Tattoos By Melon

Some big news on the tattoo front in a sec (of which I am clearly an expert, judging by my many [zero] tattoos), but since this is a food blog, first let’s talk breakfast!

Peanut Buttery B-fast

If there is one food I will never get sick of, it is peanut butter (cheese is a close second).  And one combo I will definitely never get sick of is peanut butter and banana.  I could eat this day in and day out (I pretty much do) and be a happy gal.

This morning I topped a toasted whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter and sliced banana and cinnamon and went to town!


If I have one complaint about this breakfast, it is that Weight Watchers English muffins can sometimes be quite small.  This one was tiny.  However, I was surprisingly full afterwards, and that’s all that matters.

Tattoos By Melon

Onto some exciting tattoo news!

My good friend Dawn’s younger sister Melon is quite the artiste and has opened her own tattoo parlour (they’re still called that, right? I’m not very tattoo savvy).

Finger Bite Makes a Reappearance

Dawn is next to me, and Melon is on the far right in that minxy purple dress.

The business is called Tattoos By Melon, and it’s in Port Perry (our hometown!) at 229 Water Street inside the Taylor’d To You Beauty Salon.  She will do consultations and walk-ins.  And she will design tattoos as well as do up any tattoos that you may have designed yourself.  She’ll also do colour tattoos as well as black and white, and henna.  Basically, she will do it all.

The Beautiful Melon

Her pricing is based on size and colour, but she’s pretty reasonable since she is new and trying to build a reputation.

And by new I mean new to the tattoo business.  I don’t mean that if you decide you would like a tattoo by Melon it’s going to be the first one she’s ever done and you’re going to end up with this on your back…


(source. Tattoo NOT by Melon)

She has been doing tattoos for a while (in back alleys and abandoned trailers…I’m kidding), and she is also a pretty accomplished artist.  She majored art in college, has pictures in galleries, and she also sells paintings.  Melon is kind of a big deal.

If I was going to trust anyone to ink up my bod, it would be her.  She already has some sweet tats under her belt…

Those tattoos are by Melon.  Pretty sexy, oui?

And Port Perry is only an hour and a half from Toronto!  When you consider the fact that a tattoo is a life-long investment, it’s worth the drive.

I’m off to get a tattoo of a cookie on my face.  So the next time you see me I may look like this.

Dawn and I

Show a sister some love!  Get a tattoo by Melon!

Feel free to email me at if you have any more questions about Melon’s tattoos.

Do you have a tattoo?  Are you considering getting a tattoo?


13 responses to “Tattoos By Melon

  1. I love tattoos, but I don’t have any. I want to make sure its something I want on my body forever before I get one and I just haven’t found that particular word or image yet.

  2. Hey Kitten….thanks SOOOO much! It’s actually 229 Mary Street. But that is just fine.
    Her phone number is 905-435-8312 as well….if anyone is interested in a consultation.
    Melon has a sweet tat herself now actually, she definitely looks like she’s in the business. She would do a cookie no prob….but I’m thinking a Red Devil on your buttocks is more fitting 😉

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  4. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS! Good for melonball! 🙂

  5. I have one tattoo that I got in college. I’m not sure if I’d do it again, though. Luckily it’s in a spot that is not very visible.

  6. No tats for me but from your bog I would totally get one from Melon of I was to get one. Way to talk a sista up!
    I really do hope you get a tat of a cookie on your forehead. That would be awesome-super-cool!! I would get butterfly or a rose or a dolphin…lol, not really. Maybe I would get two cookies just to out do you. I do love cookies…
    And it’s funny, I was just thinking, wow, Lindsey really loves PB and bananas and you wrote about your love for them.
    Have a great weekend!!

  7. Hey, my name is Ashley and I was in Melon’s tattoo class, although she wasn’t going by that name . I was just wondering how I can see more of her portfolio. i am just interested in seeing her developing skill level. Props to opening your own shop. good for you. you can find me on fb too, Ashley Paul. let her know. thanks so much!

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