Guest Post: Making Healthy Food Taste Baaaaad (But Good!!!!)

Hello you cheeky little minxes.  I am still chilling in the bush, but I have another exciting guest post for you!

This guest post comes from the lovely Dawn at Blonde on a Mission, who you have probably seen me mention several times on the blog.  She has been an awesome bloggie friend and has even sent me treats!  She frequently has amazingly yummy recipes on her blog that I ALWAYS mean to try, and then I get lazy.  One day!  She is here today to share a few of them with you, so you can try them out yourselves!



Guest Post: Making Healthy Food Taste Unhealthy

Hi Everyone! I’m Dawn and I blog at Blonde on a Mission, where I experiment with healthy recipes and try to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle while still having fun and not taking myself too seriously.

This is my first guest post and I’m so excited!! Thank you Lindsey 😀 I’m glad it’s on Happy or Hungry because this has become one of my favourite fit blogs, so you’re definitely in the right place.

I get a lot of questions regarding the way I eat. I don’t mind answering them, but I don’t exactly think people understand why I try to eat healthfully every single day. My answer is simple: it makes me feel good. Sure, I can elaborate more on how it makes my skin glow or how it’s gotten rid of my headaches and anxiety attacks, but most importantly, a healthy diet just makes me feel awesome.

My favourite thing to do is surprise nonbelievers by making them taste a healthified recipe. Not only do they taste amazing, they’re good for you! Who doesn’t want that? It does take a little more time and effort than buying store bought baked goods, but I promise that these will taste a grillion times better if you make them yourself. Oh, and you can also have MORE because of the low calorie and high nutrient content! Win? More dessert is always a win.

If you’re an ice cream lover, you need to try this ice cream. It’s ba-na-nas. Literally, it’s bananas. Just stick ‘em in your freezer and then blend up any concoction you can think of!

Two variations of banana soft serve: Chocolate Coconut & Cookie Dough.

Cookie Dough Ice Cream

It’s also fun to incorporate vegetables into baked goods because it gives it that cupcake-like texture without all of the fat & calories of butter and oil. I’ve recently become addicted to adding zucchini to all of my baked goods, like Double Chocolate Muffins and Walnut Spice Muffins.

Double Chocolate Muffins

I am also a fan of healthifying dinners, such as pizza. You can’t take me away from my cheese, but ordering a double cheese pizza (even individual size) can carry a huge calorie and fat load, so I’ve found an easy way to tailor my own pizza to my liking and give it a healthy makeover. I present to you…

The Lazy Pizza:

Lazy Pizza

Now, this isn’t to say that absolutely everything I eat is healthy. I love to indulge, but my advice that I’ve come up with so that I don’t feel like crap about myself is to indulge when it’s worth it. For me, that comes in the form of candy and froyo. It’s not worth it to me to indulge in a tiny hamburger from McDonald’s when there’s a giant cup of brownie-topped froyo calling my name!


3 responses to “Guest Post: Making Healthy Food Taste Baaaaad (But Good!!!!)

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  3. Brilliant! Fruits and veggies to replace the fatty stuff. I love it and must try it. Thanks! Great guest post.

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