I Win.

Hey, remember in my treadmill = boring post, I said that running outside makes me feel like this?

Yeah well, I lied.  It makes me feel like that in comparison to how I feel when I’m on the treadmill, but running doesn’t always make me feel like that when I’m actually running.

Most of the time I want to punch running in the face.  Especially in the beginning.  In the first kilometre or so of every run, I almost always have to fight through a mental block.

I still say the hardest part is getting out the door, but sometimes when I get myself out the door and actually start into my run, I’ll start thinking “wait…I’m going to sweat?  I have to work hard?  Is this what I signed up for right now?  Do I really want to be doing this?”  Almost like I forget what running feels like.

Usually this feeling goes away after the first kilometre or so and I catch my groove…but sometimes it stays throughout my entire run.  Like this morning.

When my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning, the difficult part wasn’t making myself get out of bed, changing into my running garb, and heading out the door.  The difficult part set in when I started running.  Mentally, I just wasn’t feeling it.  I wanted to quit immediately.

But I have devised a way to get myself over this!

Music helps, of course, but when you’ve been listening to the same running playlist for a month like I have, it has lost a bit of its touch (I’m totally making a new one tonight).  To make my mind forget what my body is doing, I like to play a little game with myself.   The game is called “I win”, and really appeals to my competitive side.

It’s very simple.  When I am running outside, and I see a car approaching I will say to myself “If I can make it to that stop sign before that car does…I WIN.”

Or, “if I can make it to the streetlight before this song ends…I WIN.”

And, “If I can make it to the store before that annoying little voice in my iPhone’s runkeeper comes on to tell me how fast I’m not going…I WIN.”

I win even harder if I’m running the same route two days in a row, and that little voice doesn’t come on until I’m further than I was the day before.

I usually make it so it is very difficult for me to lose, so I am just winning the entire time, which is an uplifting feeling.  It is a simple, yet effective, method of getting me to run my little shorts off.  I win.

Do you have any methods to getting yourself mentally over a run?

I’ll tell you what does make me feel like this:

After my run is completed!!!!  There is no better feeling!  That is what makes me love running (that and of course for the beautiful effects it has on my bod).

Anywhoozles, I completed about 4.5k this morning, and felt pretty darn fab about myself afterwards.

Don't Stop!

(shirt via SkinnyRunner, and I will get around to explaining it one of these days…)

I rewarded myself with a big ol’ bowl of my breakfast bff.

I Lurrrrve my Oats

I topped my oatmeal with peanut butter, a bit of honey, sliced banana, and a small handful of walnuts.  I haven’t had oatmeal in like a week, and I have missed it!  So delicious!  Winning breakfast after a winning run.

Lunchtime at work today was quite groovy.  After a toasted whole wheat bagel topped with goat cheese, blueberry jam (TRUST. ME. Sooo good)…

Yummers in my Tummers

(and sliced red pepper on the side that ended up going unpictured)

…my lady coworkers and I decided to go on a little adventure!

Mid-Day Work Hike

Our destination was Tim Hortons for iced coffee, but we took a little detour around the back of some apartment buildings and found a trail that went around the Don River.

Bridge Fun

Not a good river for swimming.  You’d probably come out of there with a third arm.  Very pretty though!

We didn’t plan on staying out very long, so we are going to explore this trail a little further tomorrow.  Maybe even bring the boys along and have a picnic ;).

The walk was an awesome way to break up my day.  We were quite sweaty afterwards because there is a humongazoid hill that we had to climb, so this really hit the spot:

Jacked on Iced Coffee

I healthify the Tim Hortons iced coffee up a little bit by asking for milk instead of cream, and getting them to skip adding the pre-mixed sugar to it (which makes it too sweet!), instead opting for one packet of Sweet ‘n Low (I know Sweet ‘n Low is bad for you, but I really don’t think one packet is going to kill me).

Dinner was just whole wheat spaghetti with lean ground beef, sliced green pepper, baby spinach, onion, garlic, and Prego pasta sauce.  I forgot to snap a pic, but trust you have all seen spaghetti before.

I am off to have a Big Brother marathon with Ando.  We have PVR’d the last three episodes so I’m excited to get caught up.  I friggin’ love that show!

Have a great night!


19 responses to “I Win.

  1. I’ll tell you what makes me happy: this post. It looks like you had a freaking awesome day!

  2. I am a real scaredy cat when it comes to running outside. I have done it once for a fun run back in May and had all the best intentions of keeping up my outdoor running, but my treadmill is my safety blanket. It’s something I need to work on so any tips you have for getting me outside would be really appreciated.

    I love your winning game and that shirt is great too. I am going over to skinny runner to check it out now. Have a great day 🙂

    • Interesting, I am the opposite! I love running outside, but the treadmill kills me softly with boredom.
      I used to be self-conscious about running outside, but now I just use my headphones and if people want to yell out their car windows at me I can’t hear it, so it can’t bother me. I used to map out a route beforehand using mapmyrun.com, but now I bring alone my iPhone and use my runkeeper app. There’s a coaching option on it as well, so it’s pretty motivating!

  3. The feeling post-run is honestly why I love to run.

    What’s the story to be explained with the SR teeshirt! Will be on the lookout for that 🙂

    Ok, and there are two tims in the building I work in, and neither of them sell the ice coffee, I KNOW. Crazy times.

  4. Oh my gosh – your drawings are fantastic. Hahaha. Those just totally made my night 🙂

  5. I’ve never seen spaghetti and now I’ll never know! Thanks a lot, Lindsey. 😦

    I totally love making easy wins for myself. I do that with to-fo lists. I’ll make the first couple tasks things like “wake up. eat breakfast. write a to-do list.” That way I get to check things off and feel like I’ve started making progress.

    I also felt the initial rut when I biked home this evening. My legs were still sore from last night’s yoga and biking to work didn’t help (40 min takes its toll). I stopped at a friend’s on the way home and at midnight didn’t really feel like facing my stupid hill. Just as I thought, “meh just hop off and push” I convinced myself to push through. And so glad I did! I’m super proud of me. And I’m super duper proud of you 🙂

  6. Can you please ship me an iced coffee from Tim Horton’s to TX?! I seriously miss that place. TX needs to get with the program and bring it down here already. I practicaly live on the stuff every time I visit Ohio. So Good!

  7. It’s dumb, but what works for me is telling myself that I can’t stop running until I count to 100 and then back down to zero. Usually, I’m feeling better by the time I get done so I run a while until I need to do it again. Uh, totally mental. Anyway, I love BB too! Basically, trash TV but I get addicted.

  8. STILL NEED to try that jam and goat cheese combo. must. get. on. it.

    and it depends on the day for me run-wise. I love everything if I’ve got lots of distractions and no muscle ailments. 😉

  9. I’m kind of obsessed with tims iced coffees with milk!!!
    Lol, i love what you wrote about running, i hate it for about 15 minutes and when i’m tempted to quit which is ALL the time, i put on a really good song and then i’m usually in love with it all over again, such a love/hate relationship 🙂

  10. Love your drawing. This is you in general, all the time.
    It is funny to hear that people play those games. I think everyone does it unless you are one of the few people in this world who seem sarisfied with just doing the activity (those people are wierdos). There are lots of times when I don’t want to work out or more importantly, work hard. I tell myself, ok, just make it to that stop sign and you can quit, or just make it through this set and you can quit. Not as positive as winning but same general goal.
    I am crazy about iced mochas lately. I think they are keeping me alive through these first few weeks of the sleep deprivation that is parenthood. Don’t worry, only one every few days for those who are concerned about a breast feeding mom and what she is ingesting.
    I keep forgetting about the spreadable goat cheese I have in my fridge. Thanks for the reminder. It will be today’s breakfast.

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