Double Lunches

Annnnd I believe I may have already slipped off of the healthy bandwagon

Today started off pretty good, but around lunchtime it all went downhill…

I set my alarm for about 45 minutes earlier than usual this morning, thinking I wanted to squeeze in an early-morning run.  When it went off I had little trouble dragging myself out of bed, into my running clothes, and outside the door.  I completed a bit over 4k.


Schweaty Beast

Yep, another day, another picture of myself in the half-dark in front of the mirror beside my front door.  Honestly, these sweaty-beast pictures of myself post-run inspire me.  Half the reason I run in the morning is just so I can take a picture of myself afterwards.  Just kidding.  Kind of.  But I like it ;).

I followed up my run with an awesome breakfast starring this tub of cheesy deliciousness…

Goaty and Spreadable!

Oh yes, goat cheese spread!  I have never seen goat cheese in cream cheese form, I always just awkwardly spread the tubular packaged cheese.  When it caught my eye in the grocery store you better believe I picked it up!

I spread the cheese on half of a toasted whole wheat bagel, and raspberry jam on the other half.  Goat cheese = ridonculous with strawberry jam, and also apple…so why not raspberry jam?

The Jam

Oh it was good.  I combined the halves to make a bagelwich and ate it all up.  I also had a handful of blueberries and a few slices of pineapple on the side that went unpictured.

Goat Cheese Bagelwich

A yummy, healthy breakfast, fo’ sho’.

And then I ate two lunches…

Lunch #1

(Turkey sammy, salad, pickles.)

Lunch #2

(Salad beast consisting of lettuce, bean salad, tomatoes, pasta salad, lentils, couscous, and chickpeas.)

Our building had another hotel tradeshow today with a free lunch, and you know how I feel about those… I ran down, threw my business cards in some draws (no win today), scored some swag, listened to spiels, and snagged my first lunch.

But it was also my office bestie Lexy’s birthday today, and tomorrow is her last day before she goes on maternity leave!

My Office Family

So we decided we needed to go out for lunch to celebrate.  We just hit up the cafeteria across the street, where I snagged my second lunch from the salad bar…

Ohh well, at least both were relatively healthy!

But then I ate this…

Lexy's Birthday Cake


So, so good though.

I am going to miss my little Lexy!

Office Ladies

I am going to miss rubbing that baby bump as well, but I can’t wait to meet the actual baby!

Now I am off to get some Polish food with my friends Fran and Amy for dinner.  Hopefully I can keep my eating semi in check…sheesh.

Catcha lata!


12 responses to “Double Lunches

  1. oh my gosh. goat cheese comes in tubs?

    my world just got so much brighter.

  2. You didn’t fall off the bandwagon! Just got off for a potty (party?) break. You’re back on!

  3. Wow, what kind of cake is that?! It looks delicious!

    I’m a sucker for free office food. I’ve had many 2-lunch days this past year, too. It’s just so hard to resist!

  4. Girl, I seriously love goat cheese. And I think double lunching is healthy for you.

  5. My diet has been terrrrible too – eating too much ice cream – the absolute worst for me! Sigh. Thanks goodness for tomorrow 😉

  6. That cake looks delish!! 😀

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  8. First of all, spreadable goat cheese?! OMG!! I love the creamy cheese and jam bagel thing, my fav!!
    I guess your double lunch is really my fault as I set up both lunches. But oh well, I am really hit and miss with eating this late in my pregnancy and thus I must live vicariously through you!! Thank you for obliging. You’re the best 🙂 Plus it was all necessary since it was my bday.
    Loved the office photo and especially the pic with Mike and Doug in their matching shirts. And I love, LOVED the photo of the 3 of us. I miss you guys so much already. Though I do not miss work.
    Hopefully I will see you tomorrow.

  9. You are so fine!!!

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