Work Perks (+ Honey Soy Salmon)

One of the reasons I love my job so much, is that it has a lot of perks.  I don’t make a ton of moolah, I don’t travel to exotic places or get to stay in crazy extravagant hotels… I work for a non-profit sports organization, so it definitely does not have fancy perks.  But it does have my kind of perks.  Which is getting out of the office, watching and taking pics of sporting events, and socializing.

Which is exactly what I did today.

Home of the Jays!

Our Baseball Championship today was held in the Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays!  This is very exciting, especially for the baseball playas who get to play on the same field as the pros.

I quickly stopped by the office this morning to get a few things done before heading downtown!

Rogers Centre + CN Tower

Bad pic, but I was too close to it.

They didn’t have the dome open today, which is too bad because it was beautiful outside (though extremely hot), but hanging out on the field was a good time.


I felt pretty swankz standing on home plate, I will just say…I can’t imagine how the players felt.

My coworker Lord Byron (or just Brian) was there as well, so after I snapped an ample amount of baseball pics, I hit up the VIP section to watch some ball with him.


That is probably the only time I’ll ever get to sit in those seats, though I may have to find a way to upgrade to them the next time I’m at a Jays game, because they are the jam.  They are super comfy, with tons of leg room!  Apparently you get unlimited food and drinks in that section as well.  Forget stadium seating, the VIP section is where it’s at.

Still though, baseball is probably one of my least fave sports to watch (sorry baseball playas!) because I like action.  Rugby, hockey, basketball, even soccer…those are my favourites.  A fun day though, fo’ sho’.

Let’s get onto some eats, shall we?!

Breakfast this morning was a good one.

Yog Bowl

I took a cup of PC strawberry Greek yogurt and put it in a bowl with Enjoy Life Cranapple Crunch granola (delicious!) and raspberries.  I saw the granola peeking out of the natural foods section of my grocery store last night, and I’ve heard good things, so I thought I’d try it out.

Enjoy Life Granola

This granola is gluten and nut-free, and all sorts of yumballs, let me tell you.  It will be making its way into a lot of my breakfasts.

After the ball game, I headed back to work for lunch.  I didn’t pack my lunch today because I thought I might be out, but I had a lot to get done at work so I headed back instead of restauranting around.  A Druxy’s salad of the usual variety at the office sounded perfect.

Hello, Lover

I am in LOVE with Druxy’s salads.  In. Love.  I added feta to this baby today and it was a great addition to my usual mix.

And dinner was honey-soy salmon!

Yummy Fish

Salmon was on sale at my grocery store yesterday, so I picked some up and it made for a nice easy dinner tonight.  I knew I wanted honey and soy sauce, so I googled some recipes, but I didn’t see any that didn’t have a billion ingredients.  I only wanted two.  Honey, and soy sauce.

I made my own “glaze” by mixing together about 1/4 cup of honey and a leftover packet of soy sauce that was in our fridge.  I sprayed the salmon with cooking spray and sprinkled it with a bit of garlic salt, before brushing the honey-soy mixture onto the salmon fillets.  I then baked it in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

It came out perfectly!


It’s difficult to see the honey and soy on there, but it was a great combo.  I served steamed broccoli on the side, and when I saw Ando sprinkling his with cheese I got on that bandwagon immediately.  It was a speedy and yummy little dinner.

I was hoping to run tonight, I didn’t make it out this morning, but I’m thinking this crazy thunderstorm may put a damper on those plans.  We will see.

Have a great evening!

Does your job have any cool perks?


7 responses to “Work Perks (+ Honey Soy Salmon)

  1. I want your job!! That looks like it was so much fun. I agree with you about baseball, major snooze-fest! I tend to people watch the entire time I’m at a baseball game. It’s more fun that way!

    My job allows me to pretend that I’m a college kid forever. I guess that’s kind of a perk. I can also take classes for free and when I get married and have kids someday my kids could go to this university for free!! Since it’s private, it’s super expensive, so that is a HUGE perk potentially!

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  3. You look like your 15 in the second picture. I’m jealous. My current job has several perks, including having a completely open schedule to frolick in the sun whenever I please. As well as the joy of life long learning 🙂 That’s secondary though. 🙂

  4. Our work perks, along with our vacation time is pretty awesome.
    You and Byron are so cute!!
    We are making this exact meal tonight…well actually not really. We were going to have salmon but Mark bought rainbow trout by mistake. I will let you know how the rainbow trout adventure goes. We are also having asparagus instead of broccoli because asparagus is in season right now.
    Yummy scrumbos as you would say!

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