Enjoy Life!

I went to bed last night pretty excited for breakfast this morning, because I knew exactly what was on my menu.

Enjoy Life sent me some goodies to try out (thank you Enjoy Life, I love you!), and included a package of their new double chocolate crunch granola.  I was so excited when I discovered the box sitting on my doorstep yesterday, and even more excited when I opened it and saw the granola.  It looked ridiculously delicious.

Granola Goodness

It did not disappoint.  I opened the package and had several handfuls of the chocolatey deliciousness immediately.  I continued to snack on this stuff throughout the evening.  I couldn’t get enough!

Bag of Chocolatey Yumminess

I knew I wanted to incorporate this amazing granola into my breakfast this morning.  I topped a cup of vanilla Greek yogurt with a handful of granola and a handful of blueberries.

Granola Blube Yog Bowl

Holy yum.  This was seriously so, so good.  Every bite I was thinking to myself “I can’t believe how good this is,” “I can’t believe I’m eating this right now,” “I never want this breakfast to end.”  No lie.

All Mixed Up

I was a big fan of this granola, and although I don’t have any food allergies, for those of you who do it is free of the most common allergens, including gluten, nut, and wheat!


An outdoor workout today was absolutely out of the question, since it is going to be 38 degrees C without the humidex.  That is 100F for my American friends, and supposed to feel like 120F with the humidex!  Yowza, that is eyeball melting weather!

Indoor workout was a must fo’ sho’.  I’m not craycray enough to run in that!  Since I am on a mini vaycay, I was able to take the 9:30am BodyPump class at my gym!  They were debuting the new release today (which I really liked, the music got me amped!) so there were three instructors and at least 30 people in the class.  It was so busy and crowded, but it was still an intense workout that made all my muscle groups burn.  I think I need to take the new release a couple more times before I can form an educated opinion on it, but so far, definitely loving the music!  Especially Pink – Raise Your Glass for the bicep track!

I gotta go, Eric, Taylor and I are going to visit my beautiful little Nana!  Hope you all have a great day!

  • Do you work out outside in the heat?
  • What is your favourite kind of granola?

7 responses to “Enjoy Life!

  1. That’s so awesome! I’ve never tried chocolate granola. It sounds like it’d be fabulous. I did some hot yoga in my backyard, but the motivation for that didn’t last. My back was burning up! I’m sticking to indoor workouts today.
    And I sent you my favourite granola! 😀

  2. I have to be in the right mood to work out outside in the heat – sometimes I want to feel like a badass so I’ll do it but most days it’s too uncomfortable for me to get in a quality workout so I roll with the gym!

  3. Wow that granola sounds great! I LOVE that you say “holy yum”…I do that too! I definitely worked out inside today. With the heat index here it’s supposed to feel like it’s over 100 degrees…eek!

  4. Ohh you lucky girl, and your free granola! YUM!!! It looks really good!

    I totally worked out inside today. Even cardio! It was over 100 here!

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  6. I love chocolate anything really. When I used to go to summer camp as a kid we would make fried granola with chocolate chips on canoe trips for breakfast. It was my fav! And it was super filling so you could last through many hours of paddling. Yum!
    Love all your wording, like craycray. I miss you!

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