Heyyy, it’s Fridayyy

Hello friends!  Happy Friday!

I am absolutely pumped for this weekend.  First of all, I have a hot date tonight with a few of my friends, and one of them, my friend Dawn, recently got engaged to her long-time boyfriend Mark!

The Soon-To-Be-Wed Couple

Yay for lovers!

They are one of my fave couples, the cheeky cats 😀  I can’t wait to catch up with her and hear all the deets of the proposal.  I hope he was wearing the glasses for it…

Also, my brother Eric is coming to visit from BC this weekend!

Me & My Bro


AND I have Monday and Tuesday off work!  Lots of activities coming up, and I am exciiiiiited.

But let’s talk about today.  My Friday got off to a good start with an early morning run.

Schweaty. So Schweaty.

Can you spot my kitty cat?

I set my alarm for 5:30am (uh, yowza), and as soon as it went off I made myself jump out of bed and into my running clothes immediately.  I knew if I let myself lay around for even a few seconds, I would have hit the sleep button and my run wouldn’t end up happening.  But I made it out, and I completed about 4.5k in just under 3o minutes.  Success!

I always feel so proud of myself after any run, but the most proud of myself after a morning one.  It really sets the tone for the rest of the day.

I saw a couple of little bunnies on my run, and I managed to snap a pic of one before it hopped away.

Aww, Little Bunny

I love bunnies.

After showering and stuff, it was time for breakfast.

Aww, Little Breakfast

Toasted whole wheat bagel topped with peanut butter, banana, and maple flax seeds.  Perfect post-run breakfast.

I was really not feeling anything in our fridge for lunch or dinner, so I ended up eating out for both.  But I still kept it on the healthy side!

For lunch I popped down to Druxy’s and picked up a salad beast that included most of the toppings available.

Big Dirty Salad

We all ate in our boardroom today, and I was enjoying my salad so much I wanted to make love to it, so I commented: “Sometimes I am in awe of how amazing…”

And then my boss interrupted me and said: “In awe of how amazing I am?”

And I said: “No, of how amazing Druxy’s salads are.”

And it’s true.  They are truly amazing.  I think my favourite part is when I get near the bottom and most of the lettuce is gone, and the nuts and seeds and cheese and all the good stuff is left…

Fave Part

Love it.

And since I wasn’t feeling anything in the fridge, Android and I ordered pizza for dinner when we arrived home from work.

Veggie Peeeeete-za, Veggie Peeeeete-za

Vegetarian from Toppers Pizza!  Probably one of my fave veggie pizzas of all time.  I love all the little toppings.  Even my meat loving man loves this pizza and agrees it’s a yumfest ;).

Gotta go, Dawn will be here soon and I gotta get ready!  Hope you all have a great Friday evening!

Are you up to anything exciting this weekend?


9 responses to “Heyyy, it’s Fridayyy

  1. love the sprinkling on the bagel, makes it extra cute (if bagels weren’t cute already). btw, you are GORGEOUS 🙂

  2. our breakfasts are almost twinkies! cinnaraisin bagelthin.. strawbcreamcheese… chia seeds. well, kinda twinkies. they look like siblings.

    can she get married in those sweet glasses?

  3. Mmm…I agree with you – that lunch time salad does look GREAT.

    Have fun going out tonight!

  4. Sounds like a pretty fabulous weekend!!!
    I LOVE my early morning runs AFTER I’m out of bed. Just getting out of bed kicks my butt. : )

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  6. That pizza looks awesome. Veggie pizza is the best!

  7. Oh bunnies and Doug-a-roo.

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