Almond Butter Breakfast


I don’t have a lot of time to blog tonight – it’s been a busy day and I’m feeling a little stretched too thin, phew.  But I just want to highlight my breakfast today, ’cause it was a good one!


This was seriously amazing.  I haven’t really been grocery shopping since Eric’s arrival, so this breakfast was thrown together last minute with things that I usually just have on-hand.  It definitely did not taste thrown together.

I topped a toasted whole wheat English muffin with Justin’s maple almond butter

Almond Butta

(Courtesy of Dawn at Blonde on a Mission, and I do not usually have that on-hand and it definitely made this breakfast), and a sliced frozen banana.


It looks like a little hamburger!

I really loved how the frozen banana was all cool and creamy and delicious.  They almost melted and started squeezing out the sides.  It ended up being such a good combination, and I may just have to repeat it tomorrow.

A few other articles of possible interest:

Oh, and if you are just catching up from the weekend, be sure to check out my post about my girls’ trip to Muskoka with my high school friends!  It was a good time 🙂

Annnnd I’m outta here!  Hope you all have a great night!

Question: What is your favourite kind of nut butter?


14 responses to “Almond Butter Breakfast

  1. Yummm! I want a banana burger. You have inspired my breakfast for tomorrow 😀 I’ve never tried frozen banana slices on a breakwich but I’m always learning new things from the bloggie world!

  2. ALMOND. almond butter is definitely my favorite. but i STILL haven’t tried any of justin’s amazing stuff!

  3. Wahooo! Congrats on getting reviewed in the newspaper! How exciting! 🙂 And I love the links that you added!

  4. I’m still a nut butter virgin (that sounds kind of dirty…oops!). I’ve only tried PB. Pathetic, I know. I might have to pick up some almond butter next time I hit the store.

  5. NATURALLY MORE pb! no contest. 😉

  6. I saw your comment about my 50K on Almost a Runner’s blog and it made me laugh 🙂

    I’m very partial to Skippy or Jif. This is why I’m not a food blogger, I just can’t force myself to ditch my processed food. 🙂

    • hahaha, I thought she was talking about Kara Goucher, not a real person! Wow, that is impressive. You have mad running skills. I am going to have to come check you out.
      Ehhh processed food is okay sometimes…hard to get away from it.

  7. That brand of almond butter has come up a few times in blogosphere! I need to check it out.

  8. Wow!! Way to go!! I’m so proud of you!! I think of you as a little sister as well as my office bestie, so these kinds of things fill me with such pride and love bursts for you.
    Any time I try almonds in paste form, I feel they take on a gross taste. I can only eat them in whole, sliced or crumbled for. PB only for me.

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