favorite movie based on a book is probably He’s Just Not That Into You. I don’t know why, but I just love that movie. Such a good chick flick!

    • Ah, me too! I loved He’s Just Not That Into You! I forgot about that movie.

      I think they will make Something Blue. My friend noticed at the end someone on a park bench reading the book, so it could be a clue 😉

  3. I have a huge crush on John Krasinski. I hardly ever develop celebrity crushes but he is cute for sure!

    Paul Rudd will still always be Crap Bag (from Friends) to me. 🙂

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