Onion Volcanoes and Dinner Smoothies

Usually during the work-week, I pack my lunch every day (sometimes with a Druxy’s soup supplement) and just eat at my desk…or occasionally in our boardroom.

But every so often, my lady coworkers and I plan quite the extravagant lunch date, and today was one of those days!  We hit up Memories of Japan (which you may remember from my post-5k meal), and we enjoyed great food, and chatted and caught up for a good couple of hours.

Ladies Lunch

Like my 5k lunch-date, we sat at a Tappanyaki cook table.  Only this time we had a fun chef!  Of course we requested the onion volcano…

Always a Hit With the Ladies

Oh but wait…you think that’s bad?


Our chef had a few other tricks up his sleeve…

I loved it.  We made sure to clap and cheer to make him feel nice.

One of the things I love about these places (besides the fire show), is that you are constantly eating.  No waiting around for your food.  You are basically served as soon as you sit down, starting with miso soup and salad…

Soup + Salad

And while you are eating that, the chef starts cooking up your main course.

Chef Doin' His Thang

I chose salmon, chicken and shrimp (which comes with vegetables and rice).

Yumballs & a Half

(The chicken came a bit later)

This would all be very healthy…except they cook everything with oil.  Still, probably better than a Big Mac.

I was FULL with a capital F and a capital ULL.  But I felt good full, not gross full.  And I left a bit of room for some green tea ice cream 😉

Ice Cream!

One time I was at a Tappanyaki cook table place, and the chef asked what kind of ice cream I wanted.  I answered with “Vanilla please,” and he responded “Vanilla?  This is not Baskin Robin.  We do not have vanilla.”

Oookay then.  I have learned not to ask for extravagant flavours ;).

I had a great lunch with awesome company!  And the entire spread set me back less than 10 dolla!  Score!

I was still full when I arrived home after work, and I was on my own for dinner tonight.  Only one thing was calling my name…

A chocolate peanut butter dinner smoothie!

Hello, Yummy

This was SO. GOOD.  It was like eating ice cream!

In my blender went:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 heaping tbsp cocoa powder
  • 2 handfuls baby spinach
  • 1.25 cups almond milk
  • pinch xanthan gum (to thicken)

I garnished this deliciousness with a crumbled up Kashi mocha almond granola bar, which really added a nice flava (love those bars).  This smoothie was so ridiculously yummy it should have been illegal.

I ate it up with a spoon!


Yes I did!

Smoothie Lips

I was so perfectly full and satisfied after this smoothie.

I also mentioned yesterday that I was going to switch up my breakfast today…and I did!

Just Peachy

Sort of.  Sliced peach (instead of banana) on a toasted whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and cinnamon.

I forgot about the peach + PB combo.

Millions of Peaches...Peaches for Me!

It seems weird, but it just…works.

I am off to squeeze in another evening run!  My iPhone has been working beautifully all day, so hopefully that continues.

Something of interest for you though:

Yoplait Pulls Ad Accused of Promoting Eating Disorders

What do you think?  I don’t know if it promotes eating disorders, but I personally think that it is wrong that we feel the need to either deprive ourselves of or reward ourselves with food.  I don’t feel like cheesecake should be passed up because it is “bad”.  I doubt a sugar-free yogurt is going to satisfy my sweet craving for one second if I truly feel like dessert.  If I want dessert, I am eating real dessert!

The second I start depriving myself is the second I start wanting to eat more.

Balanced diet, my friends!  Just my opinion.



14 responses to “Onion Volcanoes and Dinner Smoothies

  1. I don’t think it promotes Eating Disorders, per se. But I do think it gives women an additional guilt trip that most of us give ourselves anyways.

    If I want a cheese cake, then I’m going to enjoy it. I can do that because I eat well and exercise most of the time. And I agree , sugar-free yogurt with aspartame isn’t exactly healthy 😛

  2. Innnnteresting. I’ve seen that commercial, and it never even occurred to me that it could promote eating disorders. I honestly think it’s kind of poking fun at the truth… don’t a lot of women (healthy women) think that way?

    Annnddd I LOVE THOSE RESTAURANTS. gosh, now I want a flaming onion volcano and a japanese man spinning an egg on the oven and giggling over the fact that he called it an “egg roll.”

  3. I ate celery sticks for a week after I first saw this commercial.

  4. Dear Lindsey,
    What is a Druxy’s soup supplement? I am not “in the know.”

    Thank you,

    • It is an amazing deli in Canada that has the best soup and salads. Seriously, THE BEST salads. As an American I would feel sorry for you, except you have the Olive Garden, Whole Foods and Chobani Greek yogurt to make up for it 😉

  5. Hibachi places are my fav! I almost always want to go there for bdays or other special occasions.

    I’m glad the yogurt commercial got pulled. I just didn’t like the message it was sending. If I want cheesecake, yogurt will NEVER do!

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  8. Awe, I love our lady lunches. The onion volcano is the best! This guy was definitely the best we have ever had. He set that table on fire like 3 times. I do love the cook table. It is nice to eat for the whole lunch through.
    I can’t stand ads like that. Good for whoever pulled it. Women already have way to many things in society telling them they are too fat, old, ugly, etc. We need to just love ourselves and be happy with who we are. Eat well, exercise and keep down on the stress and you will be fine.

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