That Silly Grocery Shopping Thang

Salut, and also allo!

So tonight I had to do something I really do not enjoy at all…last minute grocery shopping on a weeknight.

If you read my healthy grocery shopping tips, you know I like to do all my shoppin’ on weekend mornings.  When I have to squeeze this in on a weeknight, it feels much more like a chore.  I feel like I am rushing to get it done and just want to get out of there as fast as possible.  I love taking my time in grocery stores, and thinking through my meals for the week while I’m there.

This is my own fault though, for putting that silly grocery shopping thang off for too long.  I don’t even remember the last time I properly grocery shopped, and if I didn’t go tonight, we may have starved.  Or we would be eating freezer burnt hamburger buns and canned beans for the rest of the week.  So I went, and I did it, and it’s done.  Hooray.

Total unhooray for this though…

Robin Hood Oats WHAT?

My grocery store was all out of all kinds of Quaker Oats.  So I guess I’ll be enjoying Robin Hood oats?  I dunno about this… I LOVE my Quaker Oats!

Quaker Love

Love them a lot.  I guess oats are just oats though, right?  I can probably get on board with this Robin Hood business.

Anyhoozle, I’m excited for having good food in our house again.  Not that we were ever starving.

Breakfast was actually quite a yumfest.

J'adore Smoothies

I made myself a smoothie that included:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup frozen pineapple
  • 1.25 cups almond milk
  • half cup vanilla Greek yogurt
  • pinch xanthan gum (to thicken it up!)

It was pretty darn amazing.

Oh So Smoothie-Smooth

Usually I like to add a handful or two of spinach in my smoothies, however I am not sure about the spinach/pineapple combo.  It seems weird to me, but I don’t know why?

Has anyone tried a pineapple smoothie with spinach?  And is it good?

Lunch was just some leftover Mel’s Cool Beans (and Quinoa) from yesterday, but dinner…dinner was interesting.


Chicken curry with brown rice and beans (pretty sure there were some potatoes in there as well, which was a surprise).  I’m sorry, I know the above picture looks so, so disgusting.  It tasted a lot better than it looked.

Andreezy and I were out running a bunch of errands after work, and we always see this Caribbean restaurant in our neighbourhood that we’ve never been to.  We passed it today and decided to check it out.

Caribbean Eats

That plate of food is a lot more attractive than mine was.  I wasn’t blown away, but the food was good (and cheap also).  And Andy-roo loved his beef patty so much he went back for a second (I do love a good beef patty now and then as well ;)).

Afterwards we hit up Ando’s sister’s house because it is our little nephew’s third birthday today and we wanted to drop off his present (sadly we missed the big party on the weekend).  I snagged a delicious vanilla dip doughnut while I was there…

I Love Donuts (and Toy Story)

Which I enjoyed at the kids’ table with another little doughnut lover.

Doughnuts are Way Cool

I’m off to read The Help in bed.  I am loving it so far!

And I’m crossing my fingers for an early morning run tomorrow, so hopefully it’s not thunda storming!



15 responses to “That Silly Grocery Shopping Thang

  1. Mmm doughnuts! Thanks for coming by. Sam took his new monster trucks to bed with him! Bentley wants to know if you want to play ball 😉

  2. I stick spinach in all my smoothies! I promise you don’t taste it 🙂

  3. Yikes…that dinner looks like…uh…I won’t even go there haha! Sometimes things that look terrible taste amazing, though! At least that donut looked amazing 🙂

  4. That smoothie looks amazing! I haven’t tried the spinach/pineapple combo, or even pineapple by itself. Must try that. And yeah…some of my dinners are just too ugly to post. I made a quinoa/spaghetti sauce/steamed cauliflower dish and it looked like….yeah.

    I thoroughly enjoy grocery shopping, as long as I’m not rushed. I like taking my time to look at everything and even go to a couple different stores for different items. Did you check out the WF yet?

  5. maybe those oats will teleport you to never never land? I meeean… that why I’d buy them. 😉

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  7. I forgot about pinapple!!! Thank you for bringing that beautiful fruit back into my life.

  8. Love the pic of you and the Quaker Oats guy! Classic.
    I am a slow grocery shopper. I like to go down every isle and look at everything. It drives Mark crazy as he likes to zip through. I also like the weekend shop. Though mostly we shop, well Mark shops on week nights when I’m not there to hold him back.
    I’ve seen Robinhood and his oats before but mostly I know him for his cooking flour. It’s good stuff.

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