Geocaching, Anyone?

I mentioned yesterday when I talked about my lunchtime mini-hike adventure, that we planned to go on a bigger hike and possibly a picnic at lunchtime today!

Well it didn’t happen.  Someone threw a baby into our plans.

Baby Hudson

My coworker Lexy, who is currently on maternity leave, brought her three-week-old baby Hudson into the office for a visit.  He is so super cute.  It was great to see both him and Lexy.  I miss that gal.

We had a good time taking turns holding the cheeky little bebe.

Two Men and a Baby

My boss and coworker Mike.  Don’t they look like a cute gay couple with their baby?  Aww. (they’re not ;))

After Lexy and Hudson left, it was time for lunch!


Salad (spinach, romaine lettuce, cucumber and tomato), topped with tuna!

I haven’t had tuna in a while, I almost forgot about it!  One of my friends mentioned having salad with tuna for lunch yesterday and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.  I knew I had to have it for lunch today.  It did not disappoint.

And after work, I did end up going for an impromptu hike.  Have you ever heard of Geocaching?

It’s hard to explain, so check out that vid if you don’t know about geocaching adventures.  It explains it in less than a minute.

Ando and I got hooked on geocaching last summer.  It is like a scavenger hunt!  I love it.  We have found a bunch of geocaches in our neighbourhood, but there is one sneaky little cache hidden in a forest near us that we haven’t been able to find.  Tonight it was our mission.

After dinner (leftover spaghetti from yesterday), I picked up my brother from my Dad’s house and we hit up the forest where the elusive cache was hidden.


We knew we were looking for an ammo box, and according to the clues it was supposed to be hidden near a dying tree, a ladder tree and a woodpecker house. Helpful (that is sarcasm).  We were in a forest full of dying trees, and none of us knew what a ladder tree or a woodpecker house was supposed to look like.

But we had the coordinates, so we searched around the general vicinity where we thought it might be hidden…

Well, the boys mostly searched while I took pictures…

Of myself…

After about half an hour of searching and getting absolutely annihilated by mosquitoes, Alejandrew made the big find!


No wonder we couldn’t find it, look how well camouflaged it is!

What could be inside?

Nothing exciting.  I think it is more about the adventure of searching for the geocache than what’s actually inside the geocache, but if you bring something with you, you can leave it in exchange for something else.  We just signed the log and left everything as-is.

This was actually the biggest geocache we have found so far, so we were pretty proud of ourselves.  Many are only the size of small film canisters.

After our big geocache find, we celebrated by stopping by Dairy Queen for some Blizzard action.

I got a small Turtle Pecan Cluster and it was friggin’ amazing.  It is a good thing I don’t still work at DQ, because I cannot resist those little cups of delicousness.  I should have been 700 pounds when I worked there in high school, since I pretty much ate a Blizzard every day.  And I snacked on the toppings every day all. day. long.  And I stuck my face under the softserve dispenser more than once…  I definitely can’t work around food!

Before I take off for the eve, I want to share my yummy breakfast!

Whole wheat waffles topped with peanut butter and banana.  I am definitely on a waffle kick.  Perfect start to my day.

Have a great night!


11 responses to “Geocaching, Anyone?

  1. looks like a fun night, especially the Blizzard!!!

    Thanks so much for the info about mapmyrun. I have mapped out a few runs this morning and am hoping to get started on them soon, maybe even tomorrow. I am still yet to look at the runkeeper app. My kids took my phone and I haven’t seen it since.

    Thanks again for your help, greatly appreciated 🙂

    • That’s great! No problemo. Runkeeper is good because you can bring your phone with you and it keeps track of your route and tells you your progress, but mapmyrun is still good for letting you know the exact distance!

      Good luck!

  2. What a cute baby. I love the gay couple. Dairy Queen always wondered why they lost money while you were working

  3. Geocaching sounds fun, but the mosquitos would wear me out! DQ blizzards are amazing. There is a DQ about half a mile from my house so I have to check myself or I would be there every night expanding my waist line one blizzard at a time. : )

    • haha, I feel that. Same here.

      It’s a good time! The good thing about it is the geocaches are usually “hidden” in an urban area, so no bugs! This particular one just happened to be in a forest, so yeah… the skeeties were brutal.

  4. WHAT! That sounds like the coolest thing ever! I’m on it.
    I need more waffles in my life too. The gay couple comment literally made me laugh out loud… I hope they weren’t offended 😉 haha
    I used to be in love with the brownie batter blizzard. My friend & I would split a large one pretty much everyday. Ugghh, not a great feeling. But a little one like that once in a while doesn’t hurt! Looks delicious.

    • Seriously, if you go to and enter your postal code I bet there will be TONS near your house. It is a free adventure! So much fun.
      Nah, they like it. We bug them all the time about this, especially because they dress like twins a LOT. It’s funny.
      The brownie batter blizzard was totally my blizzard of choice when I worked at DQ!

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  6. I love that pic of little Huddy!! It is so cute!! He is so awesomely cute! Awe, my little boy.
    I love the Doug and Mike pic and gay couple comment. So funny!! And so true seeming from the pic. They are so similar.
    Thanks for the reminder of Dairy Queen! We have one near by and I never go. Now I can’t get a blizzard out of my mind. Yum!
    Geocashing seems really cool and I could see us getting into it…some day. Didn’t know you were still doing it.

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