Girls’ Muskoka Trip

Hello friends!  I hope you are all having a fab weekend.

I am back from an amazing trip to Muskoka, Ontario with some of my best gals from high school!

We're on a BOAT!

(From left: Crystal, Emily, Joanna, myself, Dawn)

We stayed at our friend Crystal’s aunt’s house, and though we were only there for a short time we squeezed in a lot of action, and wreaked some havoc!

Early Friday morning Emily, Dawn and I set off on a two and a half-hour road trip to Bala in Muskoka, to meet up with Crystal and Jo.

I squeezed in a quick and healthy breakfast before heading off with the girls.

Quick Yumfest

Oatmeal topped with blueberries, and the AMAZING cranberry almond Love Grown granola and maple almond butter from Dawn at Blonde On A Mission.

After embarking on our journey, we stopped for some McDonalds iced coffee for road-trip fuel.

Excited for Coffee

The drive up there was even fun!  We stopped to snap pics several times.

Like on the GIANT Muskoka chair…

Ginormous Chair

We had several people (old men) stop and offer to take our photos for us :).

Cranberry Capital of Ontario!

We were STARVING when we arrived, so immediately stopped for lunch at a little deli in downtown (I use that term loosely) Bala.  I snagged a tuna salad sandwich on whole wheat bread with a side of pickles.

Tuna Sammy

After lunch we hooked up with Crystal and Jo, changed into our swimsuits, and headed out to play!  Our first stop was the Pride marina on Lake Rosseau.


Crystal had some connections at the marina, and we had fun taking pics in all the million dollar boats and pretending they were ours ;).


And picking up men.



Our next stop was the beautiful Red Leaves Resort, also on Lake Rosseau.

(Photo not mine)

Technically to use the resort facilities (pool, hot tub, dock, beach, etc), you have to be a guest there, but at $300 minimum a night, obviously getting a room was not really an option for us.  So we just walked through the hotel like we owned the place and tried to look like we belonged, and no one asked any questions.

We had an awesome time lounging around the pool pretending to be rich.

We made a little trip down to the dock as well…

The swimming conditions were perfect!


I LOVE deep-water swimming!

We hung out for a while before heading back to Crystal’s aunt’s house to get ready for dinner!

Girls Dinner

Dinner was a LOT of fun.  We went to a beautiful lakeside restaurant called Turtle Jacks, and enjoyed our meals on a big patio that overlooked the lake.  It was so, so nice.  We were heading to the bar afterwards, so we were slightly overdressed, but we didn’t mind all the attention.


This man really enjoyed wearing our ladybug hat and glasses.  We did the ol’ glasses switcharoo so I got to wear his, while Dawn is sporting our photographer’s glasses.  Glasses for all!

I wanted to keep my dinner on the cheap side (I had some extremely delicious wine as well), so when I saw Greek salad on the menu I knew that’s what I wanted.

Big Ol' Salad

It came heavy on the feta, which was allllllright with me!

We stayed and chatted and hung out for a while, and took some beauty pics by the lake.

I Love These Girls!

After dinner we went back to Crystal’s aunt’s house for some drinks before eventually making our way out to a local bar.

And that is how we looked when we showed up ;).

SUCH a fun time.  I so wish I lived in Muskoka, it may be my favourite place.

This morning we were all feeling…not great…so my carpool buddies and I took off fairly early.  And this was breakfast:


Definitely not a healthified Egg McMuffin, but ehhh well.  It happens.

Some other eats included Love Grown granola (I brought it along ;)), trail mix, and fruit.

Such a great time!  I hope you are all having as good of a weekend as I am!


11 responses to “Girls’ Muskoka Trip

  1. Oh it looks like you girls had SOOO much fun!! I LOVE Muskoka!

  2. LOL I love how there’s a hashtag on that sign. Shows you the kind of times we live in, eh?
    Can’t beat Muskoka! You guys look like you had fun!
    The Love is going quick 😦 It’s just too good!

  3. wow you girls are all sooo beautiful and look so happy! looks like such a fun time 🙂

  4. Love girls weekends! And the photo of you picking up a man hahaha

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  6. I love the first pic caption, “we’re on a boat!” it’s like the Old Spice guy, “I’m on a horse.”. Have you seen the latest Old Spice commercials with Fabio?! So funny!!
    I love Muskoka too. Though I haven’t been since it’s gotten all posh.
    I love the pick-up pic. Reminds me of all the Martin pics. Was this a shout-out to him?

    • I have seen it! So funny!
      I prefer cottage trips to be a little less posh usually (I just want to hang out in my bathing suit all day), but this was definitely a good time!
      Actually, Martin’s pic was more of a shout-out to the pics my crazy friends and I take, haha.

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