Puh-leeze Like Me (and Pita Pizza!)

Well hello.

Some pretty decent eats coming up in uno momento, but first a petite announcement (don’t get too excited, it’s nothing big).

I started a HoH Facebook page!


I have noticed that everyone and their mother in the blogging community now have a Facebook page, so I decided it was time to hop on the train.  I’ve kinda been putting it off, because I am still a new blogger… And in the words of Simon Cowell, it seems a little “self-indulgent.”

But I’m pretty sure posting a bagillion pictures of yourself on your own blog, where all you talk about is what you ate and did all day, is also self-indulgent, so…too late 😉

I have also been bombarding all my friends with Happy or Hungry news on my personal Facebook page, and I feel kinda bad about that.  If any of my pals want to lay around on their couch all day eating double QP-eezies with cheezies (double quarter-pounders with cheese), the last thing I want is to make them feel guilty about their habits with my frequent “I’m so healthy, look at meeeee!” posts.

So from now on I will be updating posts on the HoH Facebook page, and not my own personal Facebook.

If ya wanna keep in the know puh-leeze pop on over to Facebook.com/HappyOrHungry and give me a little “like” you cheeky minxes.  I will be forever grateful.

What Andrew Won’t Eat

Now, food time!

I will start with dinner, because it was new “recipe” (really simple) and a yumfest for sure.

I have decided that Thursday night dinners are going to be “What Andrew Won’t Eat” night, since he has his website class and is not here for dinna.

A-Rod is pretty cool with the healthy eating.  He enjoys most of the things I make for him, or he just sucks it up and eats it anyway.  He gets down with veggies.  He’s a fan of green monsters.  He likes quinoa and couscous.  He’s made the switch from white bread and pasta to whole grain.  He starts almost every morning with oatmeal, and sometimes even peanut butter + peach!  This morning he actually ate goat cheese and jam on a whole wheat bagel!  And he’s started packing Greek yogurt in his own lunch.

Pretty big moves for a Double QP-eezy with cheezy loving lad.

But there are some healthy foods that he absolutely will not eat.

Case in Point...


Cottage cheese.  Not a fan.

I, on the other hand, am a huge cottage cheese fan.  I just like it plain usually, with no fruit or anything mixed in to mess it up.

But I saw a recipe on Girl Meets Life that I really wanted to try tonight, since my cottage cheese un-loving lover wasn’t around.  Pita Pizza’s, featuring cottage cheese!

Pita Pizza!

This pizza was super easy and super yummy.  I was a big fan.  To make it, combine in a small bowl:

  • 1/4 cup ricotta OR cottage cheese (you know I used cottage cheese)
  • 1-2 tbsp mozzarella cheese (I actually used a mix of shredded mozzarella and cheddar since that’s what I had)
  • 4 tbsp tomato sauce (I used Prego pasta sauce)
  • cooked spinach/veggies (optional)

The Mix...Pre Mix

Fill two halves of a pita with the mix, and then put it in the toaster oven for 5-10 minutes.  I just used my regular oven and baked it at 400 degrees for 5 minutes or so.

I loved every bite of this pita pizza, and let me tell you, Andmo is missing out!

If you, like Alejandrew, are anti-cottage cheese because of the texture, know this.  Cottage cheese is high in protein, low in calories and fat, low in carbs, and provides bone-building calcium.  It’s good stuff!

For dessert I had a PC Decadent cookie…


Just kidding…


It was a Decadent ice cream sandwich!  I LOVE PC Decadent cookies (my fave kind of store-bought, and trust me, I know my cookies), and combined with ice cream these cookies are pretty ridiculous.  I keep seeing the commercial for them so I decided to give ’em a try.  So, so glad I did.

Some more recent eats:

I had another empty jar of PB kicking around, so for breakfast this morning I thought I’d tackle oats in a jar again.  This time I actually cooked the oatmeal first and then put the hot oats in the jar, because I’m pretty sure last time some melted plastic was consumed along with my oaty goodness.

Jar of Oats

I added sliced banana and stirred it all up and it was soo incredibly peanut buttery and delicioso.  No, I will never get sick of PB + banana.  Never.

Last night for dinner we had crockpot pulled pork and there was some leftover, so I wanted to incorporate it into my lunch.

Pulled Pork + Salad

I made myself a green salad consisting of baby spinach, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, bean salad, and garlic flax seed and added the leftover pulled pork to the mix.  It was definitely a good addition.

I am off to RUN!  Yesterday ended up being an off day, so tonight I am making it out there!  And I have a new playlist to run to, so check that out if ya want.

See ya later, and don’t forget to like me! 😉


17 responses to “Puh-leeze Like Me (and Pita Pizza!)

  1. Just liked ya! I am a huge cottage cheese fan too…it’s so versatile!

  2. So proud of you pretty lady! I totally need to publish my FB page finally. Also, I love your control with the cookies/ice cream sandwiches. I’d eat the whole darn thing.

  3. I started a FB page for the same reason. I felt bad bombarding my personal page with blog stuff.

    And I love those little ice cream cookie sandwiches. We have some in our freezer always and I regularly turn to them for a little portion controlled treat. 🙂

  4. I liked you!!

    Pizza pitas with cottage cheese?! Genious! I’m putting that on my menu for next week. Love me some good cottage cheese!

  5. I am a huge texture person and it is REALLY hard for me to get over the texture of cottage cheese! That actually looks good though- I’ll give it one more shot!

  6. Baha, QP cheezy…love it.
    I will like you immediately…if there was a “love” button, it would express my feelings about this blog better..cause I heart it like I heart archie comics and cheese and birthdays lol.
    Keep it up, spread eagle!
    Love, Kevin Summerhill

  7. That’s so funny, my husband doesn’t like cottage cheese either (he says he doesn’t “get” it), but I love it!

    Also, apparently Lisas really like your blog. 🙂

  8. Love cottage cheese and don’t eat nearly enough of it. Love the decedent cookies and was so excited about the ice cream sandwiches but I have to say, I’m not impressed. They are ok at best. The original Chipwich is where it’s at. I remember getting those with my dad as a kid. They were great!!
    When Mark is not home, I order Pizza Pizza pizza. He is from Saskatchewan and they have very different pizza and thus doesn’t like our pizza.

  9. I agree with Andrew on the cottage cheese. Absolutely not a fan. I have never eaten it on it’s own (only when I’ve been duped into eating it through lasagna or nacho dips) but I can’t even look at it without feeling queasy.

  10. In the Sask, the have very thick pizza. It is literally triple decker. You can only eat, like two pieces because it is so thick. It’s pretty amazing but a little intense. I wouldn’t want it to be my everyday pizza. I like the finesse of a thin pizza.

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