Waterpark WIAW

I have the rest of the week off work to spend time with Eric before he leaves, so after a yummy breakfast this morning…

(toasted whole wheat bagel topped with PB, banana, and cinnamon)

Eric, Taylor and I headed out to Cedar Park, a nearby waterpark.  For being in the middle of nowhere, it’s a pretty awesome little park.  It includes a huge pool, some pretty intense waterslides, a baby waterpark, and a water playground.

We hit up the slides and the water playground, but spent most of the time in the pool!

It was soo ridiculously hot today, so the pool was perfect!  I love the high diving board!

I used to come here a lot when I was a kid and they only had the pool then.  I used to dive off that diving board over and over again.

For pool days, an underwater camera is key!

I got photo-bombed by a couple of 10-year-old chubsters who wanted to be our friends…

They asked for our names so I told them Bertha (myself), Penelope (Taylor), and Butch (Eric).  They liked that.


Annnnnd we also did some laying around and leisuring…

Oh, and some eating.  It is What I Ate Wednesday after all 😉

We headed over to the snack bar for lunch and scored some yummy eats.

A burger fo’ me!  This was actually realllllly good.  I was impressed.

And we also got a side of onion rings for the three of us to share, which were pretty much inhaled.

And milkshakes later, which went unpictured.  Also delicious!

Such a fun day!  Waterparks trump spending the day in the office.  Just sayin…

I knew the last thing I would want to do when I got home was make dinner, so this morning before I left I threw some boneless pork into my crockpot with low sodium beef broth, and when we arrived home it was easy-peasy to throw this together!

Served with barbecue sauce on a whole wheat sandwich thin with roasted sugar snap peas, it was the perfect simple dinner after our day in the sun.

I’m outta here friends, have a great night!


10 responses to “Waterpark WIAW

  1. What a fun day you guys had! Definitely a better day than being in the office. Poor Andrew missed it all. Can’t wait to go on our holidays!

  2. You always, always make me laugh 🙂

    Last night was movie night with child #1 (while hubster is at work) and we were watching a Jackie Chan movie where there was a scene when they go to a restaurant and they sit at those tables with the grill. The chef makes some flaming volcano looking thing and they all start clapping. I was in stitches laughing and my boy kept asking me why I was laughing at that – it was because it reminded me of you doing the exact same thing at the restaurant you went to with a flaming volcano thing.

    Love your 4.99 hair cut, when you said you splurged I was expecting $100+ so I had a good laugh when I read the 4.99. I usually pay $30, but that’s for me and 4 kids – you can not beat a good haircut for those prices.

    By the way, I think you would look great in that outfit the chocolate man was wearing!!

    • Hahaha, love the flaming volcanos. Cheap haircuts are the best!

      What scares you about running outside? If it is about people seeing you run (this was my fear because I thought I ran funny) just remember that THEY are in their cars, and YOU are actually doing something to benefit your health! If anything I bet they are envious of you running!

  3. P.S. Still haven’t made it outside to run yet – still scared.

  4. Ah the waterpark looks so fun and satisfying. I need to get to some water ASAP!

  5. bahahahaha nice photo bomb! =) Ohmygosh it looks like you guys had a blast! Happy WIAW Lindsey!!!

  6. I LOVE water parks!! Looks like too much fun, especially during these crazy hot days. I’ll be hitting up the lake this weekend and I can’t wait 🙂 Enjoy your days off!! I’m just a tad jealous.

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