Designer Haircuts

I have been in dire need of a haircut for a while, so tonight I decided it was time to really go all out and splurge on myself.

I treated myself to a $4.99 haircut from GreatClips.

Can you tell a difference?  No?  Well, I can’t either.  But it feels better!  I really just needed a trim, as the ends of my hair were all stringy and dead.  Like they were already dry when I got out of the shower.  That’s how dead.

I honestly have the easiest hair in the world.  It looks pretty much the same no matter what I do to it, and no matter what kind of haircut I get. It’s basically looked the same since I was a child.


(I remember that used to be one of my favourite outfits.  I loved how the blue in the flowers matched my cords, haha)


Hair = same.

Thank goodness my Dad doesn’t still look the same… I might have to disown him.

I used to spend like 80 dolla for a hairdresser to transform my straight flat locks into straight flat locks, so if a $4.99 cut looks the same…well, sign me up.

Don’t get me wrong though, I do love my hair.  I like that it is easy, because I’m pretty hair inept.  And lazy.  So it works out.

I was also feeling inept and lazy in the cooking department tonight, so before I left for hair shenanigans, I made us a simple dinner of homemade pizza.


A whole wheat flatbread topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, green pepper, and Polish sausage (must be pronounced sauseeeeeege).  A-Diggity wanted to be in charge of cooking the sausage and putting it on the pizza, because he said he was the sausage master (TWSS).  His side of the pizza was more sausage-heavy, while mine was more green pepper-heavy.

I was pretty full after this, but shared the last of the best ice cream in the world with Andy-pants, right out of the tub.

I am off to hang with Ando and E-Rock.  S’laters!

How much do you typically pay for a haircut?


19 responses to “Designer Haircuts

  1. 5 bucks….that’s insane! And….also has me wondering why the frig I pay what I pay to get mine cut! Yours looks great.

    I cut my hair shorter a while ago, and am dying to have it long again.

  2. oh man. I wish I had the guts to do that with my hair. I feel like they would ruuuuin it.

  3. Oh wow I wish that I could spend so little on my hair! My hair is really difficult because it’s curly…so I usually spend about 35 dollars on mine (without the tip).

  4. I read this last night & it made me laugh so much.
    First – your dad’s sunglasses. Enough said. What an awesome picture depicting the time hahah 🙂
    Second – I love how there are 3 different names for your man in this post. I keep track of all of them though… it’s a good thing he’s not a dog or he would never learn his name..
    Third (this isn’t funny) – I pay, on average, $120 for a cut & colour. Ughhhh. Your hair always looks nice! When I was young, my hair was so thin, stringy and ratty.

  5. I spend wayyyyy too much on my hair. Usually close to $140 because I have to get it highlighted every 3 months, or so. I wish I could just deal with my natural color, but it’s that no-color mousy light blonde stuff that looks good on no one. Bummer! Your hair always looks cute 🙂

  6. I pay like $100 for cut, style and highlights. I’ve done the cheapy cheapy route but not many hairdressers know how to cut curly hair. And I’ve received boy haircuts for most of my life, so I’m wiling to pay up. (And no, not like cute pixie boy cut. Like people mistook me for a boy).

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA That photo of you when you were little is ADORABLE!!!!!! And thank GOD you had gorgeous hair then AND now… I had a mushroom cut from grades 1-5, then a perm with straight bangs, then that stupid bump thing with the bangs, oh.. I could go on. You are so gorgeous! I usually pay around $100 for highlights and a cut.. very reasonable I think!

    • hahaha, I love looking at old pictures of my friends and their funny haircuts! I am thankful my hair has never been ugmo. Although I did dye it red in high school, hated it, immediately tried to dye it back to blonde (myself), and had a really hideous orange colour for quite a while…
      Thank you! 😀

  8. I really wish your dad still looked like that.

    aaand I go to the hair cuttery. hair and brows is usually not much over $20. yeeeeup.

  9. I don’t want to admit how much I spend on my hair! But the one time I went to the Hair Cuttery to try to get a cheaper hair cut I walked out of there looking like Afro-Man. Never again.

  10. $5 for a hair cut. That is so man styles. Though Mark spends more on getting his hair cut than I do. He is hair-high-maintenance. I spend $40 which is super cheapo for the city but I have been going to the same guy for litterally 20 years. Holy crap, I have been going to my hair dresser for 20 years!! He is great, gay and tells awesome stories. He cuts my hair just how I want it, which is hard to find. I know because Mark is always complaining about hair dressers.
    I have seen your designer and your cheapo haircuts and they look the same. Why pay more?

  11. He would. WWDD

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