Hamburglars and Tiny Dancers

I have been a slacker on the blog-front this weekend…but it has been jam-packed and I have hardly been home at all.  Also, photo-heavy post coming up.  You have been warned…

I attended several barbecues and I ate a LOT of these:

Burger #1

(Dinner Friday)

Burger #2

(Dinner Saturday)

Burger #3

(Lupper Sunday)

Burgers, burgers and more burgers!

I love barbecued hamburgers but right now I am feeling all burgered out.  Attending so many barbecues, it is hard to keep my eating in check…and any dedication to my health definitely fell by the wayside.  Ah, it happens.

After work on Friday evening I hit up friend Dawn’s house for my first barbecue of the weekend and burger #1, for my good friend Emily’s birthday!

Birthday Girl & I

That is a photo of Justin Bieber on Emily’s princess sash.  She has a crush on him ;).

I brought along the goat cheese and honey dip, which was once again a huge hit, and I snacked on a lot of that goodness along with my burger.

Goat Cheese!

After the burger-fest, it was party time!


Notice my party hat?  I actually forgot I was wearing it for this photo… Oh well, it’s sexy.

Some of my good friends from high school were there, so I had el fab time hanging with them and catching up (you may remember these five from my Mr. B dinner post).

High School Friends

Many of our other girlfriends were in attendance as well…

Ladies Pic

(I was wearing shorts under that dress, if you were wondering…that sassy little number is quite short on me)

I always laugh so hard I cry when I see these ladies, so it was good times.

On Saturday morning we ate a quick breakfast of healthified Egg McMuffins and then headed to Alejandrew’s little niece’s dance recital, which was basically the cutest thing I have EVER seen.

Tiny Dancers

(The camera I had with me was not ideal for snapping photos of this, but you get the idea.)

There were around 40 performances and the entire thing took about three hours, but it was so funny to watch.  The kids who were five and under were definitely my faves, because they’re too young to really remember any of the moves, and they just kinda do whatever they feel like.  It was hysterical.  I was dying.

And Ando’s little niece Caitlyn was so ridiculously cute…


She was breaking my heart with her cuteness.  Afterwards she was SO happy and proud of herself.

Yay for Dancing!

After the recital it was time for barbecue number two at our friends’ Cam and Leah’s, which was where burger #2 was consumed.  And that delicious cob of corn and pasta salad.  Both were so yummy.

In bad blogger form, I didn’t take any pics, but the good times rolled into the a.m. with a bunch of our friends before we finally made it home.

This morning I was feeling bad about the lack of workouts and the abundance of burgers over the last couple of days, and our car needed to be retrieved, so I decided to run to it.

On a Car Mission

At first I thought it was a bad decision.  I was not feeling the greatest when I set out.  It was hot and sunny, and I was pretty darn tired.  But once I got going and hit my running groove, I started to feel a lot better.  By the time I reached the car (about 4k), I was feeling pretty good about myself and was glad I forced myself to get it done!

When I got back I made myself a chocolate peanut butter smoothie, a la Thursday’s dinner.  It was perfectly cool and creamy and the perfect breakfast after a morning run.


I’m glad I squeezed in a workout and a little bit of healthy eats, because I had another barbecue to look forward to today… My dad’s Father’s Day barbecue!

My Dad the Grillmaster

Happy Father’s Day to mon pére!

And it was my step-grandmother Velta’s birthday as well, so we also celebrated that…

Velta and her Cake

I snagged a hefty piece of that chocolate cherry cake in addition to burger #3 (which was actually a chicken burger), and it was deeeelish.

Cheeky Cats

(Dad and stepmom)

Ando and I

And of course I had to get a father-daughter pic with my dad for his special day!

Me and my Papa

Definitely a busy weekend with a LOT of eating, and I can’t tell you how excited I am for tomorrow and healthy eats again!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

What is your favourite BBQ food?
Mine is probably burgers 😉


12 responses to “Hamburglars and Tiny Dancers

  1. I always have the best time reading your posts 🙂 I was just catching up a little and was reading about the onion volcanoes – I don’t know why, but what you said about your cook made me laugh “We made sure to clap and cheer to make him feel nice.” I have been told many, many times that I have a weird sense of humour and I guess that comment just appealed to me.

    Thanks for the laugh

  2. I love BBQs!! I would have to say corn on the cob or grilled veggies are my fav 🙂

  3. What a fun weekend!! I’ve been craving a real burger lately and this didn’t help 😉 I like fish on the grill the most I think….
    And I agree sometimes after weekends like that its nice to get to Monday and be a little more consistent with diet and exercise 🙂

  4. I want to try grilled pineapple.

  5. oops I pressed “post comment” too soon. But that sentence is straight to the point lol. I do want to try it and I like grilled tomatoes on chicky chick burgers. Ooh have you tried chickpea burgers?

    • haha, I want to try grilled pineapple too! Someone was talking about it this weekend and it sounded delicious. And NO I have never tried chickpea burgers!!! They sound awesome, I love chickpeas. Where do you find them, regular grocery stores?

  6. Gteat post- I love little kid dance shows!! 🙂 My favorite BBQ food is definitely the homemade, fun desserts! I have a huge sweet tooth 😛

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  8. Wow, that is an intense amount of BBQ attending. You are so popular! I love BBQ burgers and I love the summer BBQ. Though I find by the time September rolls around I’m ready to give burgers a rest until the next summer.
    Love, love the kiddie dance recitals. So cute!

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