Good Family Times & Overeating

Today has been filled with a lot of fam-jams and a LOT of eating.

This morning Andrewski and I met my Dad and stepmom Mona at one of my favourite breakfast restaurants, Eggs Crepes, for breaky.


Breakfast Group

We were celebrating Ando and my Dad’s birthday’s, as they are one day apart and they were both last weekend, but they were both away so we couldn’t celebrate.

I really like going to Eggs Crepes for breakfast, because their crepes are amazing, and they serve fresh fruit with everything, which is refreshing.  I ordered two poached eggs and a crepe filled with banana, which came with ham, potatoes and fruit on the side.


Big Breaky

My eggs, crepe and fruit were definitely the highlights of this plate, so I squeezed those all in before I got too full.

My crepe came filled with bananas in a sort of pudding or custard as sauce, and it was delicious!

Yummy Crepe

After breakfast Andmo and I immediately drove up to his parents house for a second birthday celebration with all of his family, where we ate more.

Pretty Cake

I loved his masculine cake.

But we hung out for a few hours before “lupper” and I was able to snap a pic of Alejandrew’s elusive little nephew.



Ando sneakily snapped that while we were playing Superman.  So cute.  I love his luscious curly locks.

I also played a game with our niece for a while where she called me Rapunzel and brushed my hair with a Barbie brush.


Rapunzel and a Ballerina Princess

This was a fun time, until she said “I’m going to go get scissors so I can cut your hair off.”  Um, game over.

By the time we sat down to lupper (linner?), it had been a few hours since breakfast, so I was able to stuff my face once again with minimal problems.


On this plate is two English muffin pizzas, one with pepperoni, and one with broccoli and feta, a mini quiche, two jalapeno poppers, meatballs, and a few random goods from an M&M’s Oriental Party Pack.  Yum yum.  I was absolutely stuffed after this, but I left some room for that manly cake…

Cake + Ice Cream

So, so full.  I am still full from this meal.

Thankfully, after our eats the sun actually came out for once and we were able to go outside!  We caught a little toad…


Toads McGoads

And had fun building a little home for him…


Toad Friend

And letting him escape and then re-catching him.  Poor little guy.


Making a Break for It

Before finally letting him go in the garden.

And then we planted Barbie in the garden.


Barbie in the Garden

Good times.

I am feeling a little lethargic from eating so much today, so I’m off to hit the pavement for a run!  I hope you all have a great Saturday!


3 responses to “Good Family Times & Overeating

  1. Sam saw his pic and said “oh that’s me and Auntie Lindsey”. Awww. I can’t believe you have the energy for a run after all the eats today…I’m ready for a wee nap!

  2. Happy b-day to andrewski! Love breakie! Can’t help thinking the crepe looked like a dirty diaper. Sorry. I think it’s the impending mommiedom that is about to take over.

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