My Love-Grown Nana (and Granola)


So today we went to visit our saucy little Nanny!

The Nanners

She loooved the glasses.  I put them on a surprise for her and she almost died (not literally…of laughter).

She recently turned 97, and I had yet to celebrate with her!  It was great to see her chipper little self.  She is so upbeat and Eric, Taylor and I left bursting with love for her.  She is just so cute!

We Love Our Nana!

We raved on about how great she is the entire car ride home.

I love how if either of us are anywhere within her reach, she must be touching us.  She is a very physical person and is a fan of hugging it out.  I always hug her eight billion times before leaving :D.

Poor Ando has the flu, so had to stay home from work today…but couldn’t join us on our Nana visit :(.  Boo to flu.


I originally had an all-you-cat-eat sushi date tonight with a few of my friends, but it got cancelled.  I was disappointed, but not to worry!  I had a back-up dinner in mind.


Quinoa!  This was a hybrid recipe combining Mel’s Cool Beans (and quinoa), and Quinoa Bean Power SaladI cooked up my quinoa, and in the meantime stir-fried half of a large red onion, two cloves of garlic, and red bell pepper, and then added a can of black beans to the veggie mix.  Once the beans warmed up I added the quinoa, about a cup of salsa, and half a cup of mozzarella cheese.

It was pretty amazeballs (I realize the picture does not make it look appetizing).  It was Eric’s first time trying quinoa and he raved about it!

Our dinner included no meat, but the beans combined with the quinoa really tasted meaty!

In Other News…

Before I sign off for the eve, looky-looky what arrived on my doorstep today!

Annnnd this is Why I Love Blogging...

A bunch of goodies from one of my fave bloggie friends Dawn from Blonde On A Mission!  I was so excited to receive this!  I am always going on about how we can’t get any of the good stuff in Canada, and since she lives near the border she sent me a bunch of things we can’t find here!  I will be forever grateful (thank you, thank you!)

I am so anxious to try out those Carba Nada noodles, but you better believe I stuck my finger in the jar of maple almond butter immediately (delicious), and I (along with the help of A-Rod and E-Rock) have put quite a dent in that bag of Love Grown granola!

Grown with Love

Move over Enjoy Life, I have found my new favourite granola!  (I’m sorry Enjoy Life, I know you stive to keep your granola allergen-free, but I can’t help that my heart truly lies with nuts, wheat, and oats.  Your granola is still good in its own right.  Food allergy sufferers rejoice!)

I am off to hit the hay!  But not before snagging some more of that amazing granola…  Obviously that’s what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow.

I am off to Muskoka early in the am for a girls’ cottage half weekend.  I’m sure we will be getting into tons of shenanigans so I won’t be blogging tomorrow, but I’ll be back in full force on Saturday!

Enjoy your evening, and FRIDAY!!!


10 responses to “My Love-Grown Nana (and Granola)

    But seriously, that granola is dangerously addictive. I can’t get enough of it. And you are so welcome! Anytime, I love to share 😀 I’m excited for you to try the carba nada! I just wonder why it’s not more common because it tastes like a real fricken noodle!
    Your g-ma is the cutest & she reminds me of mine. It’s awesome that she’s so vibrant & healthy!

  2. Aw your Nana is so cute!! How awesome to still have so much spunk at 97. We should all learn to live like her!!

    I keep reading about carba nada noodles in the blog world. Do you know where she got them from?

    • I bought them at a little health food store called Papa Joe’s in Michigan. I think they’d be in the smaller chain health food stores rather than whole foods. You can order them online too!

  3. please keep me posted on how you like the carba nada!

  4. PS. I wish I was going to Muskoka!!! It’s my favourite northern Ontario town ever. Lucky 🙂

  5. “I love how if either of us are anywhere within her reach, she must be touching us.” -my Mamoe was like this… reading that made me miss her so much! she’s such a cutiepie 🙂

  6. I have that exact same pasta bowl set – snap!

  7. Nanners! I’m at my cousin’s wedding right now and my G-pa is here and I have already hugged him 1 million times today. Grandparents are the best. I’m loving them even more now that I’m a mom. My parents and Mark’s parents are the greatest grandparents ever!!

    • Awww, I love grandparents! Grandpa’s are awesome, I wish mine were still around. I love weddings because I usually find myself a stand-in grandpa for the day 🙂
      Your grandpa IS the cutest! I wish I had know you 20 years ago so we seriously could have set our grandparents up

  8. Awe. Indeed!

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