Rugby Fun in the Sun

It has been another day spent mostly outside in the hot sunshine pour moi!

I went into work early this a.m. to hunker down and get some stuff done, before heading to my organization’s Girls’ Rugby Championship around 10am to meet up with my coworkers Lexy and Mary.

The Girls

Lexy has the cutest preggo belly of life.  She’s due in less than four weeks and seriously from the back you can’t even tell she’s pregnant.  She has a beautiful baby bump.  I rub it every day for good luck (which isn’t creepy, she likes it).

The three of us set up shop on the sidelines, and I snapped some photos of the athletes.  Rugby is one of my favourite sports to watch actually, and girls rugby in particular.  Those girls are tough!

Seriously tough.

They do not mess around.

I am so grateful that my work allows for outside time.  I love getting out of the office to watch our championships, and it’s definitely one of the reasons I love my job so much.  It’s also really awesome to see the enthusiasm of the athletes.  They are so excited just to be participating (my organization runs provincial high school sports championships, so if you play a sport in high school, making it to the provincial champs is a big deal), and their positive attitudes are contagious.

Mary, Lexy and I had planned on going out for lunch once the championship was completed, to celebrate (or I guess mourn :() the end of Mary’s internship.  It actually ended in May, but she has been working part-time for us the last few weeks, and until next week.  Lexy is leaving as well, on maternity leave!  So I am double sad :(.

But the last game wasn’t starting until noon, so I knew lunch was a while away.  I brought a Power Bar along with me that’s been hanging out in my purse for a while as a snack to tide me over.


And then I found out they were selling Miss Vickies Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar chips (my very fave) for 50 cents so…

Can't Resist...

Those were also consumed…

Once the games were finished and we did the whole medal ceremony thang, the three of us went out to a local Greek & Mediterranean restaurant called Santorini.


There was a sail boat behind us that said “Santorini” on it, but the guy who took this picture of us forgot to include it.  So you just get another pic of our bright shining faces.

None of us had been here before, and we were thoroughly impressed.

We felt a little underdressed in our championship gear, but whatever’s clever.  It was well-past lunchtime, so it was pretty dead in there.  We snagged a beautiful seat by the window.

We all agreed it would be a really great date spot.

After some deliberation, I chose to order the chicken souvlaki on a pita with a greek salad.


The salad was pretty big, but most of it is hiding under that pita.  It was a pretty delicious little pita.  I was a big fan.

We also ordered Saganaki (Greek flaming cheese) as an appetizer, which our server set on fire for us just before it arrived at our table.


We ate the hot cheese on some crusty bread and I almost died it was so good.

I ❤ Cheese (and Bread)

If anyone is in the Thornhill area, I highly recommend this restaurant!

After work I had a gym date with my friend Dawn.  We went through a pretty thorough weights workout (basically worked everything), and I was feeling pretty dead (but good!) after.  It’s been a while since I have weight trained, so it felt good to feel the burn!

Gym Dates

Dawn’s boyfriend Mark was also studding around in the gym.  He missed the turquoise shirt and black capris memo, so he got a nipple pinch (no we did not plan our outfits, but I’m pretty sure everyone at the gym thought we did).

I arrived home ready for some dinner action, so Ando quickly barbecued up some chicken breasts that I sprinkled with Mrs. Dash, while I boiled corn on the cob for about eight minutes.


Easy and super speedy.  It probably could have used a little somethin’ else, but I was still full from my giant lunch, so it did the trick.  I’ve missed corn on the cob!  So yummy and definitely reminds me of summer.

Another good day fo’ sho’!  Hope you guys all had a great one as well :).

Catcha lata!


6 responses to “Rugby Fun in the Sun

  1. I love rugby! I played all through highschool 🙂

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  3. Awe! Love this post! Probably because I’m in it and you say such nice stuff about me. But really I think it was because we had such a fun day!! I love our staff.
    Loved the Greek food too! Glad I could introduce you to Saganaki! Opa!
    I’ll miss you too!

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