Dip for Lunch

I can not believe how absolutely beautiful it is outside!  I forgot how great it feels when the sun is out, since it’s been raining pretty much constantly for the past two weeks.

Unfortunately, I did not get to enjoy the weather at all, and my office was actually quite frigid (we have some serious temperature control issues in my building).  But on the bright side, my work has a ton of outdoor championships this week (tennis, soccer, rugby, field lacrosse, and baseball) and I hope to hit up a bunch over the next several days to snap some photos.  It’s supposed to be amazing all week, so I’m excited to be working outside in the sunshine!

I had planned on doing a BodyPump class at my gym tonight, but it is so gorgeous out, all I feel like doing is running.  I’m going to wait until it’s a bit cooler out and my dinner digests and then hit the pavement.

In the winter, it was so easy to just hit up the gym in the evening.  Since it was cold and almost dark by the time I got home anyway, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.  But now that summer is approaching, I’m finding that getting myself to the gym is a lot more difficult.  I haven’t done BodyPump in two weeks!  I’m feeling a bit guilty about that.  I need to figure out this summer workout schedule thang.

Thankfully I have a gym date with my friend Dawn on Wednesday, so I’m hoping we can get in a good full body workout.

But anyway, onto eats!

Usually I pack my lunch the night before, but last night Ando and I watched How To Train Your Dragon (so good, I loved it) in bed, so I didn’t feel like getting back up and doing stuff in the kitchen.

This morning I was feeling less than creative, and I had leftover cream cheese and salsa dip from yesterday, so I figured that would make an alright little lunch.

Dip fo' Lunch

It does not look as attractive as it did yesterday, after sitting in the fridge all night and morning, but it was just as good!  I used red pepper slices and cucumbers to dip with instead of tortilla chips to healthify it up.

Plate of Veggies

It was delicious, and I was looking forward to it all morning long.

Dinner was superly easy and yummy as well.

Easy Dins

Crockpot pulled pork and asparagus.  Nothin’ new or fancy, but easy, quick, and yummy, and that’s what I like.  I need to start making some new dinner dishes though, I think.  I don’t want to bore you guys.

Speaking of not being bored, if you are just catching up from the weekend, check out my Indian Chief post!  Those pictures take a long time to draw (or else I’d have a ton in every blog post) and I spent hours on it, so puh-lease go and read it!

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4 responses to “Dip for Lunch

  1. Last night I went for a run at 9 pm and the temperature was perfect! However, I think I ate the weight of my legs in bugs. I can relate to the indoor exercise thing. Now that it’s getting to be up to 90 degrees & sunny each day, I find myself so unmotivated to go to the yoga studio when I can do hot yoga for free in my backyard and other exercises outdoors. I really want to try a BodyPump class though.

  2. I used to eat parmesan thin crisp Triscuits and Philly light veggie cream cheese for lunch all the time. So I would say your lunch was far more rounded and nutritious.

  3. Boo to rain! Boo to office temp unregulatability! Yay to sunny days outside and the end of the school year!
    Loved how to train you dragon!

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