Gym Dates

Well hello.

Tonight’s dinner had to be an easy one, as Ando and I had some errands to run after work and I had a gym date with my friend Dawn at 7 and I knew I would want to squeeze in dinner first.

This morning before I left for work I put some boneless pork in my crock pot with some low-sodium beef broth, and let it cook alllll day long.  It made dinner prep a breeze.

Hello There, Pork

I pulled my pork, added some barbecue sauce, and enjoyed it on a whole wheat sandwich thin, with sliced cucumber topped with a bit of fat-free Italian dressing on the side to squeeze in some veggies.  I love my pork like this, but Ando prefers to just eat his pork plain with mayo on bread.  To each their own!

I Like My Pork Pulled & BBQ'd

I was absolutely ravenous by the time I arrived home for dinner, and made the mistake of going with Alejandrew to the grocery store first on an empty stomach.  I wanted to eat everything in sight!  It was all I could do to hold myself back from sneaking snacks in the aisles.  He has a boys’ weekend away coming up, so he needed some he-man food to bring along with him.  That was one shopping cart I was not proud to be pushing.  It full of chips and red meat.  The healthiest item he bought was vegetable cream cheese.

After dinner it was time to hit the gym!  I met Dawn at the big-boy gym (not my typical all-ladies gym) and we went through quite the arm and shoulder workout.  Near the end we tried to do some push-ups and we both collapsed immediately on the mat.  Rubber arms accomplished.  I am going to be sore tomorrow, let me tell ya.

Her boyfriend Mark was there as well, and we lured him away from his intense session of showing off in front of the mirror for a blurry pic.

Blurry Gym Goers

(Just kidding Mark, just kidding)

Isn’t is illegal to snap pics in a gym?  Ah well.

We also completed some side-by-side elliptical and arc trainer love.  This gym has a new type of elliptical that I have never seen before.   You can set it to “Arm Blast” and every minute or so you have to do 10 seconds of using just your arms to power it.  It is intense.  I liked it.

I love gym dates!  It takes your mind off what you’re doing and the time goes by so quickly!  For running, I usually prefer to do it alone, because I worry too much about the other person (am I going too fast for them?  Too slow?), but for other cardio and weights I love gymming it up with a buddy!  Dawn is good ’cause she keeps me motivated.

And I’m off, enjoy you’re evening!

Do you prefer to work out alone, or with a buddy?


2 responses to “Gym Dates

  1. Arm blast ellipticals?! I must find one of those!

    I prefer to work out alone mostly because I’m a tad stubborn and want to be able to do what I want to do and when I want to do it. Plus, I have to listen to music to energize me!

  2. It’s illegal!?? (Hi Mark & Dawn!)

    I wish I had a slow cooker – lucky girl!

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