Getting Social

Good evening!  How was your almost last day before the long weekend?!

I was really excited for today, because instead of going into work, I had a field trip!  I had a date planned with my fave communications crew, consisting of some of the other communications and marketing people in my building, to hit up a conference downtown on social networking and media.

Instead of driving, I opted to take the Go Train (because the parking and traffic situations are both ridiculous), and it was really nice to not have to drive first thing in the morning.  I’m sure the train thang would get old pretty fast (it’s crowded, and there are a lot of crazies), but it was a nice to sit back, relax, and let someone else do the driving while I played around on my phone, instead of getting frustrated in traffic.

Traffic Frustration

Before I left, I made myself a Greek yogurt bowl consisting of Liberte vanilla Greek yogurt, Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal, and raspberries to fuel me through my trip and morning sessions.

Breakfast Bowl

Hit ze spot.

I met up with my little pallies at the Park Hyatt hotel, where the conference was taking place, and we sat through the morning speakers.

Let's Get Social

None of the speakers were great, I have to say (there was one guy who was pretty interesting in the afternoon though).  The conference seemed to be more for small businesses looking for bigger profits, and had absolutely no experience whatsoever in the world of social media.  All of our organizations, on the other hand, are non-profit, not looking to increase sales, and we’ve all been on the Facebook and Twitter bandwagon for quite some time (I run our Facebook page and we have about 4,500 “Likes”, what what!)

It did reiterate that we are on the right track though, and that we’re actually ahead of the game!  And I did pick up a few tips.

Going into the conference, I wasn’t very excited about the actual conference anyway, I was more excited for this!

The REAL Social Time

Lunch with my communications pals!

We walked around the Yorkville area for a while in search of a decent, budget-friendly restaurant with a patio, and finally settled on Flo’s Diner.  It looked pretty cute, though understated, from the outside, so we weren’t sure what to expect.

Flo's Diner's Patio

(Plus a nice looking photo bomber who is now famous…)

It ended up being the perfect choice.  We all enjoyed our lunch.  I settled on a turkey burger topped with feta and mushrooms, with a green salad on the side.

Turkey Burg

My burger was HUGE, and DELICIOUS.

Chomp Chomp

I could barely fit that baby in my mouth, but somehow I managed to get ‘er in.  It was yumboli to the max and I cleaned my plate.

I also snapped a pic of Jess’s lunch (she is beside me in the pic), which I was pretty impressed with as well…

Big Ol' Chicken Burger

Chicken with roasted red pepper and GOAT CHEESE, on a bun.  I didn’t regret my order, but that looked just as yummy.

We had a long lunch, so were able to chat for a while, which is rare for us since we all work for different organizations and are seriously busy, and it was really nice.

As we made our way back to the conference, we happened to pass a Starbucks, and obviously had to stop for a little somethin’…

Fave 'Bucks Drink

I ordered a mint mocha, non-fat, no whip frappacino (not on the menu, but I know they can make it!), and I slurped that baby down.

It ended up being a pretty fun day :D.

I was all aloney on my owney for dinner tonight, since Ando has his html class on Thursday’s, so I quickly made myself a pretty yummy deli ham sandwich on whole wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, hummus, and a bit of mustard, with some extra tomato on the side.

Sandvich Time

It was a good little sammy.


I had planned on going for a run tonight ’cause I’ve been slack-a-lackin’ in that department this week, but my friend Jess and I decided to walk from the Hyatt Park to Union Station instead of taking the subway (about a 45 minute walk) and my feet were not a fan… The walk was fun (I love walking downtown!) but I have the biggest blister on my foot and it hurts to even walk right now, so running is sadly out of the question :(.

But maybe tomorrow morning before work?

Have a great night!


7 responses to “Getting Social

  1. haha I love that drawing. Did you use paint? Whenever I use that program it looks like I fell asleep on the keyboard.

  2. Such a funny drawing!! And yum, this post makes me want a turkey burger.

  3. Ok now I’m SURE we’re quite similar! My favourite frap is the mint mocha as well. I am well-versed in orchestrating the Starbucks barista into making my favourite creation. Craving it now.
    Also, I’m not so sure I’m crazy about the liberte greek yogurt. It’s the only one I can find in the Canadian grocery stores though, grrr. I tried some with honey yesterday and it didn’t taste that great. I’ll have to try the flavoured ones!

  4. Oh, one more thing. You should try the President’s Choice Blue Menu lean turkey burgers. I am seriously addicted to them.

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