Body Pump FTW

Good eve!

It was a sad, sad day for me.  Today was the last day of lunchtime yoga until September (we are taking a break over the summer because a lot of people are on holidays or have Friday’s off), and I had to skip it!  I had a day-long meeting, so couldn’t skip out for any yoga action.  Our boardroom was right beside the boardroom we do yoga in though, and I saw everyone taking their mats outside to do yoga on the grass!  I was super jealous.

At least I had this to make me feel better…

Oh Ja, Ohh Jaaaa

Chicken with salsa, penne with…I don’t even know what, but it was good (and there was cheese on there!), spinach and strawberry salad with balsamic vinaigrette,  and a few pita triangles with hummus and tzatziki.  Yumtastic.

Oh, and dessert…

More Yumminess

That cookie didn’t stand a chance.

It did not take me long to forget about yoga… No sir.

Also, after work I had BodyPump to look forward to!  I hit up a BodyPump class with my friend Dawn (her first one!) at the gym we go to together.  It was my first time taking BodyPump at that particular gym, and it was different than my usual because it was co-ed (and the instructor was a fan of techno music, so no typical BP release).  But this was the first time there were boys in my class.  And the instructor was a boy (we may have harassed him…a little bit ;)).

My favourite was when a throwback song from 2002 was on, and he was all “I was in Japan WHEN THIS SONG WAS PLAYING at World Cup Soccer!”

And Dawn was like “Were you on the team?!”

It is those sorts of things that make me forget I am working out for a minute.

I have not done BodyPump in like a month, and I forgot how great of a workout it is.  By the end of the class, I was a hot mess, and my entire body was shaking, particularly my quads (holy squats!).  But that is gooooood, that means it’s working!

Seriously, when I showered afterwards I could barely lift my arms over my head to wash my hair (so I didn’t ;)).

I forgot how much I love that class.  It is such an intense workout, and one that I would definitely never complete on my own.  I totally need the instructor there pushing me through.  Plus I am slightly competitive, so I always feel the need to keep going, not give up, and make it to the end of the track.  But if I’m by myself, I definitely don’t try as hard.  I usually stop when my muscles feel fatigued.

Welcome back, BodyPump.  I have missed you, and I foresee more of you in my future.

I squeezed in a little bit of dinner action before BP…


A lean PC Blue Menu turkey burger that Ando grilled up on the barbie.  I topped it with mozzarella cheese, lettuce, ketchup and mustard and dug in.  A handful of grape tomatoes on the side rounded out my meal.

My eats were mostly less than stellar today, so again…glad it was a BodyPump day.

But breakfast was a decent health-fest.


Whole wheat bagel topped with peanut butter and banana.  Def one of my fave combos.

I am off to do what I do best on Friday nights, and that is leisure!  Hurray for the weekend, and hurray for sleeping in tomorrow (or at least until 8…since I can’t seem to sleep past then).

Have a great evening!


8 responses to “Body Pump FTW

  1. I want to try Body Pump! And I’m in love with the Blue Menu turkey burgers, yet I’ve never tried BBQing them. Strange. That sucks that you couldn’t go to the yoga class. I’ve been seriously depressed with the lack of hot yoga available in Windsor so maybe I just need to move… for yoga. I’d do it.

    Anyway, hope you have a fantastic weekend! 😀

    • I keep meaning to try the the turkey ones! I looked for them yesterday but couldn’t find them.
      There are surprisingly a ton of hot yoga studios around here. I haven’t been to a hot one in a while…I almost went today! Maybe tomorrow.
      Hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. I really want to try Body Pump- it sounds like such a great workout! And your lunch looks really tasty- especially the dessert ;P

  3. the pb/banana/bagel combo is a fav for me. have a fab weekend!

  4. I was so sad about missing our last lunch time yoga too! So sad, I had to leave our meeting and go and chat with everyone and so goodbye, sniff.
    Those little chocolate triangles were awesome!!
    Yay for techno!
    You guys BBQ a lot. We should do it more.
    Fun times!!

  5. Chica con hambre

    OMG! Your photos really make me hungry; however, something is missing for completing this virtual eating experience…napkins! How can you make my mouth water like this without an adequate supply of napkins? If you strategically place napkins in your photos you are certain to inspire more unabashed mouth watering moments! Comer bien!

    • That is a good point, napkins are so important! I hope to inspire many more moments of unabashed mouth-watering, so you should keep a napkin handy to be on the safe side 😉
      I like chica con hambre, I’m going to have to use that.

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