Feelin’ the Blog Love

Happy Friday little pallies!

This weekend is looking like it’s going to be jam-packed with eating for me, as I have two birthday parties to attend – a double birthday for Ando’s dad and step-nephew, and our friends’ Janet and Noodles’ little baby’s FIRST birthday…

Baby Jakee is Gonna be ONE!

As well as my friend Beth’s bridal shower!  Birthday’s and showers mean eating and CAKE.  I’m excited for that.

Blog Lovin’

Today seems like the day for blog love.  My good pal and new bloggie friend Steph from Lunges and Lunch wrote a great post called Follow Friday…Blogger Style (as opposed to Twitter style) about the blogs she loves, and she featured mine!  She said amazingly nice things about me and it left me feeling so awesome all. day. long.

Well, until this happened on my way home…


That is a legit seven lanes of traffic jam.  Yuck.

But seriously, go check out her post right now (and then come back here because I’m not done with you yet).  And not just because she thinks I am awesome, but because SHE is awesome and her BLOG is awesome, and she is teaching me how to be a better eater and actually listen to my body and how it is feeling.  She is quite the creative diva with her recipes as well (whereas I am a lazy health blogger and prefer my recipes to be quick and dirty).  And she featured some other good blogs on there that I think may become some of my favourites.  Worth the read, fo’ sho’.

Amazing Blogger Award

Courtney from SemiSweet recently tagged me in the Amazing Blogger Award (thanks Courtney!).  Which I think she made up, but I don’t care because it means I get to fill out a survey, and I will pretty much do anything to fill out a survey.  I love surveys.  Remember those mass email surveys everyone used to send around?  Yeah, I was all over those.

So anyway, here is the survey.  I’ll try to make it relatively funny so you’re not bored off your face.  You may still be bored off your face though, I make no promises.

What is your favourite cartoon character?

Mickey Mouse!  You can ask my bestie Lisa, I used to be OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse.  I had a different Mickey Mouse shirt for every day of the week from when I was aged 4 to 10, no lie.  With matching stirrup pants.

My Nanners & I

That may have actually been Minnie Mouse on my shirt, but you get the idea…

What is your favourite thing to photograph?

Myself.  Just kidding.  Probably food.  Or my cats, because they are truly craycray.


That is an actual photo of my cats being crazy.  Dexter (the black one) likes to creepily sneak up behind Winnie and bite her neck while she is leisuring around looking all cute.  I think she likes it?

What is your favourite thing to cook?

I don’t know!  This is a toughie…probably quinoa stirfry’s.  I’m enjoying those huge lately.

What is your favourite way to exercise?

Swimming!  Running is creeping up there though, surprisingly…

What is your favourite movie?

I’d like to say it is some serious meaningful movie where you learn a valuable lesson, but honestly it is probably Wayne’s World.

Party On

Or Garden State, I looooved that movie.

What is your favourite article of clothing?

Probably Lululemon pants…I’m a slob.

Edit: SUNDRESSES!!! I totally did not even think about sundresses when I was writing this…I love them, and I could live in them!

What is your favourite flower?

Lily of the valley!  They grew in the forest near my house growing up and they smelled soo delicious.  I used to frolic in them daily.  They are actually also Kate Middleton’s favourite flower, and were featured in her wedding bouquet.  Fun fact.


What is your favourite breakfast?

Oh you know it’s oatmeal…


Yeah, I like to reuse that pic a billion times.  I do that with things I think are funny.

What is your favourite book?

This could be a post in itself because I am a HUGE bookworm and have many, many favourites.  If I had to pick one I’d probably say The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.

The Glass Castle

Highly recommend.

Though The Time Traveler’s Wife is a close second.  And I LOVE the Harry Potter series.  Yes, I am a nerd.

And that’s it!  But now I must tag other bloggers to fill this puppy out, so here are my Amazing Blogger Award winners:

Blonde on a Mission

Life of Blyss

Lisa Letting Go

Lunges and Lunch

Betta hop to it ladies!

This is a long post and I haven’t even talked about my eats today… I ate healthily all day, oatmeal and various forms of salad, basically (for both lunch and dinner).  But after running a bunch of errands, Ando and I went out for dinner tonight to Montana’s (we had a bunch of gift cards, score!), and this was our dessert:

Oh Dear Lord

Cheesecake wrapped in a crispy tortilla with whipped cream and hot fudge.  Android said this was the best thing he had ever eaten in his life.  He was not wrong.

I totally would’ve felt sick after eating this if I had a heavy entree as well, but I played it safe with a big Greek salad and a slice of cornbread…

Big Ol' Sal

It was a smart decision, especially after that seeeriously heavy dessert.

And that is all.  Have a great Friday!

Now your turn for survey fun.  Pick any one of those questions and tell me your answer below!

And don’t forget to laaaiiiiiike me on Facebook!


5 responses to “Feelin’ the Blog Love

  1. I would have to say my fav movie is The Sweetest Thing with Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate. Fun chick flick. And of course The Notebook. 🙂

    My fav thing to photograph is my son Sam and my dog Bentley! 🙂

  2. Thanks for letting me see that link! If she picked you then she is obviously a smart and wonderful gal! 🙂

  3. Thanks girlie! And yes, surveys rule. And the Quaker oatmeal man picture scared me for a bit because at first I thought he was a real person you were hugging. :O

  4. Pingback: Somebody Thinks I’m Amazing | Life of Blyss

  5. OMG!! You know how much I love shower food!! I am literally trying to train my 5 day old baby to go longer between feedings so I can go to my cousin-in-law-to-be’s shower next weekend for an hour or so.
    You do love surveys. I find them annoying because I feel obligated to complete them and make meaningful comments.
    Love that pic of Dexter and Winnie. Kills me!
    Sigh…The Time Traveler’s Wife. One of my favs of all time.
    Garden State is an AMAZING movie. It is a great commentary on our generation.

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