Can’t Find Happy or Hungry? No Worries

Breakfast talk coming up in un momento, but first I want to share with you some recent search terms people have entered on google that have somehow taken them to Happy or Hungry.  I have a stats thing that tells me how people get here.  So remember, I am always stalking you.  Actually, I am reverse stalking you, because I am stalking you stalking me.  So we’re all just stalkers.  And it’s all good.

But anyhoozles, let’s get to it.  My fave search terms over the past couple of weeks:

  • Shut up brain (I’m assuming that took the person to this post, when I had trouble concentrating on yoga)
  • Funny pictures of people crying (I don’t think I have any of those, this person may have been disappointed…)
  • I want to bike as my main method of transportation (don’t we all…)
  • Evil vegetable pics (pretty sure my post on brussels sprouts came up with this search)
  • Survivor tube top (it’s called a buff, and it is so much more than just a tube top)
  • why am i so lethargic in the morning i only eat dinner don’t eat breakfast or lunch (I think you probably just answered your own question, my friend…)
  • Finger bite (my friend Dawn is responsible for this one)
  • Giant moth southern ontario (I hope you were happy when you found pictures of this beast)
  • Goat cheese and apple hunger games (YES! I knew I wasn’t the only person who wanted this combo because of that book! Check it out here)
  • Paper bag princess(I have no idea why this search landed someone on my blog, however it is kind of ironic because that is what I dressed as for Halloween this year, though I have never mentioned it on here…)

    Paper Bag Princess (+ Ando the Sumo Wrestler)

  • Good looking chocolate (when is chocolate not good looking?)
  • A story of why I like to ride my bike
  • Crash on a planet game have to have fun to get home (sign me up, sounds like a good time)
  • What was so special about lord byron (he’s a cheesefest and makes me laugh hard)
  • Caring for northeast Ohio moth and eggs (why would you ever want to care for this?)

And my personal favourite

  • Man eats baby 2011 (I don’t even know…)

There’s some others…but you get the idea.  So if you ever have trouble typing “” in your browser, not to worry!  Any of those search terms will get you here as well :).

Onto breakfast!

I woke up this morning with only one thing on my mind.  A savoury breakfast.

Usually for my morning meal I like to enjoy somethin’ a little on the sweet side, but on weekends I am always craving something more of the salty variety.  I called on Ando the Griddle Whisperer to cook us up some eggs!

Perfect Sunday Eggfest

I had a perfectly cooked over-easy egg with a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese on top of a whole wheat English muffin.  Fresh raspberries and blueberries served as a yummy little side.  Deeeelish.

I combined my muffin halves to make an over-easy healthified Egg McMuffin, and dug in.

Runny Yummy

I used to be really picky about how my eggs were cooked.  I would only eat my eggs scrambled and fried (with no runny yolk), because I felt like if I was eating a runny yolk it meant the egg was uncooked, and then I felt weird.  A few years ago, I actually tried an over-easy egg and now I am allllll about the runny factor.  I don’t find eggs to be as good without a little runniness.

I am a runny convert, for sure.

How do you like your eggs?

If you have a blog, what are some funny search terms that have led people to you?

Have a great Sunday!


17 responses to “Can’t Find Happy or Hungry? No Worries

  1. bahhaa I love this post. I’ve never seen a post like this before. Some of my favourite gems that have led people to my blog include:

    “omelette you finish”
    “how to mix athenos greek yogurt” – I totally needed a tutorial on this too. The separate strawberries & yogurt just baffled me.
    “why blondes shouldn’t drive” hahaha
    “rockfest mission beach 2011 june 5” No. Idea.
    “rollerblades” seems so generic! There would be millions of options for this. Same with “hair dryer”

    This is a fun hobby of mine. I love being a voyeur & seeing what people are searching that inadvertently led them to my blog.

    • hahaha about the blondes not driving and the rollerblades especially. I agree, I am also a voyeur! The searches just confirm to me that people are WEIRD.
      And has also made me more conscious of my own google searching, haha

  2. I never knew veggies could be evil 😉

  3. I can not stop laughing, I can not believe that you zipped up a cat in a bag for 3 days. Although it isn’t really funny, I still can’t stop myself from laughing. The worst thing I ever did to a cat was fold her up with the fold out sofa, it was my sister’s cat. It only took me about 10 mins to realise what I had done so no real harm there and no pee either 🙂

    Obviously I found you through PBFingers, but I am absolutely loving your blog and soooooo glad I found it.

    BTW, has anyone ever told you that you look like the gorgeous Kate Hudson. I seriously thought your profile picture was a picture of her, even when I scrolled down and saw you and Ando the sumo I still thought it was Kate Hudson.

    • Jane, thank you so much for your comments!!! I really laughed at you laughing about the cat in the suitcase (an accident, it was an accident!) It is only funny because he was absolutely fine afterwards. Actually, he probably liked it 😉 (he is a weird little kitty cat).

      I’m so glad you found my blog, I’m going to have to check out yours!

      I do tend to hear that about Kate Hudson. I’ll take it, she is gorgeous!

  4. Me again, I love any eggs, but my favourite would have to be runny. I always get a little disappointed when I over boil and it’s not as runny as I would like.

    I do not like brussel sprouts but after following the evil vegetable link, you have inspired me to try them again. It’s exactly as you said, it’s how you prepare them, my mum just used to boil them with potatoes – I didn’t really like the boiled potato either. It was the old “you’re not leaving the table till you finish what’s on your plate” so 10, 11 at night I’m still sitting at the table, eventually I was told to “just go to bed”.

    Sorry, rambling here, but I am just enjoying your blog so much and back-reading older posts. I am easily pleased and very excited that I stumbled across your blog today. I am going to have to put you in my favourite list.

  5. I love looking up how people find my page. Some of the most random search terms lead them to my blog. It’s always good for a giggle. I personally really like the paper bag princess 😉

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  7. I have been meaning to comment on this one for days! It killed me. I was laughing so hard! I think my favourite were your comments on all the search phrases, though this is a fav past time of mine so I love it!
    My personal favs,
    Good looking chocolate (when is chocolate not good looking?) – so true!
    Crash on a planet game have to have fun to get home (sign me up, sounds like a good time) – so random!
    The man eats baby is pretty darn good too.
    Thanks for the entertainment!

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