The Return of Healthy

This morning I woke up feeling really…blah.  I was not feeling well at all.

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I ate burger after burger all weekend, but I didn’t really get into the amount of birthday cake I consumed (a huge slice on Friday, and a huge slice on Sunday), or the piece of lemon meringue pie I had for dessert on Saturday, or the strawberry cheesecake tart I scored from the dance recital’s bake sale…

Yummy Little Tart

Or the Dairy Queen Blizzard I ate last night… Ahh

In addition to burger overload,  a ton of unhealthy dessert was thrown in.  Fruits and veggies were few and far between, sadly.  Besides my healthified Egg McMuffin on Saturday morning and my chocolate peanut butter smoothie yesterday, anything healthy seemed to evade my plate (not that burgers are particularly unhealthy, but you know what I mean).

I don’t know if this is why I felt so terrible this morning (I’m feeling quite a bit better now), or if I am just getting sick (I hope not!), but either way, I am getting back on the healthy-eating train.

I always feel so blarg after eating badly, and I genuinely enjoy healthy foods – fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein…bring it!  So I don’t know why I sometimes revert to my old ways of just eating whatever’s clever without thinking about it first.  I have felt so great since making it a point to live healthier, and I don’t want to slide into reverse.

I am all for dessert, but in moderation.  I need to remind myself of this.

This week I am making it my mission to seek out healthier eats, that actually provide fuel for my body!  I started with breakfast this morning.

Yog Bowl

Vanilla Liberté Greek yogurt topped with pineapple, blueberries, and a couple scoops of Enjoy Life granola.

It was delicious, and my day started on the right foot with protein, fruit, and whole grains.


Lunch was up next.  I ended up working from home today because I was feeling craptastico, so I made myself (and A-Rod, who popped home for lunch) Campbell’s low-sodium Harvest Minestone soup.

Can o' Soup

This soup is no Druxy’s soup, but it was pretty good.  And it was actually pretty veggie-packed.


I supplemented this with a whole wheat tortilla and two melted slices of cheese topped with salsa, which I folded over to make a quesadilla.


One of my favourite go-to healthy snacks!

And dessert was an apple.

An Apple a Day...

Not too shabby.

Dinner tonight was an easy, healthy baked pasta, but I will have to post that up later because I am off to BodyPump!

Operation Healthy has so far been a success!

Do you feel regretful after a period of bad-eating?


16 responses to “The Return of Healthy

  1. Found your blog through Confessions of an RD! Hahaha we should really all be besties, I think!
    I quite often feel crappy after I’ve gorged. I usually do a cheat day on Sundays- and I’ve only recently realized I was probably doing my body no good because the amount I ate was not only embarrassing, but probably the amount of 7 days combined! Hahaha. It’s now down to a cheat MEAL! But I still feel guilty most of the time! Looking forward to reading about the healthy baked pasta!

    • haha, I agree about the besties thing!
      I don’t officially do a cheat day, I try to just make healthy food decisions when I can…or else yeah, on cheat day I’m like “I can eat EVERYTHING!!!!” bad news 🙂

  2. I will have to try a yoghurt bowl, I have never had one and your breakfast bowl looks delicious.

    I always feel lousy after eating rubbish, but worse are the feelings I have for myself. I love your Operation Healthy, I may just pinch the idea!! 🙂

    I read your post about the ghost of the Indian Chief – it was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing. My kids were even asking me what I was laughing at. The pictures were brilliant, I especially love the eyes when you were crying and covered in mud after falling / sliding out of the tree and then face down in the mud. The bit that made me laugh the most though was your dad and how he had told people he worked with about your story. I am still sitting here laughing about it as I write this.

  3. Hm. Not regretful but I do feel yucky and my body says to shape up!

  4. After eating badly for a couple of days, I feel more motivated to eat healthy & exercise more. It’s kind of a blessing in disguise. I would have to say the first day is the worst. I feel gross and just want to hide from the world. But, for the most part it’s all in your head and I always feel SO much better after getting my sweat on. Oh, and Lindsey, don’t judge me, but I haven’t had a burger in years. Like 3-4. Your whole post left me craaaaving a burger so badly. I am not anti-burger! I just never cook them for myself & 9 times out of 10 I’m working instead of being at a family BBQ.
    That aside, I love love love the Campbell’s Creations line of soup. The tuscan meatball is my fav!

  5. I always feel sluggish and lazy when I have a few bad eating days. It’s amazing how much energy I have when I eat well, too! I’ve been packing in the veggies lately b/c I had been SO off track since vacation. Oops! I’m feeling better already, though 🙂

  6. amazing how much better we feel when we fuel properly. Its a lesson I have to re-learn often.

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  9. It is funny that you post about eating unhealthy, because I do the exact same thing!! It usually happens on the weekend and I spend the next day moaning and groaning to my hubbie about how awful I feel. He then says, that He would think I would learn by now. I don’t.
    But it really is amazing when you eat healthy, how much of a difference it makes to not eat healthy. Your body knows. And this is especially true of me since I have been preggo. It is the opposite of what you think of a preggo lady, you know, eating bowls of ice cream. Sigh…I’m doomed to eat well. :p

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