Cottage Adventuring (Part 1)

Well friends, I am back from the cottage!

I am pretty tired, slightly sunburnt, swollen from mosquito bites, and happy to be home, but Ando and I had the best weekend with our friends, and I’m feeling goooood.

We made the three-hour drive north to our friend Cam’s cottage on Friday immediately after work.  The drive wasn’t too bad, I made us a pretty sweet roadtrip playlist (the music is always the highlight of roadtrips for me) and it was sunny the entire way.  Plus I love driving in Northern Ontario and going through all the small towns and looking at the rocks that surround some of the roads.  We finally made it to the cottage just before dark.

When I walked in the cottage, this was the view that greeted me.

Love It

So beautiful!  I love that the entire front of the cottage is windows, giving an ample view of the lake.  Ando and I immediately grabbed a drink, a couple hats, and started in on some games with our friends.

Hat Party

Definitely can’t miss me in that hoodie…

We spent most of the evening inside, as the mosquitoes got pretty ridiculous as soon as the sun went down and we were all getting attacked.  There were a lot of other random insects flying around as well, including a moth the size of a bat that we had a photo shoot with.

Giant Moth!

It was huge!  I am a little creeped out by moths, but this guy was pretty cool looking.

One of These Things is Not Like the Other...

Can you spot the little (I meant big) sucker?  We think he was trying to blend in.

Woody and the Freaky Moth

Good times with the moth.

The next morning, sadly, we awoke to rain.

Morning View

Still beautiful though.  It rained until about 1pm, which was a bit of a bummer, but we made the best of it!  Starting with breakfast…

Big Breaky

Our friends Woody and Cam made a big breakfast for everyone that included scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, pancakes with strawberries, baked beans, and bacon.  This breakfast was perfect and I was loving it.

The rain actually provided perfect time for relaxation inside the cottage.  After breakfast the boys went into town to grab a few things, and we girls sprawled out on the couches, read books and just chilled out.  It was so quiet and peaceful with the rain falling outside.  It was a great way to recoup after our first evening.

You better believe I was outside taking advantage of the sunshine as soon as the rain stopped falling though.

Sun Time!

I love lakes!  I totally took growing up on a lake for granted, and I miss it so much now!  I could have hung out on that dock all day.

But my friend Leah and I had some serious paddle boating to attend to.

Pedal to the Medal

Paddle Boating!

We paddled along the bay, and took in the beautifully relaxing view of the lake.

Alejandrew and Cam decided to go on a fishin’ mission in the little motor boat, so they came over and made big waves, and generally terrorized us for a bit…

Silly Boys

And we paddled by our friends Woody and Mel who were taking their dog Onyx on an adventure along the shore.

Family Portrait

Isn’t that a great pic of them?  Even Onyx is looking at the camera and “smiling.”

When we got back it was time for lunch!  Check out the spread:

Yummy Lunch

Amazing!  I filled up my plate with goodies.

Hello, Lunch

I supplemented this lunch with a blueberry Greek yogurt cup that I brought along with me…

Greek Yog

And some amazing garlic bread that my friend Mel made (who you may remember from Mel’s Cool Beans (And Rice)

Mel's Cheesy Garlic Bread

Some other random activities on Saturday…




(I went in as well, and it was FREEZING!!!)

Trying to Retrieve a Football that was Accidentally Thrown in the Lake

Getting Bit by Mosquitoes

I have very sensitive skin when it comes to rough things touching me, and will usually get a rash (beards, sand, seaweed, potato wedges, have all given me rashes).  Bug bites are the worst.  I don’t get bit a lot, but when I do it gets huge!  Luckily it doesn’t stay huge for very long, and soon after it’s like it never even happened.

Except I got bit on my eyelid last night and woke up this morning with my eye swollen shut.

Thanks a Lot Mosquito, Ya Big Jerk

I didn’t get a pic of it when it was at its worst, but you get the idea…

Je Desteste Les Mosquitoes

Good times.

This cottage recap is getting quite long, so I am going to split it into two.  I’ll be back with Saturday night dinner, Saturday night shenanigans, and Sunday sunny times!


9 responses to “Cottage Adventuring (Part 1)

  1. I don’t know what to comment on! Looks like an amazing time! Except for the eyelid incident and the mondo moth (props for getting so close to it).

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  4. Yay cottaging!! I love it!! When did you get that sweater and why didn’t I get one?!!!
    Love peddle boating. Looks like a fun weekend.
    Wow, that mosquito bite was bad! Yuck. You look freaky 🙂 though I do love the potato wedge reference.

  5. I thought it was a Freddy special. They are all about the crazy colours right now. Way to go on the discount!

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