Bridesmaids & Tennis (…and Sushi)

Well bonjour.

This is juuuuust a quickie, as it is already past my school night bedtime.  I just got back from seeing Bridesmaids with my friend Beth and her bridal party (which I am in!), so it was a very fitting choice.  I’m sure it’s a hot movie pick for a lot of bridal parties this summer.

It was pretty funny, and definitely had me laughing heartily (who says that?) a few times…however, the way it’s been hyped up I had expected to be laughing hysterically throughout the entire movie and that didn’t happen for me.  It was cute though, and I liked it.

Obviously we had to take a cheesy pic in front of the Bridesmaids display…since, you know, we’re bridesmaids…


Thanks a lot for being crappy, camera.  I give you one job and you can’t even do it properly.

Beth is second from the right.  We have been buds since Grade 9 (aww), and actually Allison (who is next to me) and I have known eachother since early elementary school.  I have played a LOT of Barbies with that girl.  I have only met Laura (far right) fairly recently through Beth, but I can already tell she is a good time.

It was also Beth’s birthday today, so we celebrated with a little all-you-can-eat sushi action before the movie.


I was a bit late getting to dinner because of work, so the gals had already started eating.  This worked out fine with me though, since I could just sit down and start loading up my plate!

I always eat unhealthy things at sushi places like this (hellooo shrimp tempura), and usually I don’t feel the greatest after.  Ehhh well, it’s been a while.

To semi counteract (that’s how it works, right?), lunch looked like this:

Lots o' Veggies

Blurry and veggie-packed.  A big ol’ salad from Druxy’s including the usual broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, red and green pepper, green onion, tomatoes, cucumber, chick peas, crumbled egg, romaine lettuce, baby spinach, and pumpkin and sunflower seeds.  I have said it before, and I will say it again…Druxy’s, I love you.

I didn’t pack my lunch today because I wasn’t quite sure where I would be at lunchtime.  Thankfully I was still at work so I could choose a healthy option (you know Druxy’s tempts me daily being right downstairs), and this salad was the perfect thing to fuel me through a lot of afternoon tennis matches.

Good Tennis Times

Not that I was playing any tennis.  But after lunch I hit up my work’s tennis championship to take photos of the athletes.  That is a terrible picture and not a good example at all of my photography work, but I don’t want to take all the photos off the big serious cam now (I have hundreds), so that was just snapped from my iPhone while I watched from the sidelines like a big paparazzi.

I was quite grateful to be outside today, because it was beautiful, but I was also grateful to not be playing tennis.  It was HOT today!  I am excited for this hot weather, so no complaints here, but when I got in my car afterwards, this was the sight that greeted me:

Hot Tamale

Holy shmoly.  I’m surprised my eyeballs didn’t melt off my face.  I was quite schweaty afterwards and didn’t have time to shower before the bridesmaids’ shenanigans, but I figured I wasn’t alone in my sweatiness, since it was insta-sweat as soon as you walked outside.  So all was well.

Thankfully, I squeezed in a run this morning so I didn’t have to worry about working out in the less-than ideal running conditions this afternoon (and I didn’t have time anyway).

Gooood Morning!

It was still pretty warm this morning though, and I felt a little sluggish.  But I squeezed in about 4k in 27 minutes, and I felt great checking that off my to-do list before work.

A super busy (and super fun) day for sure, annnnd I am off to bed.  Have a great evening!


8 responses to “Bridesmaids & Tennis (…and Sushi)

  1. I still have never had sushi. All of my students last year would laugh at me regarding that point and I’m sure you are too. Or you think I’m pathetic. either works.
    I really liked Bridesmaids but I agree that it didn’t slaughter me in the way I had expected. I REALLY wanted them to go to Vegas and I also wanted more of the terrible mom and wife. She had some serious potential. I will say however….”Stove, that’s not even a name” – Totally us when we get unruly and ignorant.
    I’m ready to rock tonight buddy, get your gym face on!

    • Pretty much the entire airplane part killed me. Stove was definitely a highlight. And the heat from the undercarriage, hehe. But I was so disappointed about Vegas too!

      You really need to try sushi. I was late getting on the sushi bandwagon as well, so I don’t think you’re (too) pathetic. It’s yummy though!

      Gym face is ON! I will see you tonight!

  2. YUM sushi. YUMMIER tempura! Idk why, but we always call it snushi. Fun to eat, fun to say.

    I felt the same way about Bridesmaids. It was funny, but it had some slow points. But it was good and I laughed.

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  4. All the girls I know have been going on and on about how funny Bridesmaids is. I wonder if it will live up to my expectations.
    Yay sushi! I hope it was at one of my fav sushi places near you.
    I do love Druxy’s too.

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