Camping is the JAM

Heyyy cheeky minxes.  I hope you are all having a great week so far.

I just had the most fun two days of this summer.  My little brother Eric arrived from British Columbia over the weekend, and since Ando and I both had Monday and Tuesday off work, we decided to take him on an impromptu camping trip!

I struggle with recap posts because I feel like I usually just end up doing a running commentary of all the action.  But that seems to be what works best for me so here it goes :).

Early Monday morning we loaded up the car and hit the road!

Eric was excited.

Road trip sustenance.

We drove about two and a half hours east to Sandbanks Provincial Park on Lake Ontario.  It is a BEAUTIFUL park, and we learned early on that the name is no joke.  There is sand everywhere.  We immediately just had to accept that we were going to be covered in sand for two days.

I had only been there once when I was 13 and Eric was three, so neither of us really remembered it, but it definitely competes with my fave campground, Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario.

I LOVE camping.  My parents were huge campers, so growing up we went camping at least once a summer since I was six months old.  These days Ando and I go usually once a year with our good friends Mike and Bri (sometimes with other friends along as well, but always with those two).

Camping with Mike & Bri

Shmanyways, we arrived at our site in the late morning and set up shop.

Our Sexy Campsite

Sleeping tent + dining tent (the dining tent is a MUST if it rains, and the forecast said it was going to storm – luckily it only lightly rained for about 20 minutes).  With this type of camping, your car stays on the site with you.  It is so convenient having your car right there.  No having to bury your garbage or hang your food from trees, so it is not quite hardcore camping.

Car = Beautiful Convenience

I love car camping though.

After a quick lunch of turkey sandwiches and Yoplait yogurt…

Turkey Sammy

We changed into our swimsuits and hit up the beach!


The beach was absolutely gorgeous and far exceeded my expectations.  It is probably the best beach I have ever visited, and swimming-wise it had the best of both worlds!  It was sandy and shallow and you could walk out for a long time, but it got deep enough for deep swimming (which I love).  And the bottom was sandy and firm the entire time, with zero rocks and zero mushiness (very hard to come by).

We played in the water and sand for hours.

Once we were sufficiently beached-out, we quickly stopped by our site to grab the car, and then drove 10 minutes to another beach (still in the park), only not for swimming…for hiking!

This beach wasn’t as good on the swimming/sandy beautiful beach-front, but it had absolutely huge sand dunes (I didn’t really get a good pic of them), and a 3.5k trail that wove around them that we had read about and wanted to hike.

Some parts were pretty tough, but luckily they had planks to help you up the dunes if you were having trouble.

We were pretty exhausted and hungry by the time we finished, so we headed back to our campsite to start a fire and make dinner.  Jandreusse and I still need to invest in a good Coleman stove, so, like true campers, we cooked our dinner over the fire.

Hot dogs and corn, baby!

And of course we roasted marshmallows.

We headed to the beach around dusk again to watch the sun set…

And again once it got dark so we could experience night-time beach.

Jumping on the beach pic fail…

Other than that, we just played a lot of cards and hung out around the campfire.

After the worst sleep of my life (I am never sleeping in a tent without an air mattress [we didn’t bring ours because all three of us wouldn’t fit on it], and I had one of those sleeps where you never fully fall asleep), I woke up this morning wanting to RUN!  I had brought my running gear just in case…

Oh yeah, I got a SkinnyRunner shirt!  More on that later.

Look who decided to join me?

Yep.  I roped the boys into tagging along.

We weren’t sure where the trails were from our campsite, so we mainly just stuck to the road.  We completed a little over 3.5k at a pretty easy pace since we were all tired and sluggish.

We didn’t even shower afterwards (we are dirt squirrels), just ate a quick breakfast of Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal with sliced banana…

And went straight down to the beach!  Swimming is almost like showering, right?

Today’s beach adventure was totally different from yesterday.  It was so windy and the waves were HUGE.

It was basically a wave pool in lake form.

It was so.



We spent all morning swimming, went back to our site to pack-up and eat a quick lunch…

Salad + Cheese & Crackers

Watermelon, I love you!

And then went back down to the beach until it was time to come home :(.  Ando and Eric are both lobsters from the sun, and I look Native.

Eric and I also decided to try to recreate this picture of us (also taken at Sandbanks, 15 years ago):

I don’t think I was fist pumping in the original, and we weren’t in the correct spot…but pretty close!

I never wanted to come home.  I could have stayed forever.  I wanted to live on that beach.  And I’m sad that it is back to work tomorrow.

We had a great mini-vacation though, and we have another camping trip coming up in a few weeks for four days, so this definitely got me pumped for that!

I am off to bed asap.  I am absolutely exhausted.  Have a great night!

Do you ever go camping?  What is your favourite campground?


22 responses to “Camping is the JAM

  1. Hahahaha your fist-pumping was HILARIOUS! Too cute 🙂 I don’t really care for camping, but I do love beach trips and hiking – just the “sleep with the buggies” that I can’t get behind.

  2. Hi Lindsey, I’m a new reader/follower but had to comment because I live near sandbanks (just after the Big Apple!) and have enjoyed many a wave day there!

  3. This is amazing!

    I haven’t been camping in years! let me know if you need a buddy. 😉

    And I’m SO proud of you for going for a run girl!

  4. I don’t camp often, but my most memorable moments are when one of the girls in our group actually bought her hair dryer???? My second memorable moment is when my first born, who was 3 at the time, decided to throw everyone’s hats and sunglasses into the lake. It wouldn’t have been too bad except the hats and sunglasses weren’t ours – they belonged to the people who had gone swimming 🙂

    • haha, I went camping with my friends at the end of high school and one of them totally brought a hair dryer. Most of them were pretty concerned with makeup as well, which I thought was funny.
      And that sounds exactly like something my brother would have done when he was 3…

  5. First: those pictures in the waves look so awesome haha. It looks like you guys had a blast! The water looks so pure there.
    I can’t do tents … something about hearing every noise just keeps me awake at night. I used to go camping with my family twice a year every year when I was growing up. We’d go to Muskoka, Barrie, Sudbury and other various yet awesome northern Ontario places. My dad tried to teach me how to whittle wood up north & I ended up cutting the entire top, nail included, of the front of my thumb off! I was 7.

    • The water was so nice! I was surprised since it is Lake Ontario, and it has a bad rep! It was so clear.
      Andrew is like that, with every outside noise…it drives him nuts.

      Aw, your poor finger 😦

  6. That trip looked like an absolute blast!! I’ve actually never been camping because the thought of sleeping in the wilderness scares me just a bit. However, your camping trip looked like something I could handle. And the beach? Yes, please!!

    • It’s almost like urban camping. It’s definitely wilderness, but it’s a little camping community so there are tons of people around and the site next to you is pretty close. I highly recommend!

  7. I love big waves- that looks like fun! I am not a camper. I love the outdoors but I hate the feeling of bugs crawling on me while I am sleeping. The few times I have done it I was miserable and slept about 5 minutes. Hotels for me!

  8. the water look like so much fun! I’m usually more of a “hotel camper” if you know what I mean, haha. But i admire you toughing it out in the wilderness. I bet your bed felt amazing when you got home, huh?!

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  10. I love car camping and haven’t been in 1 million years. Looks like fun. I’m sure we will start going more now that the little one has arrived. So glad you are having a great time with Eric. What a cool little dude.
    Love beach swimming. Way to go Lake Ontario. I swam in the lake twice/week in Toronto for a few summers. It’s actually very clean.
    Ando looks super pasty white, love it.
    Yummy hot dogs and marshmallows on an open fire!! My fav! Living vicariously through you this summer. Keep up the good work!

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