I Love Canada! (a Photo Montage)

Yep, it’s true, I love Canada!

On this Canada Day, I am feeling very thankful to live where I do (and no, I don’t live in an igloo! I hear this is a common misconception about Canadians ;))

Canada is truly amazing.  There are so many things to do!

Here are some of my fave activities to do in Canada (I’m sure you can do them anywhere, but humour me, please):


Ontario alone has more than 250,000 lakes, many of them with crystal clear water, perfect for my favourite pastime!

My Friend Bri and I

Crystal Clear

Or you know, just leisuring on the water… that is good too.

Raft Leisuring

Winter Activities

The summer is my favourite season, hands down, no competition.  However, I do enjoy a little bit of winter, because I am a big fan of skiing, skating, and sledding, and Canada is beautiful for all three!

Hooray for Skiing!

Eric Skiing (or trying to...)

Please ignore my brother failing at cross country skiing and concentrate on the beautiful view.

Toronto Habourfront Skating

Sledding is Fun...and Scary

And of course Canada is good for just playing in the snow…

Lots o' Snow!


Having so many lakes in Ontario makes it perfect for cottages!  My favourite weekend getaway is definitely cottaging it up.  And I also feel fortunate to have grown up in cottage country.  I think Northern Ontario is one of the most beautiful places in the world!

My Bestie Lisa's Cottage

Andrew's Parent's Cottage

Cottage Paddle Boating

Our Friend Cam's Cottage

Hiking & Camping

I have only hiked and camped in Ontario, BC, and Alberta, but all three have amazingly beautiful hiking trails and campgrounds.  Definitely two of my favourite summer activities!



More Hiking

Beautiful Views

This isn’t really an activity, but one of the reasons I love Canada is for its beautiful views!

And of course the amazing Toronto skyline…


Canada is just awesome!  Happy Canada Day!

I am off to celebrate with a yummy barbecue!  On the menu is turkey dogs, salad and corn on the cob, and I could not be more excited.  Well maybe if I was at a cottage…

What do you love about your country?


15 responses to “I Love Canada! (a Photo Montage)

  1. This makes me want to explore our country a lot more. Thanks for the inspiration! And if you ever want company at one of the cottages….give a girl a holla. I’ll bring butter tarts 😉

  2. I love you’re white coat in the skating pictures! What a great tribute to Canada–I want to go now!

  3. melanie kheidr

    hey! love the pics of you skating and sledding! awesome!

  4. Those lakes are absolutely beautiful! Lakes, DO NOT, look like that around here! And I have never seen a sled that looks like that! lol

  5. Wow, this post made me feel extremely proud to be Canadian! I absolutely love Canadian summers. Going up north & enjoying the scenery, clean air & hiking, not to mention all the amazing water sports you can partake in, it’s just incredible. Your white coat is beautiful by the way! Such a pretty picture of you.
    Where I live, I have to go to the southernmost “point” of Canada to get to the clean, pristine water (about 40 mins away). Otherwise, I will pretty much grow a third arm if I go near the Detroit River water.
    This post makes me really want to go to Muskoka.
    Happy Belated Canada Day! I spent all day Canada Day in hell — I mean on a 4-hour delayed train ride!

    • Yep, I love it! Georgian Bay is my very fave…the water looks like the Carribean! Haha, the Detroit River does not sound ideal for swimming.
      It makes me want to go to Muskoka too! But today will sadly be filled with garage cleaning and organizing. Fun times. Maybe more fun than spending 4 hours on a train though…

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  7. I feel really stupid. I had no idea you lived in Canada.


    only I like to call it BAMF. for obvious reasons.

    • hahaha, I also call it BAMF! I like it better that way.
      That’s funny you didn’t know I was Canadian…did you think I was British?! (I noticed you noticed the “ou” spellings before :))

  8. Great post!! So proud to be Canadian (obviously, since we named our boy Hudson). I love lake swimming!! I can almost feel the cold water. And cottages are the best. Hopefully we can introduce Hudson to this great Canadian past time this summer.
    Love the pic of you on the GT snowracer. I was always too scared of them and their incredible speed.

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