Polish Eats (Plus a Cheesy Pasta Bake)

Last night I hooked up with my college friends Fran and Amy for dinna!


I need a haircut so. badly.

It is currently Fiesta Week or “a taste of Durham” in a neighbouring city, and there are various pavilions around town that serve up different kinds of European food.  We hit up the Polish hall for some Polska eats!

Polish Eats

I snagged a variety plate full of pierogies, cabbage rolls, a chicken skewer (which looks really weird, and was only okay), potatoes and vegetables.  The highlights were definitely the pierogies and cabbage rolls, though neither were as good as my Nana’s (both are her specialties).  And the lowlights were the potatoes.  Not good at all.

Amy and I are both Ukrainian (well I am a mix, but my Nanners is from the Ukraine), and we both agreed that we feel the Polish people have claimed pierogies and cabbage rolls as theirs.  Aren’t they Ukrainian?!  I definitely grew up eating them, as well as borscht.  Well, either way, I love me some perohy’s :D.  Of course with tons of sour cream!

Inside the hall there was quite the party going on with traditional Polish dancing…


We didn’t think we would be able to eat while watching Aladdin on the far right shake his glittered bootay (he was killing us), so we took our food to-go and enjoyed it outside at a picnic table.  It was a beautiful evening!  And I definitely do not see these girls enough, I had a great time catching up with them.

This morning I woke up with a serious hankering for cereal.  I have a bit of a portion-control issue around cereal, but I was able to stop myself at one bowl full of Kashi Toasted Berry Crisp cereal with blueberries, raspberries, and almond milk.

Serious Cereal

I don’t have anything against regular cow’s milk, but neither Andmo or I drink a lot of it so it tends to go bad around herrrre.  Almond milk has a much longer shelf life.

My cereal was delicious!

Cereal Take 2

And it kept me full until my mid-morning snack (Greek yogurt plus more berries).

I would also like to highlight my lunch today.

Pasta Lunch

This was the cheesy pasta bake from Monday that I didn’t end up posting.  It was supposed to be my lunch yesterday, but I didn’t want to pull a triple lunch… 😉 (although I really would not put that past me).

To make da pasta, I cooked lean ground turkey with garlic and a sliced yellow onion before adding green pepper and spinach.  I topped the turkey and veggies with Prego pasta sauce and fresh basil and oregano from my patio garden!

I simultaneously cooked up some Catelli Healthy Harvest whole wheat rotini noodles…


And once those were nice and tender I added everything together and stirred it up before placing the pasta in an 8×13 baking dish.  I topped the mix with half a cup of mozzarella cheese and baked it in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

Pasta Bake

Superly yummy.  I definitely recommend trying this.

I ❤ pasta

I am off to catch up on the Bachelorette that I DVR’d on Monday, and then head outside for a run!  I really wanted to go to BodyPump again today, but I didn’t make it home in time for the 5:30 class at my gym :(.  Ohh well, a run will be good!

Hope you all have a great evening!


12 responses to “Polish Eats (Plus a Cheesy Pasta Bake)

  1. oh my good gracious. pierogies and pasta bake? mother effer, now I’m starving.

    and I need a haircut real bad too, girlfriend. it’s all good. 😉

  2. I am obsessed with pierogies. I blame it on my polish side of the family 🙂 We have ethnic festivals like that here too! The greek one was always my favourite. I loves me some gyros. And that pasta looks ridiculously good. And sometimes I have 2 breakfasts within a half hour span of each other because I’ll eat something & it won’t be filling at all.
    Your hair looks good! But I can imagine. Long hair in summer = my hair, which was knotty and disgusting to try to brush out.

  3. I’m not a big dairy drinker either. I think ever since last summer (when we moved across the country and their milk was different than ours), I found it ALWAYS went bad before the expiry date and ever since then I’ve been a skeptic. I enjoy non-dairy milks way better anyways…which in my opinion is a win-win!

    Food looks awesome!!

  4. i just died at your comment on my post about ROSA pushing you down. hahahahahaha

  5. Yum, I love pasta bakes too! And what a fun festival!! 😀

  6. I love perogies!! You really can’t go wrong with cheese and potato. I love those food festivals. I must get out to more of them. You know how much I love food.
    I have never been able to get into any other non-dairy milk. My husband drinks rice milk and loves it but it all tastes too much like whatever it’s made of and that is too much for me. Like I’m drinking soggy rice or almonds. No good. Oh well, I will just stick to cow’s milk then. No biggie.
    Super into casseroles and baked stuff lately. Yum!!

  7. Girl, no they are for sure Polish! (Haha, I am biased if you can’t tell.) Y’all can have borscht, though.

  8. awww Lindsey I feel so special to be included in your polish post! I’m very glad you mentioned that perogies are totally Ukrainian!!!!

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