My Nana and Mama Burgers

Hurraaaaaay for the weekend, is all I have to say.  I have been pretty darn busy at work this week, so I am pumped to relax.

Right after work I hit up my Nana‘s for a quick little visit.

Me & My Nanners

(That photo is from Easter, I didn’t get one of us today.  Although I should have, because she was looking HOT.)

Though I love going to see my little Nanny-pop, sometimes (like today) her nursing home makes me feel a bit down, and generally just afraid of getting old.  My Nana is basically the best old person ever and probably a dream for the nurses (she is very self-sufficient, and was even doing her own laundry in there!), but most of the other residents are not…with it.

My Nana is one of the few I’ve seen not in a wheelchair, and one of the few I’ve seen who actually do something other than stare into space.  When we were walking out, she pointed into a room where a woman was just lying on her back in her bed and my Nana whispered to me “That’s all she does all day long.  If I ever get like that, I just want to go.”

Fortunately, I don’t think my Nana will ever get like that, and I told her that.

There is one man who sits in his wheelchair by the window at the end of my Nanny’s hall, and all he does is yell “MOMMY!” over and over again.  It is so sad, kind of disturbing, and pretty distracting when that’s all I can hear as I’m visiting with my Nana (he isn’t there all the time, but he was today).

But what is going on here?!  I am getting all Debbie Downer!  There is a glimmer of sunshine…

My Nana is a Ray of Sunshine!

(Pic from last summa)

My Nana is a glimmer of sunshine.  She is almost 97 (birthday is in just over one month!) and she looks fabulous!  She is happy and positive.  If being old means I get to be peppy like her, well then I’ll take it.

And on a much more positive note, she gave me quite the healthy care package…

Nana's Care Package

A bunch of random cookies she’s saved from her meals (surprise surprise), and Werther’s Orginals (score!).  And a little black change purse.  She is always giving me change purses.  I have no idea why, but it’s funny.

I love those maple cookies usually, but I’m not sure how I feel about them unwrapped…

If you are new to my blog and haven’t heard about the awesomeness that is my Nana, you can read all about her here.

For dinner tonight, this happened…

Mama Burger

I called Ando on my way home and asked him if he wanted me to pick anything up for dinner since I was so late, and he immediately said “A&W.”  It’s his fave.  Since A&W does not do salads, I reluctantly hopped on the burger bandwagon.

I have not had a fast food burger in…at least six months!  I can’t remember the last time, but it was definitely before Christmas.  It was alright, but it just reiterated that I’m really not missing anything.

You Aren't as Good as You Think You Are

I hope to go another six months without you, burger.

At least I had a big ol’ healthy salad for lunch.


It included baby spinach, cucumbers, tomato, steamed broccoli (leftover from last night’s dinner), sunflower seeds, garlic flax seeds, and mozzarella cheese.  I still felt a little hungry after eating this, so I supplemented it with a Druxy’s turkey vegetable soup and it was a good little lunch.


Today’s workout was lunchtime yoga!  Today’s yoga class was a good one, I was actually sweaty at times.  And we started learning some new moves that are a little bit on the crazier side.  Like the crane pose!

Crane Pose


Which I haven’t mastered quite yet… Although our former intern and current part-time staff member Mary can do it!  I was impressed.  One day…

I’m off to put in some serious leisuring time.  Have a great Friday!


6 responses to “My Nana and Mama Burgers

  1. Have a great weekend … I’m still working … and will be all weekend so relax extra hard for those of us poor souls still hacking away all weekend.

  2. Actually Lindsey you had a burger when we signed up for our 5K. That was definitely less than 6 months ago!

  3. Oh Nanners! I heart her. We have to hook her up with my g-pa. He is the cutest! I am currently sitting across from him and my heart bursts with love for him. He will be 95 in August.
    Love the office yoga! It’s delicious.

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