Just the Girls (Well, + Eric)

Last night after a pretty yummy dinner of barbecued turkey burgers (I topped mine with salsa, lettuce, and tomato) and parsnip fries

Turkey Burg

I drove 20 minutes to my home town, and hooked up with a few of my high school friends for a petite girls’ night!

Ladies Pic

My friend Crystal (on the right) is currently visiting from Calgary, so seeing her definitely made this night extra special.

One boy did show up though…

Eric with da Ladies

Eric!  Since he is staying at our house this weekend he got to hang with the girls and listen to all our gossip.  I think he enjoyed himself ;).

It was a pretty tame night, and this morning I woke up super early so I decided to hit up my gym’s 8:30 BodyPump class.  But not before I squeezed in breakfast.


Kashi Honey Almond Flax cereal with almond milk.  I can’t eat before a run, but I have no trouble eating before I pump iron!

BodyPump was killer, in a great way!  So nice to feel the BodyPump burn after a week of just running.  The ab track was a highlight for me today, because the instructor used Ben Harper’s Steal My Kisses.  I hadn’t heard that song in a while and I’ve missed it!  I think it will be making an appearance on a future playlist.

I arrived home from the gym hungry for more breakfast, so I made myself another one!

Breakfast #2

PC Honey Greek yogurt mixed with a cup of Yoplait Source blueberry 0% yogurt, topped with fresh blueberries and Enjoy Life Cranapple Granola.

And NOW I am full :D.

We are off to Andy-roo’s parents, and then we are going to see Harry Potter later this afternoon.  I am so excited for the final installment!  We watched HP 7 Part 1 on Friday night to gear ourselves up for it.  I am tingling in anticipation!!!!

Enjoy your Sunday!


9 responses to “Just the Girls (Well, + Eric)

  1. Haha aww your brother is quite the ladies man!
    I have only seen the first HP….. I know. I know.
    Oh ps…. Have you gotten your package yet? There might be the best granola ever in there.

  2. Harry Potter is worth the wait. Eric is having as good a time as Jason

  3. Ahhhh.. I’m a technology teacher and I’ve been thinking a lot this summer about geocaching with my students this year. What do you think? We certainly have the equipment for it just not sure how feasible it is for a class of 15 – 20 kids to do together.

  4. Someone mentioned HP the other day and I thought they meant the steak sauce. Oops. I have not read the books, clearly lol

    I heart parsnip fries and sweet potato fries and carrot fries and and anda…..

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