Work Golf Tourney


I hope you all had a great weekend, and if you are just catching up on your blog-reading, please read the post about how I broke my nose.  It took me ages!  Mucho appreciated-o :).

Today was my work’s end of year golf tournament!  We are an educational organization, so our work-year goes hand-in-hand the school-year.  I don’t have the entire summer off like teachers do, but I do have adequate vacation time.  And no one calls or emails me in the summer.  It’s pretty sweet.

I use the term “tournament” loosely though.  We have a really small office (five full-time employees and four part-time retired teacher-coaches who do not actually work in the office), but almost all of us made it out today for some golf action!


Golf Group

The weather was so much nicer than the time it snowed when I went golfing in April with our former intern Mary (who I am REALLY missing around the office :()…

All Bundled Up with Big Bertha

(Pic from my last golf adventure)

The eight of us split into two groups, and my team consisted of my boss (far left in the top pic), Brian (beside me in white), and Liz (who has taken over for my coworker Lexy while she is on maternity leave…and speaking of that, she went into labour this morning!  Exciting times!)

I immensely enjoy heckling my boss and Brian.  They are extremely good-natured and both are so much fun to “harass”.  They are my favourite people to test out the snarky side of my sense of humour on.  Don’t feel too sorry for them though, they can dish it out almost as well as they can take it… 😉  No really, there is a lot of back-and-forth and it always makes me laugh hard.

We only played the first nine holes, but we walked the course, so I was pretty done by the end.  It was sunny and HOT!  Our two groups ended up tying, which is too bad because I was excited about beating the other team…haha.

My golf gear:


Camera, joke glasses (you never know when you may need to distract an opponent ;)), gum, water bottle, wallet-satchel, Smores Luna bar.

Our tee time was 11:00 am, so the Luna bar was to tide me over until lunch.  I didn’t want my hunger monster to make an appearance!

It was actually quite delicious.


Almost like a chocolate rice crispie square!  It did the trick, and kept my appetite in check.

I also squeezed in a quick snack at work before we left for the golf-fest…


Blueberry Liberte Greek yorgurt with blueberries and oats.  Super yummy.

After our golf fun, we went to one of our coworkers for a barbecue, where we all sat around and enjoyed appetizers until dinner.


I took the advice of Blonde on a Mission in the comments of yesterday’s post, and filled up on shrimp and veggies.  But the chips and salsa did not elude me.  And those roll-ups were amazing!  One kind was smoked salmon and cream cheese, and the other cream cheese, salsa and…something else…I want to say green onion?  They were both SO delicious.

All the appetizers definitely kept my hunger satisfied until it was time for dinner!


Slice of bread, scoop of potato salad, broccoli salad with bacon and mayo (ohh yumfest), hard-boiled egg, cheese, barbecued chicken, and caesar salad.  I cleaned my plate.

My coworker Diana (the host) also made a delicious homemade cake, which tasted like lemon meringue pie in cake form!

Lemon Cake with Berries

I was a HUGE fan, and with the fresh raspberries, it was top-notch.

I had such a great day with my office family.

I was originally planning on going to BodyPump tonight…but I feel very tired from all the sunshine, so I decided to skip it.  I ended up running for 6km last night though, my furthest distance since my first 5k, woo!  I was very proud of myself.

I am off to watch the Bachelorette.  I am SO SICK of this Bentley business!  I hope Ashley grows a pair and tells him to take a hike!

Does your work do anything fun to celebrate the end of your work-year?


11 responses to “Work Golf Tourney

  1. barbecued chicken is the best! sounds like a good day!

  2. Can almost dish it out as much as take it. I think the scoreboard would show a wider margin in the Lord’s column don’t you think Kate

  3. Your work looks like so much fun! You’re always doing neat work outings. We don’t do anything like this. Can I have your job?!

  4. OMG my post was about the Bentley drama- I am so sick of it. I hope that he is gone for good but the previews for upcoming weeks made me nervous. This is a stressful season! lol

  5. you just reinforced that I need to change jobs. what the eff!

  6. Sadly there is no “end” to my work year! That sounds awesome though! And LOVE Luna bars! They’re one of my favorite snack bars 🙂

  7. I love a Luna to get the big bad hunger monster! Second only to maybe the almighty clif bar (candy bar heaven, I say). Fun that you got to celebrate the end of the year! Our facility mimics the school calendar during the year… but stays open all summer too haha. So I don’t really have an end of the year 🙂

  8. Sorry I missed it, but you know, was giving birth. You guys look so cute!! Labour was exciting times for sure. With the greatest outcome ever!!
    Love, love Diana’s food (appys and mains) and I really am sad I missed the whole thing as I is always a good time.

    • I guess giving birth is an okay excuse 😉 Definitely a good outcome though, yay for Hudson!
      We missed you too!!! I know, I know you look forward to this every year as much as I do because of Diana’s food!!!

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