Catch de Taste! (and LACES OUT!)

Welp, as it turns out I should have stuck around for the afternoon at baseball yesterday, because look who showed up…

Baseball Celeb!

Roberto friggin’ Alomar.  And my coworker Brian is in that photo with him!  It could have been me!

Here is what the photo should have looked like:

Robbie & I

Ol’ Robbie was always my fave back in the day, so I am very disappointed.

I mean, come on…

Catch de taste!

(just skip to the end, it’s the best part)

I can’t complain too much though, because this actually did happen at our Football Championship a couple years ago…

Dan Marino!

No photoshopping for that one (actually that’s not true.  I think Brian was on the other side of Dan and I cropped him out ;)).  I did tell you my work had perks.  How often do you get to yell “Laces Out!” at Dan Marino?  Not very often.  Will probably never happen again in my lifetime.

And anyway, I am not one to wallow in my sorrows.  I am one to eat.  So that is what I did.

Peachy Oats

For breakfast I yummified up some Robin Hood oatmeal with sliced peaches, blueberries, and almond butter, and I could almost not tell the difference between Robin Hood oatmeal and Quaker Oatmeal (though I could tell a bit of a difference, and it’s not as good).

All Stirred Up and Gross Looking

It was still pretty good though.

Mary and I went to the cafeteria across the street for lunch today (it was officially her last day! Boo), and I got a pretty delicious chicken quesadilla and Greek salad…but I forgot my iPhone, so I used Mary’s to snap the photo…and then I forgot to ask her to send it to me.  So no pic for you.

I sure did catch de taste of dinner though!

Homemade Naan Zaaaaa

Naan bread pizza with baby spinach, mozzarella cheese and sweet red peppers.  Poor Jannydreusse missed out on this bad-boy since he has his class tonight.  It was yummy!  I ate the entire thing!

Pizza FTW

And I am now off to hit the road for a run.  I have been doing work all evening, so I have been staring at my computer screen for literally 12 hours straight and I can barely see.  I need to get OUT!

Have a great night!

Have you ever met any sporty celebs?


13 responses to “Catch de Taste! (and LACES OUT!)

  1. WELLLLL I did just post on Tuesday night about how one of my best friends from college now starts for the Dodgers. oh yeah. 😉

    (I was psyched to be able to comment that)

  2. Never met a sports celeb. Or any celeb for that matter. Man, my life is boring! haha

    How amazing does that pizza look?! Your food is always so colorful. Love it!

  3. I definitely did multiple shots downtown with Tie Domi one night and Marko and I met Jerome Iginla in Calgary last year. I also met Pinball Clemons wayyyyy back in the day. Dan Marino is AMAZING though. Mostly because he has a tag line associated with his face.

    I think you need to do a blog on other celebs one day. Then I would have a real list for ya. Perhaps the Mayor Mel story needs to come out to play 😉

    • Ohh I have met Pinball. He has the smile of an angel.
      I remember your Domi story, hahaha.
      I have thought about a celeb post actually… it would be pretty extensive. Like the time we got Blink182 to strip.

  4. brian riddell

    Omg your so mean, that poor kid would feel even worse than he did before…shame on you :(- Neil

  5. 1. I totally thought that was David Hasselhoff at first and not Mr. Marino.

    2. I enjoy Alomar’s creepy long arm around you

    3. I made peachy oats today!

    4. You’re cute.

    • 1. He totally looks like the Hoff! Meeting him would have been pretty cool too.

      2. Alomar should have been a pitcher with that crazy long arm!

      3. Checking out your peachy oats as soon as I am done with this comment!

      4. n’dawwww, thanks 🙂 as are YOU!

  6. Robbie Alomar!! Mark was so jealous. Robbie is his fav.
    Love the pic.
    I met Therman Thomas. That’s it.
    Love Naan bread and especially pizza!!!

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