The Baseball Incident

Lunch today was an old favourite.

Peanut, Peanut Butter…and JELLY!

A PB&J sammy!  I was running late this morning and we needed to leave earlier than usual, I had to throw something together quickly if I didn’t want to starve at lunchtime.

This lunch may seem a little elementary school and plain (especially compared to yesterday’s), but this sandwich is truly is one of my faves.  You cannot go wrong with PB&J.  According to Runner’s World, it is actually the perfect runner’s lunch (not that I ran today…but click that link if you’re interested in reading about it).

Also, I have been slacking on the grocery shopping around herrrre, since we are going away this weekend and I don’t want everything to go bad while we’re gone.  Not a lot of options in the fridge right now.

I heated my little sandwich up in the microwave for about 25 seconds to take off the chill from the fridge, and it made the peanut butter deliciously melty.

Melty & Yummy

So good.

I had some baby carrots and a strawberry PC Greek yogurt cup on the side to round out my meal, and it definitely filled me up and kept me full until dinner (I was out in the afternoon so I couldn’t squeeze in my afternoon snack).

This morning there was a presentation in my building and they were serving some treats, so I snagged a little blueberry pastry for my mid-morning snack.

Pastry fo’ Meee

Not exactly nutritious, but it definitely was delicious!

After lunch, it was time for baseball!

I headed over to my work’s regional baseball finals (the actual championship is next week in the Roger’s Centre), and once again, snapped some pics.  It was a little chillier than the last couple of days with the wind, but I was still grateful to be outdoors in the sun.

Baseball is definitely a sport that I wish I stuck with, because I actually think I would be an alright batter.  Sadly, I was turned off of baseball at the ripe age of seven, when I accidentally caused my baseball team to lose our championship game.

We had gone undefeated all season (probably no thanks to me ;)), and during the last inning of our last championship game, we were winning by a couple runs and the other team was up to bat.  I was daydreaming in the outfield, making designs with my feet in the sand (hey, I was seven, and bored), and someone hit the ball RIGHT to me.

I wasn’t paying attention, and didn’t notice until I heard people SCREAMING my name.  I didn’t get to the ball in time.  And when I finally got to the ball, I threw it terribly in some random direction where no one was even standing, so it just went horribly wrong.  Our opponents ended up getting a grand slam and winning the game.

EVERYONE blamed me.  One of my old teammates’ mother still brings it up whenever I run into her: “Oh hey, remember that time you made us lose the baseball championship?!”  Yeah, I do remember, thanks.  I was seven.  Simmer down.

And it was in the paper.  With a big picture, and a caption highlighting that it was the ONLY game we had lost all year.  I’m surprised they didn’t circle me and add “And it was ALL LINDSEY’S FAULT!”

I was pretty traumatized, and that was the end of baseball for me.

It did look pretty fun today though.

Fun Times

Shmanyways, I was on my own for dinner tonight since Alejandrew has his class, and I knew exactly what I wanted to eat.  On Tuesday my friend Beth brought up toasted tomato sandwiches, and since then I haven’t been able to get them out of my head!

I made myself a toasted tomato bagelwich on a whole wheat bagel with cheese and a bit of mayo, with some extra tomato slices on the side.


And it was everything I dreamed it would be.

I was still a bit hungry after, so I had a cob of corn that was leftover from last night’s dinner.

Now it is time to start pack-a-lackin’ for the weekend because we are leaving for our friends’ cottage immediately after work tomorrow and I am EXCITED!!!

Have you ever messed up your team’s chances of winning in a competitive game?


6 responses to “The Baseball Incident

  1. Childhood sports can be so scarring!

    Mine is totally not as bad as yours, but I remember in 8th grade softball I got hit in the gut with the ball. Except my friend told everyone I was hit in the ovaries. I don’t know why that was so awful but I didn’t really want people dicussing my reproductive organs so I was embarrassed. lol

  2. Where do you get the individual sized Greek Yogourt cups? I have looked everywhere for them! I can only find the larger tubs. 🙂

  3. No. I have never screwed things up for my team because I am just that awesome. Just kidding and not at all true. I always just did individual sports so I could only screw things up for myself.

    LOve baseball and pb an j and tomato and cheese sandwiches!!

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