Pitching a Tent

Let’s get to recapping camping shenanigans!

I have been struggling with this recap, to be honest.  We were gone for a few days, so at first I was just doing a running commentary of everything we did, and it was way too long.  I think I will just break this post into our activities while camping.

Here are some scenes from our long weekend at Bon Echo Provincial Park with our friends Mike and Bri!


We went hiking a few times, as there was a pretty cool lakeside trail…

Lakeside Hike


Rock Face

And then another seriously awesome trail that we hiked on Sunday that was way up in those cliffs in the above picture.

Bon Echo has amazingly beautiful views, and I was really glad we took the time to hike the trails.  I also didn’t run or anything, unlike my last camping trip, so I was grateful to be active.


On Saturday morning the four of us rented kayaks and went on a tour of the lake!

Kayak Crew

Ando in his Kayak

We kayaked all along the rock face, which was pretty amazing.

Bri and I

We saw some pretty cool sites…

Ando just Wikipedia’d that writing behind me and it was carved in 1919 in honour of Walt Whitman, who was an American poet.

We also saw a few Native pictographs!


They’re hard to see, but Natives marked pictographs (the writing in the red) on these rocks several thousand years ago.  It was fun trying to decipher what they meant.

I loved our kayaking adventure :).  It was beautiful, and a crazy arm workout!


Bon Echo has two beautiful beaches, so you know a lot of swimming went down…


I love lake swimming so much.

And another beach shot…

Bri and I on the Beach

And me on the beach after I full-out slipped and fell in some mud…


Fun times.

General Camping Activities

We actually got two campsites so that our sleeping tents were on one site, and the “party site” with our dining tent, and campfire, etc. were on the site next door.

Sleeping Site

Party Site

We played a LOT of this…


Pictionary!  One of my fave games of all time.  We played a lot of MadGab as well, which was also pretty fun.

And of course there was a lot of just hanging around the site…

Ahh, I love camping.


Obviously there was quite a bit of eating.  I did not photograph all of my meals (and the ones I didn’t catch were the unhealthiest…whoops ;)), but here are a few of the highlights!

Friday Breakfast

Friday’s breakfast was french toast and peameal bacon sandwich.  I was skeptical on the combo, but with a little bit of Ketchup this definitely hit the spot for me!

Friday Dinner

Grilled chicken breast which I topped with a little bit o’ steak sauce, and vegetable salad with tortellini and Italian dressing.  The salad was amazing!

Saturday Breakfast

Breakfast on Saturday was this delicious mix of potato, bacon, peppers and onion that Mike and Bri brought.  It comes in a bag, and all you do is throw it in the frying pan for a bit and then add eggs!  It was really good, and I will definitely be buying this for a weekend breakfast in the future.

Saturday Lunch

Saturday’s lunch was a bun with turkey and ham, cheese, and cucumber, and a lot of this on the side:

Ahh, Veggies

I was glad to squeeze the veggies in, because a lot of my unpictured eats were chips, popcorn and granola bars.  But I also had apples, and peanuts, which someone else enjoyed eating as well…


We made friends on our site 🙂

And steak, corn on the cob and baked potato was on our menu for Saturday night, but it eluded any photos.

We had such a great time, and were so sad to come home.  We are already planning our camping adventure for next summer with Mike and Bri.  Maybe we’ll go to Sandbanks!

One more thing… Taking your brand new car camping may not be the best of ideas, because this might happen…


It’s all good and vacuumed out now, but yowza!

I hope you guys all had a great three-day weekend as well!  S’laters!


13 responses to “Pitching a Tent

  1. Whoaaa that was a jammed packed trip {and post!} I loved all the photos! Favourites: Muddy leg pose; swimming!; chippy 🙂

    Looks like you ate very well out there too! Glad you had fun.

  2. Looks like so much fun! I love kayaking and that looked like some pretty beautiful scenery. Can’t beat northern Ontario 🙂
    I think that chicken + BBQ sauce & pasta salad looked the best.
    & MadGab is probably the funniest game ever. I’m so terrible at it.
    I love chipmunks 😀

  3. Wow, that carving looks so neat!! What a beautiful place to camp. It looks like you had a great time 🙂

  4. Oh that looks beautiful! I was wondering whereabouts this was and then saw you mention sandbanks! I guess you are from ontario too? 🙂 Sweet. Looks like a great time and the things you found on the kayaking trip are so neat!

  5. Camping sounds like so much fun!!!
    We keep saying we are going to make it to sandbanks soon
    Kayaking is such a great way to see nature
    Nice eats for camping, mine don’t usually look nearly that… well…. edible 🙂
    Love pictionary, give catch phrase a try, its our go to game with friends and its always a loud crazy blast!

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  8. Looks like so much fun! I have to start camping again. Bon Echo is so beautiful!
    Got to love the pictionary! It’s been so long since we have played. Le sigh…good times! Shetland pony!!

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