Summer Event Eating


I have had a really fantastic weekend that has been jam-packed with good times (recap in un momento).  I’m sure you can guess what else it has been jam-packed with… EATING.

One of my friends had a girls’ night last night, and I find that any time a bunch of girls get together, the conversation inevitably finds its way to diet, exercise and health in general.

We talked a lot about how you would think winter is the time for unhealthy eating, since people tend to hibernate a bit more, couch it up, and binge on nachos and pizza.  But after some reflection, we all agreed that it is not winter that is the dangerous season, it is the summer!

You think it’s better because you’re outside and you tend to be more active, but the summer is sneaky.  It isn’t even July yet and my weekends are already almost booked with events and functions until mid-September.  Barbecues, showers, weddings, camping trips, cottage trips, birthday parties, etc.  All are fun times, and they make me love the summer, but these are the places I tend to go to absolute town in the eating department.

I eat pretty well when I am in my regular routine.  My meals and snacks are almost scheduled, and this helps me to keep my appetite in check and not overeat.  But I’ll tell you what is bad for me (if you haven’t already discovered this from reading my blog)… EVENTS.  Any sort of event out of the reg makes it almost like…the food I eat doesn’t count?

And though my stomach and I are BFFs and I don’t really have any allergies or issues with food, overeating does make my tummers feel like bummers.

I don’t really have a suggestion to overcome this.  I guess try to make healthy choices as much as you can and continue to be active and you’ll be alright?  I dunno, ask me at the end of summer.  I don’t want this to be a “do as I say, not as I do” thing, because I am still learning how to keep my eating in check.  I think I am just going to try to make eating something I’m conscious of when I’m at a party or event.  Conscious of, but not obsess over.  I still want to enjoy my eats and not stress about how many calories are in a piece of cake.

And I want to keep up with the working out three to six days a week.

Anyhoozle, now that that’s out of the way, weekend recap time!

Yesterday we spent most of the day at Android’s parents house to celebrate his dad and nephew’s birthdays.


Birthday Boys

The brunch spread was ridiculous, as per usual…


On my plate from left: turkey bacon, chicken and broccoli quiche, egg and salsa wrap, french toast casserole, pancake.  I snagged some fruit on the side that went unpictured, so this is not unhealthy, but more than I would usually eat and I was FULL afterwards.

But of course I had cake…

Yummy Cake!

It was a beautiful little cake, and it was even more beautiful on my plate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

A Thing of Beauty

I love how often Andrew’s family gets together.  It is always a good time.


Courtney, Taylor and I

Ah, teen angst ;).

The glasses made a reappearance…

Good Glasses Times

And there were some decent basement disco dance parties…

Disco Dance Party!

And doll-playing…

Doll Time

Caitlyn’s doll had some trouble keeping her nungas covered up.  Such a hussy 😉

A fun day, fo’ sho’.  I had some other fun stuff going on as well, but my camera took a vaycay…and I don’t want this post to be a million years long.

Bridal Shower

Today was my friend Beth’s bridal shower!


MacBeth and I

I seem to be having a similar wardrobe malfunction as Caitlyn’s doll…

In addition to my shower gift for Beth, I framed this gem for her, a pic of us taken about 10 years ago at our Grade 12 prom!

Prom Pic

Hello yellow hair and punk Beth.  Hehehe.  I love old pics.

The shower included a ridiculous food-spread…

Appetizer Spread

I brought the goat cheese and honey dip (what else would I bring?), and the other dips were quite fab as well.  I actually thought this was it for food, so I definitely hung out by the table and did my fair share of snackage.

But then, there was more!


All the food was amazing.  Such a good combination of flavours and I truly enjoyed everything on my plate.  From left: salad with goat cheese, walnuts and craisins (SO GOOD. I WILL be recreating this), bun with salmon, small scoop of potato salad, tuna salad sandwich, hard-boiled eggs, crackers with goat cheese and honey dip (I can’t stay away from it!), bean and chickpea salad, pickles, Babybel cheese.

Yumfest.  I was stuffed.

And then there was cake!

Best Wishes to Beth!

Obvs I snagged some of that…


Face Full o' Cake

We played some fun games as well!  The first game was how well you know the bride, which I would have KILLED had I been a participator rather than a moderator.

The second game we played I was in charge of, and it is my very favourite bridal shower game.  Toiler paper bride!


Beautiful Brides

In groups of three or four, you designate one person to be the bride, and then you deck them out in a toilet paper wedding dress.  I did participate in this one, and my group’s bride was Allison, Beth’s Maid of Honour, who is on the left.  All the brides were beautiful in their dresses ;).


Bridal Party

Beth and her bridal party 😀

Good times!

In keeping with my promise of summer workouts, I am off to squeeze in a long run before the season premiere of Trueblood.  I’m hoping to do at least 5k, so wish me luck!

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

One question: How did you keep your eating in check at summer functions?


11 responses to “Summer Event Eating

  1. Wow I have been out of the loop all weekend! Thanks for the blog lovin’ the other day 🙂
    And I can relate — summer makes me more active but I also eat way more in summer. I try to keep my eating in check by (sounds so cliche) but I fill up on so many fruits & veggies & SHRIMP! I live for shrimp. Then I’ll have a couple bites of the unhealthy stuff. It’s hard sometimes, obviously.
    BTW, I LOVE that blue dress you’re wearing!! It’s so cute. And LOL to the prom pic 😀 I want to dig up some of mine to see my style faux pas. So much fun haha

  2. Haha Toilet Paper Bride is probably the ONLY bridal shower game that I like!

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  5. I can’t believe how alike we are sometimes. It’s scary. You know how much I love event eating too and it’s really hard not to stop eating. I have been known to loiter around the food table at a party. I don’t have a solution to the over eating at events. I guess it’s probably best to just take a plate full, leave the table and to eat it, chat with people and then return for more if you are really hungry. Easier said, than done.
    I have always argued that I am in better shape in the winter because my schedule is more regular and there are less social events leading me astray.

    • It’s true! I was actually thinking about you when I wrote this post, because I know you are a fan of event-eating too! I love that you are as food-oriented as me! Well, except in the beginning of your pregnancy when you were absolutely NOT. It was so funny at our Reps meeting in November I was talking to Beth about how you and I were going to squeeze in dinner at some point between evening meetings but I wasn’t sure when…and she was like “Lindsey…are you SURE you want to do that? Lex isn’t thinking about food right now, I wouldn’t leave dinner with her up to chance. You may starve.” hehe.

      I’m glad you’re back to your old self!

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