iPhone Troubs

Wow, you guys were big fans of the cat in the suitcase story.  Thanks for not thinking I am a horrible person!  I am truly a cat lover (especially of my own two kitty cats), and would never intentionally lock a cat in a suitcase.  Purely accidental, and I am lucky it turned out A-okay.

Though I am not quite as big of a cat lover as this girl…

If she ever read the cat in the suitcase story, she may have a heart attack…

(although I think that is a fake video…)

Tonight, I wanted my iPhone to die a slow and painful death.  I am normally a huge iPhone fan and don’t have anything negative to say about it (except DamnYouAutoCorrect, and go to that website if you want pee your pantaloons laughing), but tonight I wanted to chuck my iPhone on the ground and stomp on it.  Its behaviour was inexcusable.

Around 9pm I decided to quit slack-a-lackin’ on the workout thang, and I headed outside for a run.


All was well for the first couple of kilometres, it was just starting to get dark and the atmosphere was very peaceful.  I was rocking out hard to a new playlist I made to celebrate the beginning of summer (I’ll put that up on my Playlists page at some point), when all of a sudden my iPhone went craaaaaazy!  It was possessed!

It would randomly speed up in a the middle of a song, and then sloooooow right down, and then skip to the next song, and then skip back, and then skip to the middle of the song, and then be fine for a minute, and then be silent, and then speed up, etc.  When I looked at my screen, my Voice Control kept popping up while it was going crazy (I don’t even know what that is?).  It was so. annoying.  Eventually I had to remove my headphones and just finish my run unplugged.

iPhone users, have you ever experienced this?  I just Googled it and read that it may have something to do with sweat getting into the volume thang on the iPhone headphones.  I was definitely a schweaty beast, so that may be true… But just because it has an explanation doesn’t make it less annoying.  I may have to switch to no name headphones.

Despite my iPhone troubs, my run went quite well.  I felt powerful and strong, and I finished 4.5k before arriving back home just before it was completely dark.

Beauty Night

And I was happy with myself for getting out there.


Now that I am finished my rantfest, let’s breeze through some eats!

Holy YUM!

It looks like I may be on a breakfast kick… Today’s breakfast looked basically the same as yesterday’s, only in bagel form rather than English muffin.

In Love w/ Bfast

The PB + banana + cinnamon combo is a good one!  I may switch it up tomorrow, we will see…

Lunch was a slice of leftover frittata, and I think it actually may have been even better today than yesterday.

Frittata Day 2

So yummy!  It looks sad and lonely on that plate by itself, so I supplemented this bad-boy with a Druxy’s Creamy Coconut Chicken Soup, which is my VERY fave.

Creamy Cococnutty Chickeny Soup

I LOVE it.  It tastes like a mild red curry.  It is heaven in a little styrofoam cup, and I wanted it to go on forever.  Amazeballs.  But it’s like 300 calories for that little cup, so I don’t eat it very often.  Ohh well, I ran today so…that should counteract…or something.

I am off to watch the Stanley Cup final.  C’maaaaaan Canucks!!! (it’s not looking good :()


7 responses to “iPhone Troubs

  1. That video of the cat girl was just sad.. and funny. But I also think it’s fake. And that’s crazy about your iPhone! I remember when I had a 3G, mine had a seizure of sorts & wouldn’t stop vibrating. I have never experienced that though. I would just reset it. I hope it gets better 😦 WE CAN’T LOSE WORDS! hahah

    • Yeah, she can’t even cry properly. If you proclaim to love cats that much I want to see TEARS! hehe
      It was better as soon as I took out the headphones, so weird! I hope it was a one-time thing.
      And speaking of Words, I am slacking! Gahhh, I will get on that!

  2. My iPhone goes a little crazy sometimes and will just decide to fast forward through a song (usually a really really good song that I am totally jamming out to which makes it super frustrating), but it’s never freaked out that badly! Yikes! Hope it shapes up for your next run.


    maybe this weekend. 😀

  4. OMG!! I went to damn you autocorrect and was dying laughing. It actually was hurting. But being this pregnant everything hurts.
    Love the creamy coconut. I will miss it on my year off.

  5. Indeed. That was a good one.

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