The Cat in the Suitcase

I have been getting some requests to post the story about the cat in the suitcase.  I left a comment on PBfingers blog the other day about how I accidentally trapped a cat in a suitcase for three days (ACCIDENTALLY), and a few people have been asking me about it.  I thought I’d answer the questions and do a post about it…

Last year I was visiting my Bestie Lisa in Calgary, and I arrived late on a Thursday night.  We had plans to stay in Revelstoke, BC for the weekend, so the next morning (Friday), we packed up the car and got ready to hit the road in the late morning.  Before we headed out to the car, we said goodbye to her cat Charlie.


Right before we started driving, I realized I had forgotten something, so I had to run back inside.

I noticed that my big suitcase (which I was leaving behind) was closed but not zipped up.  Thinking I didn’t want Charlie to get in the suitcase and get his kitty hair on all my clothes (the joke ended up being on me), I zipped up the suitcase.  Because we had already said goodbye to Charlie, I just ran back outside without thinking about him.  I definitely did not think that he may have already been in the suitcase.

We proceeded to have some amazing adventures in Revelstoke…

We even met up with my younger brother Eric who lives in BC!  (he’s next to me in the sunglasses)

Basically we had the time of our lives.  While a certain kitty cat was definitely not…

We arrived back at Lisa’s house on Sunday evening, unpacked the car, and immediately looked for Charlie.  We couldn’t find him anywhere!

We called his name, and eventually we heard a faint meowing… It sounded like it was coming from my suitcase…

We unzipped it, and Charlie immediately jumped out.  He had been in the suitcase the entire time.  Nearly three days in a suitcase.  My entire vacation wardrobe was covered in orange and white hair, but surprisingly, he did not do any sort of business in there.  Nothing.  He held it for three days.

And as soon as he jumped out of the suitcase, he jumped right back in the suitcase!  Like he actually liked it!

Besides being slightly traumatized, he was fine.

See, All Good

That picture was taken almost immediately afterwards.  Back to normal (he is kind of crazy).

Poor Charlie though.  I felt so badly.  But once we realized he was fine we absolutely died laughing for a good half an hour.  I still cannot think about it without laughing.

Annnnd that is the story of the cat in the suitcase.


16 responses to “The Cat in the Suitcase

  1. omg! what a story. I can’t believe he held it that long. IMpressive.

    Glad he was ok!

  2. Silly kitty jumping back in the suit case like that! I’m glad he wasn’t too traumatized! 🙂

  3. OH MY GOSH!!!! That is too funny!!!! I love that he jumped right back in the suitcase after he was let free. Cats are so quirky like that. Good for him for holding it that long. I would have run to the litter box as fast as possible!

  4. Hahahahahahaha. That’s an excellent story!

  5. You always have the funniest stories! Thank goodness the cat was ok though! And thank goodness the fur was the extent that your clothing had to endure. Cats are hilarious.. I can’t even imagine how much you must have died laughing because I’m laughing just thinking about it!

    And I’ve never had a Frittata? Missing out? It looks like it.

  6. Yummy frittata!! Cute cat… It looks like you had a great time…

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  8. haahahah. I love this. maybe it’s because I’m not a cat lover (P.S. that video is SO fake. fake tears, lady. learn how to act).

    anyway, I wish that cat would teach Chloe to hold it like that. she’s got an ish with pee-peeing on my kitchen floor. I yelled about it tonight. a lot.

  9. Nelly Frittata, so whitty!! I have been wanting to try a Frittata for a while. Looks yummy. I bet Mark would love it.
    The cat story is awesome. I can’t believe he didn’t go in your suitcase!! What a gentleman.

  10. Me too! I can barely hold it through an hour now. Though the preggo thing comes into play…

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